Virtual football

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Virtual sports betting is the latest craze in the booming online sports betting market. Here, sports games/matches are conducted virtually through computer software that lets people bet on the simulated outcome.

What exactly are Virtual Sports?

Virtual sports and games are basically video games where a computer program/software runs a simulated sports event or race. The algorithms the game runs on determines the result of the game, as it accounts for the skill level of the participants along with the luck element that exists in the real world of sport.

Virtual sports have been derived from fantasy sports and inspired by real sporting events, even though there are a number of similarities with casino games. These are electronic games or simulations of sports generated by software that has been programmed to comply with a set of rules.

Though virtual sports are electronic games, bettors can easily make correlations with real sports to understand the way they function and what factors they should consider when placing a bet on any virtual sport.

For instance, football match simulations take into account the basic rules of actual football and apply them in the virtual environment. On the back-end, an algorithm determines the outcome, that guarantees fair results.

The main advantage in virtual sports, compared to real-life sports betting, is the possibility to access a broader range of sports 24×7. Due to their nature, they attract both the video-game generation and casino lovers.

Virtual sports differentiate themselves as a separate category of gaming content, having their own complex environment, and they are closer in comparison to real-life sporting events and real-life sports betting.

Virtual sports have gained traction as a way for sportsbooks to offer betting events without needing a real-world event, allowing betting 24×7, every day and every second. This has led to a significant increase in the bets on online sports betting platforms that offer virtual betting.

Betting on virtual sports ranks third in terms of revenue for online sports betting, behind only football betting and horse race betting. The best virtual sports betting sites offer a wide range of options, such as virtual horse racing or virtual football betting.

Which virtual sports are currently available for betting?

Virtual sports exist for most of the popular sports worldwide, but here are some of the common virtual sports currently.

  • Football (soccer)
  • Horse racing
  • Dog racing (Greyhound racing)
  • Motorsports (Speedway and Motorbikes)
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Cycling
  • Esports
  • Darts
  • American football

Virtual Football/Soccer


(Photo: Knowfan, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Almost every (if not every) online sports betting platform that offers virtual sports betting, has virtual football betting. It is, by far, the most popular virtual betting option.

Virtual football offers bettors the widest selection of odds. Matches can be international games or club teams facing off, either in the same league or inter-league games as well. Bettors can place outright bets, predict the number of goals scored, and many more, just like betting on real football.

To add to the entertainment, bettors can watch the live visual representation of the simulated game that is accelerated and does not run for the actual 90 minutes of real-time. With virtual football betting, you do not need to wait for kick-off ever or stay up late nights to catch games due to time difference. You can bet on-demand in virtual sports and that is the best part.

Virtual football betting is almost the same as real-life football so do not think of it as a game but be more realistic with your bets depending on the teams facing-off since there is an unbiased algorithm that determines the result.

As mentioned above, given that the game is accelerated, it adds to the excitement for bettors. It does not generally take more than 4 minutes for a virtual football game to finish. In the time period of 1 actual football match, you can bet on around 20 virtual football matches!

Betting is typically allowed up to 10 seconds before kick-off.

Betting options for future match days of the current event generally remain open.

The following are all betting markets available for Virtual Football:

