Neymar challenges a Manchester City fan

Neymar, star player for Barcelona got into a “swear battle” with a Manchester City fan just seconds after the Champions League match ended at Etihad yesterday. Barcelona won 2-1 against Manchester City but Neymar could face sanctions by UEFA for the following match.

Neymar was sitting in the reserves bench by the end of the match when a Manchester City fan with a jersey featuring number 42 on his back begins to bad-mouth him about “diving” to fake a fault.

Neymar gives the fan an angry look and invites the spectator to speak closer so he can hear. Several security guards notice what is going on, but refuse to stop Neymar directly and focus on the crowd. When both player and fan come inches from each other the policeman breaks them off “You! Stop it!”

What Neymar said about the swear fight with the Manchester city fan: “What happened with the fan? I was playing with him, he was swearing at me and I just mocked. What he said? I can not say here because my mother raised me well. I’ll do so as my mother learned me.”

Barcelona dominated yesterday´s match with Luis Suarez scoring twice and Messi missing a penalty kick during injury-time. Manchester City reacted on the second half and managed to score a goal thanks to Sergio Aguero. The 2-1 result puts Manchester City on a difficult position to overcome the result on the away match back in Spain, but Messi´s fail to increase the score for Barca gives City a chance.

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