The Ease of Mobile Betting


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Sports betting is growing multifold around the world and a lot of progress has been made in making it more friendly and pleasing to bettors.

The betting market has seen a boom because of the advent of smartphones as betting websites and platforms have launched applications that are accessible on mobile phone devices and tablets. Now you do not need to visit casinos or physically go to place bets, or even log into your computer or laptop, as everything is available in the palm of your hand.

Internet users now, spend more time on their mobile phones than PCs or laptops. The growth in technology, WiFi and smartphone features has led to the meteoric rise in the use of mobile phones.

Reasons for the Rise in Mobile Sports Betting

Why has mobile sports betting become so popular over the turn of the decade? Here are some of the reasons for the rise in sports betting on handheld devices.

1. Technology

The advancement in technology over the years has led to a tremendous rise in popularity of mobile betting. Smartphones create a very nice experience for online sports bettors.

2. Ease of Access

One of the main reasons why mobile betting has become popular is the easy accessibility of using a mobile device. People no longer have to switch on a computer, wait for long load times, or manage with slow internet connections.

3. Growth of eSports

The eSports industry has seen incredible growth recently, both for revenue and viewership. With competitive games attracting a global audience, people are now starting to bet much more on their mobile phones. This trend has created a huge betting market across the world leading to an indirect rise in sports betting as well.

4. Ease of Online Transacting

Online sports betting platforms have made it very easy to deposit and withdraw funds. There are fantastic cash out features at the user’s disposal, and it has made live betting so much more convenient and quick.

SportyBet, Africa’s #1 football betting and live streaming platform is one such betting website that has an application available for users in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Zambia.


Advantages of Mobile Betting

Here are the major advantages of mobile sports betting:

1. Convenience

The online betting space has made most business models effective, and sports betting has thrived in the process. Convenience has been a major driving factor in the rise of the online sports betting market as one need not drive to any location physically and can switch around games/sports, with ease. Sports teams have taken utmost advantage of this and the tie-ups between betting platforms and sports teams are on the rise.

2. Diversity

Mobile betting allows users to bet on different games and sports. SportyBet allows its registered users to bet on sports like football, basketball, tennis among many others. The platform also offers options of betting on e-games like Counter-Strike, Dota 2 and League of Legends. SportyBet also has a jackpot and a Simulated Reality League, for betting. This is pretty much the dream for any bettor as everything is available in one go, in one place.

3. Enhanced Experience

For those who have access to big screen devices and reliable internet, mobile betting is extremely easy and a great experience. Nowadays, even basic phones have terrific functionalities that are compatible with mobile betting applications. Mobile betting is also safe and secure as payments are linked with online registered payment systems and mobile phone providers.

4. Live Betting

Mobile devices are such an essential in day-to-day lives. One cannot survive without their mobile phones in today’s day and age. Mobile betting has enabled bettors to be able to bet on the go and be involved in the Live Betting sessions. Let us say, a user wishes to make changes to their bet, they now have the benefit of being able to do so from their phone itself.

5. Rewards and Promotions

Traditional betting has no benefits for bettors. There are odds that fluctuate depending on factors during the game and one must use those odds to place their bets. Mobile betting has offered incentives to its users by offering them with additional bonuses on their first deposits (SportyBet offers this perk), refer a friend bonus or simply features of higher odds for a particular game in order to get higher returns as compared to the actual live odds.

Mobile sports betting is the present and future of the industry. The online betting industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds and it is just a matter of time before it fully takes over the betting market from the traditional way of doing this.

How Safe is Mobile Sports Betting?

Mobile Money

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Security is the first concern raised with online betting.

Bookmakers are very careful and have strict security measures in place. They provide the same security measures on the mobile as for desktops. Customer security is of prime importance to most betting websites and online sports betting platforms.

Websites and applications have SSL encryption to safeguard their customers’ data and transactions with most hand-held devices coming with inbuilt security so betting apps tend to already have security in place and are PCI-compliant, which safeguards card transactions.

All these features minimise the risk of fraudulent access to betting accounts and smartphones and other devices also have antiviruses and firewalls in place to protect their users from malware and viruses.

The age of mobile sports betting is here and has taken over and the potential market for betting is increasing day-by-day so there is no better time to join the party than now.