  1. Final Result: Who will win the match? Place a bet predicting whether the Home team will win, a Draw will occur, or the Away team will win (1 = home team, X = draw, 2 = away team).
  2. Double Chance: Place a bet on two of three possible exclusive outcomes. You can win the bet only when one of the two predictions is true.
    • 1/X: Winning bet if the home team wins or if there is a draw
    • X/2: Winning bet if there is a draw, or the away team wins
    • 1/2: Winning bet if the home team wins or the away team wins
  3. Halftime/Fulltime: Bet on the predictions of halftime and fulltime results of the match. You can win the bet only when both predictions are correct. (Selections: 1/1, 1/X, 1/2, X/1, X/X, X/2, 2/1, 2/X, 2/2)
  4. Goal Goal/No Goal: Place a bet predicting whether one of the teams will not score, or that both will score in a football match. (Goal Goal: Each team will score at least one goal; No Goal: at least one team will not score)
  5. Over/Under: Bet on the total number of goals scored during the match being over or under the given number (e.g., 1.5)
  6. 1X2+Over/Under: Bet on the combined predictions of the end result of the match (Home team win, draw, Away team win) and the winning goals. Both predictions must be true to win. (e.g., Home + over 1.5 means the Home team will win and over 1.5 goals will be scored, hence the winning result can be 2-0, 2-1 and etc.)
  7. Total Goals: Bet on the prediction of the total number of goals that will be scored in a match.
  8. Correct Score: Bet on the prediction of the exact final score of a match in the correct order (Home-Away, e.g., 1-0 means the Home team will score 1 goal and away team will not score.)
  9. MultiGoal: Bet on the range which the number of goals scored in a match falls within. (e.g., 0-2 means total goals between 0-2 goals scored. )
  10. Asian Handicap: Bet on the team that will win the match taking into account the handicap assigned to the selected team (ex. -1, for the bet to win the selected team, must win by 2 or more goals. If it wins by 1 goal the bet is void, if it draws or loses, the bet is lost).

Virtual Horse Racing

horse racing

It is no surprise that virtual horse racing is so popular. Real horse racing has been one of the leading betting sports since the inception of the sport and virtual racing provides 24×7 horse racing. It is the 2nd most common sport in virtual betting.

Virtual Greyhound Racing

dog racing

Ever been fascinated by dog racing? This is your chance to live it. Well, at least, virtually. Virtual greyhound racing offers a wide variety of bets for users on online sports betting platforms. In-line with the classic real-life dog racing, virtual reality has created an atmosphere to give you the same thrill when betting on races.

Virtual Motorsport (Speedway and Bikes)


There are variations of virtual motorsports available on a few online sports betting platforms.

In Virtual Speedway, you are allowed to place bets on the result of races that are run 24×7. All players playing the game at the same time, see the same races and the same results, wherever they mey be. All race simulations are created through a combination of Artificial Intelligence and independent random number generators.

A new race event starts as soon as the previous one finishes and the race lasts for approximately 2 minutes. Each race typically has a fixed number of 4 participants.

Virtual Bikes betting is not that different from the Speedway or any virtual betting for that matter. This also runs round-the-clock (24×7) but the race duration and number of participants, differ. A race is typically around 3 minutes and the number of participants tends to be a maximum of 6 as one.

Virtual Sports Betting vs Traditional Sports Betting

While virtual gaming is highly unlikely to replace betting on real sports given the different levels of excitement and interest, it is still exciting and is garnering high-interest levels from the video gamers.

Here are the major differences between the new virtual sports betting and the classic method of traditional betting.

Virtual sports are available 24×7, 365 days of the year

Players can place bets on virtual sports at any time of the day and for any virtual sport available. This is a massive advantage over traditional sports betting that depends on games/matches/races being actually scheduled and conducted.

Virtual sports means shorter games with a faster result

Real sports can be quite boring if one-sided, for a neutral fan. Virtual sports avoids all of that. You can get virtual football results inside 5 minutes and race results in 3 minutes! You can watch 21 virtual football matches in the same amount of time as 1 real live football game!

Hence, the opportunities of betting are endless and multiple unlike traditional sports betting where you can bet before or throughout the game over 90 minutes. It is slower and offers you fewer betting options.

Virtual sports offer more betting opportunities

Online sportsbooks are becoming more creative and diverse with betting options. Virtual betting is seeing a steady increase in options as well with the addition of darts, cycling and esports. This is one thing that traditional sports betting has already tapped into and is thriving on.

Virtual sports deliver a new type of entertainment

Given the use of computer program and software, online betting has grown by leaps and bounds, which has led to more betting opportunities for sports fans. For those who do not enjoy traditional sports, they can bet on esports or simply the virtual version of real sports as they do not even take 5 minutes to complete, and still enjoy the complete thrill as the result is unknown and money is on the line.

