Premier League Betting is a website designed with the purpose of teaching football enthusiasts how to bet on sports online. We take you from betting odds ABC to handicap strategies designed for those who want to take sports betting into the next level.

Betting isn’t the only thing that we have in menu, we offer the latest football news in the likes of match results, latest player transfers and league standings.

We are avid followers of the Premier League and dig deep into its football clubs, but pay some notable interest on other leagues like La Liga from Spain, Bundesliga from Germany and even MLS from America.

About Football Betting

Online football betting is a vastly growing industry with huge amount of money to be made. There is a growing number of betting sites out there to choose from and rags to riches bettors are made every year in the UK. is here to tell you betting is not easy money, that in fact you can lose a lot of it before you realize what happened. There is money to be made on football bets, and that is why professional bettors exist. Professionals know which bets to go into and which to avoid. It is a game of probabilities in which a gambler expects to win more than 50% of the time. If you find yourself on this road then welcome to professional sports betting.

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Is football betting for you?

Gambling can be a horrible vice. Losing money is never good, losing it consistently isport-bettings worst. An addict will give all of his money away in the name of greed. Professionals do not gamble, they bet. When you handicap your possibilities of winning and stick to those few opportunities, when you know what the probable outcome will be like, it is unlikely you will consistently loose. Oh, you will lose 40% to 30% of the time, and a professional knows loses are expected and should be taken as part of the job. But even after losing 40% or 60% of the time you can end with money in your pockets ,because that 60% of loses is kept short while the winners are 3 times that.

So how do you start to bet online from the UK or any other place?

  1. First thing first.

    Learn the game, choose to bet only on those sports that you know well like football, although not always the best sport fans are the best bettors.

  2. Learn how bets work.

    Do you know what the difference between a point spread and money line in football is? Parlays, Over and Under? Know what you are doing efore you go in. Every bookie has its own defined Odds, learn how to read fractional odds as these are more common in the UK.

  3. Select a Bookie to place bets with.

    One of the main goals of is to review the best sport bookies online and present our readers with live odds and special promotions. Professional bettors do not stick with one bookie, they open accounts on several to take advantage not only of their deposit promotions but on the best favourable odds available.

  4. Learn a betting strategy and handicapping techniques

    . Experience makes the master but everything can be learned online from home and for free. We are always on the lookout for winning strategies and tips to help our readers get an edge. Handicapping is the process of evaluating individual teams to rate their possible performance. We offer some advice on how to begin your own handcapping work sheet.

Bet Responsibly Mate!

celebrationAny poker player, trader and gambler would you give the same advice. Be responsible with any funds you wager. Only bet money you can dispose of and do not bet your retirement funds for bloody hell! Do not be greedy, greed takes your money away, rich bettors got that way through patience and hard work. And most importantly, learn about money management. You know that you are managing your money when you start an excel sheet to book keep all your gambling transactions and analyse statistically all of your moves.

There is a huge amount of money to be made in the betting world, let us guide you on that journey.

United we are stronger

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So Welcome to and enjoy your favourite sport like no other , when you become one of the players with stakes of your own it brings a whole new perspective to football.

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