Betting Advice and Tips

Money Management and Creation of a Book

The most important responsibility as a sports bettor is to decide how much money you want to keep aside for betting on sports. Do keep in mind your financial situation. Do not bet money that you cannot afford to lose!

Once the total stake is allocated into the account, do not bet it all. Using a portion of that and seeing how it goes makes more sense.

This is the primary step in becoming a more successful sports bettor and the most important as well.

Set Your Risk Appetite and Understand Your Goals

No one likes losing money but betting involves the risk of that. You win some, you lose some. How much you are willing to risk when betting differs from person to person so it is crucial to set your expectations of how much risk you wish to take on.

Another important point to consider is to understand the agenda and reasons behind why you are betting. Is it recreational or does it mean more than that? If betting is an important source of income for you then it may not be such a good idea to place huge bets and take high risks.

It is good to have a timeline for betting rather than betting every day. Sports betting works 24×7 and betting websites have several sports events listed across the world available for betting so take your time to decide and pick sports that you are knowledgeable about.

Maintain a Record of Your Bets and Review Them Periodically

Old school is the new school. Maintaining a record will help keep your head on your shoulders and give you a perfect understanding of how well you are doing. It will perfectly show you whether or not you have managed to beat the bookmakers and help you judge how good a sports bettor you may be.

Reviewing the bets periodically will give you insights into your betting tendencies and present a black and white picture of how teams are doing over the course of a season.

Set Realistic Expectations

An experienced successful bettor historically wins 54% of the time whereas a stellar bettor wins 60% of the time. Do not feel disheartened when you lose a bet because most do. You have to learn and set realistic goals and expectations for yourself.

You are not going to pull a bunny out of the hat especially when it comes to sports betting where there is a lot less luck involved that in gambling at a casino. It is very rare for a huge favourite to lose to a minnow team/player.

Tennis is the perfect example here. The odds of Rafa Nadal losing a match on clay are so low that it is almost certain that you would lose money by betting on his opponent.

Do Not Mix Emotions With Betting

Bet with your head and not your heart. It is not necessary that your favourite team or player is going to win. Majority of sports bettors are sports fans but betting is a business and it is important to remember that. There is money at stake so be smart and vigilant.

Loyalty clouds judgement so it is best to avoid betting on games that involve your favourite players/teams. The subconscious bias can play a massive role in costing you a potential chance of earning money from sports betting.

Do Your Own Research and Learn From Other Bettors

The sports betting community is growing by leaps and bounds and in today’s day and age, it is so easy to engage with others virtually. You can join sports betting forums, WhatsApp chats, Facebook groups, Telegram, Reddit, you name it and get involved in the sports betting conversations globally.

Not only will you become more accustomed to the sports betting lingo but also learn some strategies and tips on how to become a more successful sports bettor. It is not enough to just learn from others’ experiences. It is also important to do your own research and carve your own path forward and rectify your own mistakes.

Avoid the Sunk Cost Fallacy

The biggest mistake one could make is trying to recover losses through betting. Just like investments, it is hard to recover money. The “sunk cost fallacy” means that the more time or money one invests in something, the harder it becomes to let go of.

This comes back to the point of becoming emotional when betting. Throwing more money blindly into betting can be even more detrimental in not only the long run but also right away. Just because a huge amount may have been lost in previous bets does not mean one needs to panic and try to recover these in just one game/match.

It is important to play the waiting game as a person who is calm and knowledgeable will be successful when betting, down the line.

They say patience is a virtue and it truly is. Sports betting can be looked at more like a long term investment rather than gambling. In fact, it is much closer to investment in shares in a stock market than playing cards at a casino.

Be disciplined and do not think of yourself as a gambler. There is a difference between a bettor and a gambler, and the sooner you come to realize the difference, the better the results when betting. Just like teams and players have bad days in sport, remember, your bets are correlated so sit tight and hope for the best. Even shares in the stock market fluctuate to all-time lows and highs but companies with strong foundations succeed in the long run.

Discipline and patience are the two key qualities that will make you successful in sports betting.

How to Become a Pro Bettor

4 tips to become a pro bettor

This is a point by point list of useful tips that can turn you from a rookie bettor to a professional bettor.

