American Football Betting for Beginners

When it comes to sports betting American Football and European Football (Soccer) are the most wagered, more money is waged on these two sports than the entire annual budget of the United Kingdom. Football Betting is no joke!

In 2003 I took a break from college to become a full-time sports gambler online. While I took quite a few beats at first, I eventually got the hang of it and came up with a rock-solid football betting system that I am going to share on this website.

If you are at all interested in becoming a professional sports bettor, the NFL is a good league to start with. NFL teams tend to be pretty closely matched upfront, but a careful observer monitoring the sports betting lines will find that there are tons of opportunities for easy money.

No sport goes as perfectly with betting as football. We are your most valuable resource when it comes to odds, news, and advice on college football, NFL gambling and Eurpean Football. Whether you’re a seasoned sports bettor looking to continue winning some serious money or a first time gambler hoping to learn the trade, we can help you master the art of winning money on football.

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Football Betting 101

The ultimate combination of strategy and athleticism, the game of  American football is inherently prone to dramatic finishes and unpredictable upsets. This aspect can make football betting both frustrating and rewarding at the same time, but there is no reason to be intimidated by it. Making side income or even a living from football betting alone is possible for the focus oriented.

Football betting is a great way to win money and often comes much more easily than prospective beginner bettors anticipate. It provides a great opportunity to enhance your experience watching games and, most of all, earn money using your own insight.

With eleven players working together in a delicate and intricate harmony, the game of American football is highly complex. Football betting is not. Bettors do not have, or need, a comprehensive understanding of everything going on in the field. Simply by bringing your own knowledge to the table, and filling in some of the blanks with online betting tips like ours, football betting beginners can win money on a number of different types of bets just by being strict with their selections and leaving emotions out of the way.

Football Betting Advice

Football Betting Tips

Even if you’ve watched football for years and have an intimate understanding of the game, there is undoubtedly a great deal you can still learn about betting on football.

There is a few common sense and timeless advice to keep in mind in order to win money on the college and NFL leagues alike:

1. Trust Yourself Against The Public. There is plenty of information coming from the talking heads in sports media and around the web that tells you what the case is and what you should believe.

This can often be an accurate depiction of the facts, but frequently perception clouds reality, thus you need to expose the gapThe media is a reflection more of public opinion, and thus Vegas odds, which are designed to split public opinion. Because of this, it is important to trust what you know and see. This can be more useful information than what the public is using and can help you win big. Place bold bets on sports when public opinion understates or contradict your own insight.

2. Stay Ahead of the Curve. Football betting odds are often reactionary rather than anticipatory. Vegas rarely bases its odds off a player or team having a breakout performance or falling off the cliff. This means that if you sense a team has underperformed and is ready to step up its play, or that a rookie quarterback is being underrated, it’s time to place your bets.

The best time to win money betting on football online can often come early in the season, when odds are based on last year’s performances more than the current team. Do not be afraid to let your foresight help guide your bets.

3. Spread your bets. It is important to understand that you are not going to win, or lose, every bet you place. This shouldn’t be a discouraging factor, as placing enough bets can make it so that you come out ahead over the course of the week or season. By placing enough bets a good gambler can ensure that he will profit off sports betting. Persistence and reasonable expectations tend to pay off in the end for serious gamblers.

4. Make Every Bet a Value Bet. Value Bets are those bets were public opinion is over-confident on the favorite in a situation were the favorite might actually lose. In other words the odds of betting for the underdog are too good both in payout vs risk because there is a high chance that team could win.

Knowing how to select great Value Bets and avoid all other is what makes a profitable punter. The best part is a Value Bettor can lose more often than he wins and still be in profit, that´s because when he wins he makes 2x to 10x and when he losses he suffers 1x. 

These football betting advice just begins to scrape the surface of how to bet on football. This site offers a number of more in-depth articles regarding strategy and advice for profiting of sports betting. To gain a deeper understanding of the craft and get current tips, make sure to use it as you’re gambling resource.

