Cuadrado Wall paper taken from Chelsea fan group

Juan Guillermo Cuadrado was born on a humble rural area of Colombia of afro decent. He began his professional career in Deportivo Indenpendiente Medellin, one of the top teams in the Colombian League. He was skillful back then but nothing compared to what he became in Fiorentina and what he will become in Chelsea.

In Fiorentina, Cuadrado became the super star he is today, but after the World Cup and a rising interest from the top teams in the world the colombian player seemed distracted in every match he played, and soon Fiorentina began to lose matches. Both coach and player distanced from each other.

cuadrado in fiorentina

Cuadado in Fiorentina performance season 2013/14



Before coming to Chelsea the top clubs in the world demanded his services like Barcelona, and Manchester United.

cuadrado-wanted by barcelona and manchester united

cuadrado transfer options to Barcelona and Man Unt before coming to Chelsea

Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, Welcome to Chelsea

His skills lie mostly on the dribbling side, and Chelsea fans will have to get used to seeing Cuadrado over dribble the ball and not pass it so much as he is extremely hungry for goals. His moves are fast and aggressive, always looking for a good challenge.

One disadvantage though is that all that dribbling and dancing around kind of leaves him dizzy to get a good goal shot. And many times he dismisses a good pass to one of his team mates to try the goal by himself. If he controls this and becomes smarter in his game Chelsea will become unstoppable.

Cuadrado  Best Goal Dances


Cuadrado zombie victory dance in the World Cup after penalty kick against Japan


One thing that characterizes afro Colombian players of all time is the goal dance. The origins of these dances come from their afro communities back home were popular music is danced in a very similar fashion. Think hip-hop combined with salsa and Caribbean rhythms, very smooth and sexy moves. Like reguetton taken to the next level.

Here are some of Cuadrado´s best dances

Here he is back home doing what we presume is the “square” dance? A signature to his name, that´s our guess.

And let´s not forget the zombie celebration during the World Cup 2014 by Cuadrado after scoring a penalty kick against Japan

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