1. Love Your Money!!! Betting Bankroll Management

This is the one thing that most betting pundits will tell you as the key to have good online sports betting career – Love your money, take good care of it.

If you are planning to start you’re online betting career with your last 100€ Euros it probably won’t be a good idea.

1. Bet according to what you have, in other words never bet more than 5% to 10% of your bankroll especially if you are a rookie. Rookies should bet something between 3% and 5%, and doubtful bets should only be around 1%.

When you do manage to win a bet then withdraw the winnings and continue on with your initial investment. You bookies make a living because in the long run most bettors end on the losing side, so withdraw your winnings and continue from there. Set a rule, cash-in 50% of winnings and invest the other 50%.

2. If you manage to get on a winning streak always remember you could lose everything you made till now with the very next bet, In other words never be Over- Confident.

3. If you are on a losing streak never bet on high stakes with the hope of recovering everything you lost till now with a single bet.

You cannot see online betting as a short-term money making scheme. In order to be a successful bettor you need to have patience and see it as a long term investment.

2. Do I Need to Be a Football Pundit Expert to Bet?

NO You Don’t!!!

Knowing everything about football won’t make you an expert football bettor but it does help guide you in the right direction. Being knowledgeable about the game gives you an added advantage and in the world of sports betting every advantage you have can make a difference.

Actually the best football bettors are not the super fans of the game, some of the most profitable bettors do not even like the sport, but they know their numbers and their lack of passion keeps their emotions out of the equation. This is the case of Elena Shalke, the famous blogger that became a Betfair pro tipster by using her mathematical skills to help her football passionate husband turn a profit on sports betting.

An Oddsmaker takes into account a number of variables related to the match at hand before setting the lines for the game. The bookie, on the other hand, varies the betting lines through the week and during the match till the bet is closed to even up the bets on both sides.

If you aren’t updated with the changes that are happening with the team you might as well end up with a big hole in your wallet.

I’m guessing you are wondering what these so-called changes that I’m speaking about here are, let’s take a look at them one by one:

Team Performance

Even the best teams out there will have a minor hick-up each season; take a look at Chelsea this season (2014-2015). From the start of the season, Chelsea has been a dominant force in the league brushing past teams with the greatest of ease, many even argued they could go unbeaten the whole season and many didn’t argue back because they looked so dominant.

But since the start of December Chelsea has experienced a minor blip in their form. They dropped a total of 7 points from a possible of 21 points available and have given Manchester City a free pass back to the title race. Now even Manchester United is dreaming!

Be the end of the Season Chelsea kicked back into the game and won the League when City looked un-catchable.

So even the best of teams have their bad days and good days, If you are betting on them during one of those “bad” days well then it’s not gonna be pretty looking at your wallet mate. Stay out of the game during these lapses or bet against the team, they are still favourites but losing, which makes the paying odds pretty nice.

With Football, always expect the unexpected!!!

Motivation and Player’s Morale

Motivation: – Imagine a Liverpool team on a five-match losing streak. Their next fixture is against the league leaders, Manchester United at Anfield. So do you think Liverpool has a chance?

Liverpool vs Manchester United is one of the fiercest rivalries in football, so irrespective of Liverpool being on a losing run. The Liverpool players and even the fans alike will be pumped heading into the match because it’s United who they are gonna face. In derby matches, apart from points, there is one more thing at stake, and that is pride.

So when you are betting on derby matches and you’re planning to bet on the favourites heading into the match – it always won’t be a good idea.

Player Morale: Let’s once consider Liverpool FC as an example. Last season they were scoring goals for fun largely thanks to Luis Suarez, Daniel Sturridge and Steven Gerrard. But once Liverpool lost Luis Suarez to Barcelona the team entered this league very short of confidence and didn’t believe they could mount a title challenge this season like the previous one.

The departure of one player can greatly affect the morale of the players and thereby resulting in lacklustre performances on the pitch.

Similarly, look at Manchester United. The team was completely reshuffled, and they still struggled in the first few matches. It was after the arrival of Angel Di Maria from Real Madrid that United started to get the season back on track, even though his performances have not been the best in the world he has managed to raise the level of confidence among the players that they can mount a top 4 challenge.