Virtual sports betting is as easy as traditional sports betting

Virtual sports betting may actually be a great way for beginners to learn how to bet on a game and also gain invaluable experience to become more knowledgeable about betting. Another major difference between virtual betting and real betting is that you need not be updated with information of an upcoming sports event to place your bet as they are not connected with real-life terms. The algorithm of virtual sports does not really take into consideration any qualitative inputs.

Virtual sports does not rely on external factors 

Real-life sports have so many factors that can affect matches, in turn, affecting betting. There is no risk of that with virtual betting. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can place a bet anytime and anywhere. It is so convenient and easy.

Virtual betting is more regulated than traditional betting

Virtual sports betting is highly regulated and has a foolproof system in place for the smooth functioning of virtual betting. It is improbable to lose money due to unfair means, on a virtual sports betting platform that is licensed. Traditional sports betting physically can lead to bookmakers manipulating the odds and not even returning some money that may be owed.

Is Virtual Sports Betting better than real betting?

When it comes to fast and exciting betting action, virtual sports are a great alternative to traditional sports. While it is true that online sportsbooks cover matches/racers from across the globe, not all of them are available via live streams hence, they often rely on basic computer graphics to show how the action is progressing.

Virtual games offer thrills, even though not at the same level as that of a real-life sports game but it gets the job done in a much shorter time. You never have to wait more than a few seconds for your next sports event in the virtual world. The rapid development in graphics has made it enjoyable to watch a virtual horse race or tennis match and the commentary and crowd noises have created an immersive experience.

Although it will never be able to replace real sports, virtual sports has done a pretty good job as a substitute when there are no real sporting events available. Simply pay a visit to the virtual sports section of your favourite online bookmaker and you may fall in love with it.

Is Virtual Sports Betting fair?

There are many who question the legitimacy of virtual sports and whether there is any chance of making money, given that it is technologically developed and controlled by the online sportsbook.

However, let’s clear this myth and false belief right away. The computer software/program that runs virtual sports works on an algorithm that randomises outcomes so your guess is as good as the bookmaker’s when it comes to the final result of the game.

In fact, there are higher chances of virtual sports betting being fairer than real-life sports as we have seen in the past that there can always be a subconscious bias, human error and (at times, match-fixing), that can affect real-life outcomes. There is no threat of this sort in virtual sports.

Another important factor to note is that online sportsbooks, which are licensed and regulated, would never risk their reputation and operations by losing their license for fixing bets.

Do not hesitate to try virtual sports betting but make sure the bookmaker you choose is officially licensed in your region and meets all the requirements for conducting betting in your jurisdiction.

Tips for betting on Virtual Sports

Betting responsibly is of prime importance. Never forget that. Here are some tips that you must keep in mind when betting on virtual sports.

Virtual Sports Betting is random so be smart! Do not get greedy when you win and protect your winnings at all times

This is the most important piece of advice we can give. Virtual sports betting is randomised so there is no guarantee in winning. Logic does not really apply here so do not get carried away or overconfident if you have a winning streak in virtual sports betting. Know when to say no!

Make sure you pick a licensed and regulated website that has operations in your jurisdiction

This will make sure that your money is safe and will not be lost to some frauds. Additionally, it is best to choose a platform that operates within your region because the taxes (if any), associated with the winnings, will be aligned as per the regional laws.

Bankroll management

Just like traditional betting, bankroll management is required for virtual betting. Only spend the money you can afford to lose and do not ever bet with money that you would require for essentials or sustaining yourself.

Setting a budget is the best approach to follow and remember, betting is better when it is entertainment. When it becomes a necessity, you will not enjoy it and may also end up making rash decisions to cover up previous losses.

Make full use of promotions

Online sportsbooks are highly competitive now, with the rise in online betting and a huge number of licensed players in the sports betting industry. You are almost guaranteed to find a promotion on every betting website/app so make use of that.

SportyBet virtual

With virtual sports betting being the newest addition to betting, be sure to utilise the bonuses, gifts and/or promotions that are available to save money and potentially win without really risking any amount.

Here is your entire download on virtual sports betting and what makes it such a hit. It is new and exciting, and the 24×7 availability factor is its USP (unique selling point). If you are convinced that it is worth giving a try then join the party –