College Football Betting – NCAA

With over a hundred teams college football betting NCAA offers a wide selection of games to bet on each week. The college betting world can be harder to keep on top of, as the player turnover in college football is much higher than that of the NFL. In spite of this, the college powerhouses are usually able to maintain their dominance more easily and for longer times than NFL teams.

The landscape of college football remains relatively constant from year to year. However, it can be helpful to keep on top of changes among the NCAA. There is also a greater disparity among teams in college football compared to the NFL. While there is the occasional upset, betting on college football tends to be safer than betting on the pros, in part due to the gap in talent that can exist between opponents. Following college football betting trends is also a good idea.

Pro NFL Football Betting

NFL pro football betting online has become an incredibly popular, and for many profitable, pastime for Americans and internationals as well. With a smaller and more recognizable pool of teams and players, gambling on the NFL can be a more comfortable and easier task for many football fans.

Due to the parity of the league, NFL lines are usually closer than college football lines. The fact that any team is capable of beating any other in the NFL can result in major upsets and huge paydays for savvy bettors.

Regardless of where your knowledge of the NFL lies, there are plenty of different games and types of bets that can suit you when betting on Pro football. America’s most watched sports league is also one of the best to bet on.

Vegas Odds and NFL Bet Types

American Odds Explained

Before placing your bets on football, it is important to understand the odds you are betting on. The most common odd system in the US are Vegas Odds which is very different from fractional odds more common in the UK. Vegas Odds look more like a spread system that showcases how much can be won with a $100 dollar bet.

Alhtough online betting sites offer the possibility to change the odds reading to any other type, be it decimal or fractional odds, it is still important to know how to read the different types of odds for American Football.

There are also a number of different ways to bet on football that extent from simply who wins the game. Here’s a quick overview of some of the different kinds of football bets online:

Point Spread Betting

In betting on the point spread of a game, gamblers are choosing between two teams both with even payouts. If a team is favored in the game, they not only need to win the game, but they also need to cover the point spread. The more they are favored the greater the spread.

For example, if the New England Patriots are favored over the New York Giants by three and a half points, the line will read Patriots -3.5 and Giants +3.5. The Patriots need to win by four or more points, while the Giants can lose by up to three points and still pay off for the online gambler. The higher the expectations are that a team will win, the larger the point spread on a football game will be.

*Learn how to bet using the point spread and when to use it to your advantage.

Money Line Betting

Money line betting is a straight bet on the winner of a game, with varying payouts based on the odds each team is given. Money lines are displayed based on a $100 wager when looking into the American odds (also known as Vegas Odds) format, though it is not necessary that gamblers actually put $100 down.

For example, if the Green Bay Packers are favored in a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the money line may read as follows: Pittsburgh Steelers -120 Green Bay Packers +130.

In order to win $100 betting on the Packers, the favorite, bettors need to risk $100. Those taking the underdog Steelers need to risk only $100 to win $120. Those willing to risk their money on a heavy underdog will be rewarded with a larger payout, while those that take the safe bet get a lower payout if they win. Money line bettors do not need to worry about the score of the game, but only who actually wins, making it a much easier type of bet to take.

*Learn how to read money lines and use them to your advantage.

Prop Bets

Point spread and money lines concern themselves with the outcomes of the game, but prop bets (proposition betting or side betting as also known) can offer interesting wagers within the game. Prop bets can be both entertaining and highly profitable. These can concern the over/under on an individual player’s statistics, odds on who score the game’s first points, or even the outcome of the coin toss, not to mention funny bets concerning gossip or other.

Prop bets online are particularly popular during the Super Bowl but are also available for games throughout the year, and even offseason activities such as the NFL Drafts.

*Learn all the different types of prop bets and when to bet upon them.

Futures Betting

Futures bets are long term bets that payout over the course of a few weeks or the entire season of a sport. Futures bets online can be placed on a team’s win total, post-season success, or who wins awards such as the Heisman Trophy, MVPs, most touch-downs, or other. Futures betting offers great odds for bettors with hunches on how the football season will play out.

*The advantage of future bets is that a odds are much better for a favorite to win the Super Bowl by the start of the season than when that team actually makes its to the final game. This way bettors get a high chance of winning with good payout odds. Learn all about future bets and what´s trending for next season.