So when placing a bet, be sure to keep track of your team for last-minute injury setbacks and even news involving the personal life of a player but mainly several transfers that turn the team into complete renovation, it always takes some time for players to settle in, as every tiny detail can influence the course of the match.

3. Know What You Are Gonna Be Betting On

turning into a pro bettor

As stated earlier you don’t need to be a football pundit to be a good bettor but basic knowledge of the game is important. For a Stoke City versus Hull City if you don’t have a clue about these teams or about the players who are going to play then don’t place a bet on this match.

Most betting sites give the bettors a free 50 to 100 Euros as a sign up bonus, always be sure to make use of this amount smartly. Rookies have a tendency to blindly gamble with this amount because they think it’s free money.

Yes its free money and that’s all the more reason why you should not waste it. Why should you waste it if you can make more using it wisely?

Go for Quality over Quantity, some bettors tend to bet on over five matches a week. If you are a professional bettor and can handle juggling five matches a week then that´s good. Parlays might even be for you.

But if you are a rookie bettor it’s better to take one bet at a time before moving onto the bigger and better bets.

There are bettors who bet only on the favourites, this technique will make sure you’ll turn up as a winner more often than not. But when you lose – you lose big, and any winnings you get otherwise won’t be able to cover for the losses.

So it’s better to bet on Over-Performers rather than the favourites, and to know who the over performers are you’ll need to closely follow the league. (Crystal Palace of last season, West Ham, Swansea City and Southampton of this season are examples of Over-Achievers).

4. Never, and I Mean Never Get Addicted to Betting

Like drugs and Alcohol, betting addiction can leave you penniless and in misery. If you find yourself placing money on high stakes bets just for the thrill of it I would suggest for your own good to Stop, or do it with expendable money, something that means pennies for you.

5. Enjoy the Little Things in Life

It’s always better to place smaller bets on matches if you aren’t confident with your bet. The advice most betting sites give will guide you more towards placing a bet rather than not betting. Its times like these were you need to trust your own instinct. Enjoy the smaller wins – It’s easy to get carried away when you win a few bets in a row, but remember your luck may run out in the next bet. Do not trust in luck, trust in analysis and deduction.

Finally, if you end up losing a bit always remember losing is part of betting, instead of trying to win think on how not to lose.

Good luck bettors! May the force be with you.

making-money-on-sports-bettingThe simple answer will be –YES!

You can make money through online sports betting, in fact, there are people who even make a living through online betting, but don’t think it’s gonna be easy to achieve.

If you plan to make a living out of it like any other day to day job it takes dedication, patience and nerves of steel… especially in sports betting. You have to be prepared to learn and put in lots of hours to go through the basics before actually placing a bet and then let go of your emotions because LOSING is part of your success so get used to it.

Do you know why sportsbooks always have the last laugh? It’s because of you.

Gamblers don’t want to be patient, they want instant results and when they do get lucky once in a while they immediately look for new ways to give the money they won back to the sportsbook. It’s a well-known fact that most online bettors have zero understanding of what they are doing and they are placing bets based on their own love for a team or because someone on YouTube thought it was a good bet!

Do you want to know what rate of success professional bettor have?

Over 60% success rate?

Surprise, surprise…

A sports bettor’s success rate is around 53%-54%


Yup, it’s hard to score a winning bet. But do not disappoint yourself, a 53% success rate or even lower than 50% can still leave you with a consistent cash flow, it could even make you rich.


Simple, if that 54% of winning bets pay out higher than what you invested in bets your pockets end up being full by the end of the day. Here is an example:

If a bettor places 14 bets on a single day risking 110£ on each to win 100£ on every single one, and 8 of them turn out to be winners while the remaining 6 are losers, then that is a poor winning rate of 57%, but the profit for the day ends up being 140£ (the bets won 800£ and lost 660£).

Does this still feel like a losing day?

Do I need to learn statistics and probability to become a professional bettor?

If you want to be successful in the long run then you should become a “Value Bettor”, which is another word for a pro bettor who is quite skilful with statistics and probabilities. Value betting places the odds of winning a profit at the end of a season by your side, but the question still remains if being a mathematical genius is strictly necessary. In a personal opinion, it is not.

A punter is someone who watches football matches consistently and reads all the news. If you know that Barcelona is on a winning streak, they usually win away, their players are in their fullest and two of them are top class scorers like Neymar and Messi, and they are facing one of the most irregular in the league then you don´t really need a spreadsheet to tell you Barcelona has high chances of winning and it would be smart to place a high bet. But this one was too easy.

Let’s look at Real Madrid’s shape. It takes skill to bet on the underdog to beat a goliath like Real Madrid, but top teams do lose from time to time to lower class teams that seem to be rising in their game. In the second half of season of 2014-2015, Real Madrid’s game came down with James Rodriguez and other key players out with injury. Ronaldo and Christian Bale were not scoring, both had too many games on them and transfer rumours always seems to get into a player’s game, plus one side of the fans and reporters were being disrespectful on Bale.

Real was facing Valencia, one of the top teams in the Spanish League after Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. Valencia’s game was improving game after game knowing no defeat. This is the perfect mix of variables to bet on the underdog. Real Madrid still looks strong vs Valencia but the numerous factors even up the stage against public opinion and it makes it not only more possible for the underdog to win but profitable, as the odds follow public opinion.

Betting on Real Madrid, the favourite, would be too risky in their current condition and quite stupid with a low payoff. While betting on Valencia is smart because the risk is at its lowest while the payoff is high, this is Value Betting.

Valencia won that game 2-1 on their home stadium.

You can perform value betting out of intuition with some knowledge on the teams, but having good research on the team stats can really layout your true odds. You can be a good intuitive bettor by letting your emotions out of the way or become a true Value Bettor if you want to become one of the greatest resources of all is the Soccer Widow.

Value betting the Soccer Widow way

The Soccer Widow is a site focused on teaching Value Betting to its readers. They are experts at calculating “true odds”, system development and several other probabilistic techniques. The content is aimed mostly at those experienced bettors who are struggling with their strategies. Subscribe to their newsletter and take a look at their resources for in-depth education on value betting. Elena Schaelike is the mastermind behind this project that managed to grow 500% her own personal account in just 6 months and with no prior interest in sports betting or football, just pure math.

So as you can see placing a sports bet is all about gathering info and balancing it to see if the scale tips to one side or another. Only place bets when one of the teams seems to have everything to its favour and avoid bets when it looks too even. Don´t worry about betting opportunities, pro bettors bet on a multitude of sports each week and even if you only bet on football there are dozens of leagues and tournaments around the world working around the clock to bet on.

How to be successful at betting without experience

Pro bettors will tell from personal experience that you will actually lose money at the beginning before making it. There is a learning curve to sports betting and it requires dedication, this is unavoidable. But what if you follow in the footsteps of a professional bettor in the beginning?

That is why we are here, our in-house pro bettor Ed Rusi is giving free bet picks every week, and its FREE for now, so subscribe to his mailing list to start receiving the best sports betting picks:

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There are several really good sites where you can also obtain many free betting tips and previews on daily basis. The guys over at have been doing tips and previews for football matches for as long as we can remember. They cover a broad range of big-league matches for leagues such as Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga.

How much does a professional sports bettor make?

Professional bettors lose and win bets almost every day on different sports and events, but they tend to end on the green side at the end thanks to their multiple betting strategies. The amount won depends entirely on their expendable capability. Winnings could be hundreds of pounds, thousands or millions with the same consistent strategy.

Be a bettor, not a Gambler

  1. These are Bettors who do not use their heads very often and bet with their gut, they feel “lucky” hoping to get rich quickly, but in the end, they lose and marriage follows. If gamblers incidentally win their first bet greed kicks in, and they want more going on to place more blind bets on the next high stake thinking:

 “I was born for this! Too easy for me, finally those weekends watching games paid up. You were wrong, ma!”

Soon disaster will strike as probabilities are a universal law and luck is not.

Bottom line is you need to learn the science of gambling, which also bears the boring name of probabilities.

Bookies won’t be bothered losing a customer because a new soul to steal always steps in as a replacement.

What makes a professional bettor? Handicapping

Professional bettors pick bets carefully and follow their results on a spreadsheet, this is called handicapping. This is necessary to figure out where successful bets are going and what were the variables to find them and to filter out the bad bets and which variables flag them.

What is the winning ratio? 50%? 60%? You can only see this number after a statistics calculation.

And what is the resulting profit during a time frame? Is the risk worth the return? Is the monthly return consistent?

Being a professional bettor involves asking lots of questions and finding answers. Answers that come in the form of numbers that can be improved or reduced.

  • Handicap bets by asking lots of questions and finding their answers.

When a professional bettor wins, he immediately withdraws the winnings and then continues on with his initial bankroll, adding up a percentage to his capital but also withdrawing a fixed percentage of winnings. Now, this guy is smart.

  • Money management is key

Bookies are smart people; they won’t be seeing anything which they are not expecting. In every bet there are people that will lose their money and then there are people that win that money. When placing a bet a pro thinks “how do I avoid losing money?” and not “how do I win?” If bettors manage their bets and winnings well then there is only money to be made.

  • Focus on cutting loses, not on winning more bets.

Betting is a risky business there is no doubt about it and if any online sites or books tell you otherwise close the site and burn that book. Betting is risky but then again any business is risky and without risk, there isn’t gonna be a reward at the end.


professional bettorA professional bettor goes through every fact and figure that is available to him and only then will he take a decision to place a bet or not.

Understanding the odds presented before you is crucial, a rookie bettor often bets on matches without thinking whether the odds given to him are the best available option or not.

Consider an Everton vs Charlton match.

The odds for an Everton win is set at 3/5 while the odds of a Charlton win are set at 60/1.

Which is the better bet?

According to the Oddsmaker, Everton has a 63% chance to win the match while Charlton only has less than 2% chance to win the match.

So if you bet 100 Euros on Everton and if they win you’ll get your investment back plus a small winning in return.

But what if you bet on Charlton?

If you bet 10 euros on Charlton and if they manage to win you are sure to get more money than winning the bet with Everton where you risked 100 Euros.

It is moments like these where a professional bettor manages to distinguish himself from a rookie.

The professional bettor looks at the several variables that will come into play here before deciding on whom to bet, A few examples of the “variables” he will be keeping an eye on are…

  • If Everton will be fielding a weak start?
  • If they will be playing this game with only a two days break from the previous match, which could leave them tired and give Charlton a chance.


oddsmakerBy now you might know what an odd is and how many types there are, but do you know who sets these odds and how they are calculated?

No need to Google for the answer,

it might be complex at first but the process is more simple that you might think, so simply you as a bettor should be doing it yourself.

The various odds you see for the various matches are set by a person known as an Oddsmaker.


An Oddsmaker is someone who studies the games, teams and to some extent the players to set the lines accordingly. Bookies and Oddmakers are not the same people. The job of a bookie is to adjust the line set by the Oddsmaker to make the bet equal on both sides of the money line, point spread and other sorts of betting odds till the bet is closed.


For an Oddsmaker to set the odds he goes through a complex process of evaluating numerous variables, some of these variables are:


• For example Liverpool, in the 2012-2013 season the team had a bad first half of the season and then recovered strongly in the second half of the season.

• By season 2013-2014 they kept improving but in the second half of the season the performance was just unbelievable poor.

• Similarly in the present 2014-2015 season they got off to a bad start but are now showing signs of improvement and seem to be turning the season around. So theoretically they should perform better in the second half of the season against teams they had struggled against in the first half.

*As a bettor and football fan, if you had followed the team during these seasons you might have noticed the ups and downs come after player transactions occur. Include a sentence of new players like Suarez and those good ones who left.


In the world of football or for that fact in any team sport, home support plays an important factor in determining the outcome of the game. There have been instances in the past where the home stadium and its fandom have managed to lift the player’s morale and the course of the match, like in the legendary Champions League final between Liverpool and AC Milan that we have titled “You will never walk alone”. A passionate home crowd is the ideal 12th man to the team.


Weather plays an important factor in the game of football. For example, if the condition is rainy then the defenders are bound to make mistakes thereby providing the attackers a chance to score. Now days you can place a bet live during the game thanks to online betting sites, this way you can wait till the very start of the match to define how weather affects the odds. Oddsmakers do it and odds do change as events happen before and after the match.


There is no better example for this than the current Liverpool team. Look at how they are struggling after their star striker Daniel Sturridge went out injured. Sometimes a single player can have more impact to the team with his mere presence than his actual performance on the pitch. A star player returning from injury can greatly boost the morale of the team thereby increasing their performance on the field and the oddsmaker´s odds.

These are just a few of the variables that the oddsmaker needs to consider before setting the odds for a particular match. Most sportsbooks do not assign a single person to set the odds but it will most probably be a team of odds makers that determine the odds for a particular game, and each sport booker has its own odd result, which works to a bettor’s benefit when deciding which sportsbook to place a bet with.


The job of an oddsmaker is not to make predictions on the match.

For example, if the oddsmaker has set a point spread of 2 it doesn’t mean he believes the favourites will win by more than two goals. The job of the oddsmaker is to set the spread such that both sides get equal amount of bets, in other words an oddsmaker sets odds so that the bets don’t become one-sided.

Let’s consider a Manchester City vs Hull City match up.

If no point spread is given most bettors would bet on the favourite Manchester City to win the match and if Manchester does in fact win then the bookies will lose a lot of cash from their hands. So an oddsmaker sets the odds to level the playing field.

The odds can be changed during the course of the match to level the bets on both sides. For example:

• At the start of the Manchester City vs Hull city game, a point spread of 2 goals is given to Hull City, meaning Hull City can lose by 1 goal and the bettor wins, by 2 goals it is a push, by 3 goals the bettor loses.

• Five minutes into the Match if Manchester City scores one goal then a lot of bets will start to build on the side of Manchester and the odds change. The bookie at this time sets a new point spread of 3 goals, so now people placing bets on Hull City will need the team to win or not lose by more than 3 goals for the bet to payoff.


If you have placed a bet for Hull City when the point spread was still at 2 goals then your bet will not be affected by the change in the spread. In fact, you could now place a new bet on the same team and go with Manchester to win by more than 3 goals, this way you hedge your bet.

This technique is called also called middling.

Fun!! Isn’t it?


how much does a bettor makeIt depends on who you consider as a professional bettor. Most bettors who have been in the betting scene for years still don’t have a clue on what they are doing.

Being a professional bettor takes a lot of hard work. A pro bettor goes through lots of data available to him before deciding on whether the bet before him is the best offer out there or not.

There is a common perception that any bettor who has a win percentage of 60% or more can be termed as a professional. But in truth, a high win percentage doesn’t mean that the person is making a profit.


Consider two bettors A and B.

A is relatively new to the betting scene so he decides to place only 5 bets on the first day.

In all five of them he bets 110€ with the hope of getting a winning return of 100€. (If he wins then total = 210€ per bet).

He manages to win 3 out of those 5 bets so a win percentage of 60%

In total he gets 300€ as return, and 220€ gets noted as a loss.

That is a net profit of 80€.

Now let’s look at B.

B has been in the betting seen for decades now, so decides to mock bettor A and place 14 bets for the day.

He bets 110 in all 14 matches in the hope of getting a return of 100$ each.

B manages to win 8 out of those 14 bets so a win percentage of 57% which is slightly lesser than bettor A.

So bettor A has the last laugh right? After all, he did have a better win percentage than the cocky bettor B. Let’s look at the numbers and see things as they are:

Bettor B won 8 bets so in total he got 800€ as a return, and lost 660€ and that means a net profit of 140€ for the day. Not bad, eh?

Even though bettor A managed a better win percentage, it was ultimately bettor B that made more profit by the end of the day.

This is exactly what happens in the betting scene. The goal of almost any bettor is to make money, so you can’t really judge whether a person is a professional bettor or not by the win percentage he may boast, but he should be judged on the money (profit) he has made till date.


If a rookie bettor is reading this, please don’t get the idea of betting on random matches just for the sake of betting on more matches. Betting on more matches does mean you have a good chance to make more money, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do research on these bets before placing them. As stated before, being a successful bettor is hard work and when the number of bets increase, the work you have to do also increases.

It’s simple logic when you think of the fact that you can earn more from a pool of 100 bets having a chance of 53% to succeed than from a pool of 20bets with a 57% chance of success.


A professional bettor places more bets than the average rookie, but he risks lesser amount on each bet while the rookie usually risks a lot on only one or two bets. Spreading your bankroll among a number of bets is the key to being a successful online bettor.

Finally, always remember – Never ever bet more than 3% of your bankroll on a single bet.


Learn how to work accumulator odds

Calculating odds is always a headache for the new bettor, but it is easier than it looks with a simple math that can be performed in excel or a calculator. How to work out Accumulator Odds is no different from a single bet, o just have to multiply together the odds from each individual selection to figure out the payout.

  • What is an accumulator bet? Make sure you know what you are doing before taking any risks.

Here is an example with a 4x accumulator on football:

Match Result Bet Type Decimal Odds
Chelsea 2 – 0 Fulham Chelsea to win 1.4
Stoke 3 – 1 Leicester Leicester to lose 1.5
United 0 – 1 Liverpool Liverpool to Win 3
Arsenal 3 – 2Manchester City Over 4.5 Goals 5

Let’s assume we are placing a 4x accumulator bet with a £5.00 stake. Here are the calculations:

  • £2.00 * 1.4 * 1.5 * 3 * 5 = £63.00 return
  • Although we suggest to remove the stake from the equation, so subtract £2.00 from your calculation.
  • That is 300% in profit, or in odds format 30.00

In fractional format it would be:

  • £2.00 * (2/5 + 1) * (1/2 + 1) * (4/1 + 1) = £63.00

To work out the accumulator odds all you need to do is multiply all of the different bets together, it’s almost no different than from a decimal odd calculation or fractional.


There are many accumulator odds calculators online to figure out your payout or odds. We like using the one on OddsChecker. But there really is no need if you have a sportsbook´s account open, you can just select bets on the betting slip and the possible payout will be calculated almost immediately.

It is important to check for value on each selection before taking an accumulator bet, you do not want to take one just because you are feeling lucky. Make each one count.


Lose one bet from your string of selections and the whole thing is lost.

This is the downside of Accumulator bets, the risk goes up with the increasing number of selections, but the payout increases. In the example above if Liverpool had not won against United you would have lost your £2.00 pounds.



Each-Way is a bet selection that allows bettors to win the bet if their selection comes in the first/second position. Best used in horseracing or other race sports, were the contestants come in first, second or lower. In horseracing, an each-way bet would be betting on a horse to Win or come in Place (second).

In football however each-way bets are given for tournaments, for a certain club to Win the tournament or at least come in runner-ups or second.

Here is an example of an each-way bet:

Stake: £20.00 Each-Way bet

*Note: With Each-Way, your stake is split into the two outcomes, so you are actually staking £10.00 twice.

  • Manchester City to win the Premier League: 12.00 odds
  • Manchester City to come Runner-Ups: 3.0 odds

If Manchester City wins the Premier League we win 12 x £10.00 = £120.00 + £30.00 for the second bet = £150.00

In case Manchester City comes in the second we win 3 x £10.00 = £30.00 and after taking out our stake we´ve got £10.00 in profit.


Each-Way betting accumulators in football are not common, you would need to bet on several different league winners or first match scorer´s from several games to organize an accumulator in this sport.

These are more common in horseracing, as many races happen during the same day allowing you to select the possible winner or place holders for each race.


An accumulator bet is a bet that combines many different bets into a single selection, thus increasing the payout odds but also the risk.

A bet becomes an accumulator when more than 2 bets are taken in a single betting slip, although the 2x bet is referred to as a double and a 3x as a Trixie. From there on bettors refer to them as accumulators with different exotic named like the ones mentioned on our Accumulator Betting Systems section.

KEEP IN MIND: Accumulators lose when one of your selections fails to win. So the chances of getting one right are slim when you have more than 4 selections.


1.Do not take more than 4x accumulators.

2. Use a small stake so the collateral damage is small.

3. For ridiculously long accumulators, like a 10x, make the wager as small as £5.00 or even £2.00, the payout could be in the thousands or even millions of pounds depending on the odds.

4. Take opposite single bets with another sportsbook to hedge a little in case of losing.

5. Use a reversed martingale technique with your accumulators: Win a single, wind a double, win a Trixie and so on until the accumulator fails. Once it does start over again. This technique ensures you only increase the risk with the initial small stake size while exponentially increasing your possible payout. Make sure to take out some winnings after each bet to secure profits.

The £25.00 to £1,000 betting system is an accumulator technique used in a single betting format. It is very effective and we are keeping close tabs on its performance for future reference.


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