chelsea-fans-prevent-man-from-boarding-Paris-MetrBefore the match Chelsea vs. PSG yesterday, a group of Chelsea fans took over the Paris Metro. On raw station footage it can be seen how a black person is denied entrance to the carriage several times and with force. The man tried several times to board and spoke to the fans, but they wouldn´t let him in claiming there was no space. Then they began to sing “We are racist, we are racist, and that’s the way we like it.”

The incident sparkled all sorts of responses all over the media and Chelsea FC has condemned this situation and supports the prosecution of the football fans in the video. Most likely they will be banned from attending any future Chelsea games.

Was it truly a racist incident?

It seems kind of obvious it was. Some Chelsea fans who claim to be in the carriage say it is all a miss understanding of the video, that the man wasn´t allowed to board because he was a PSG fan and not about his ethnic background. Other people weren´t allowed in the metro and it had more to do with there being no space than anything else.

While it is true the Paris Metro wagon´s were packed, the unfortunate racist song at the end leaves no doubt.

The racist song was about Chelsea captain John Terry

One fan claims that song was about Chelsea´s captain, John Terry who was accused of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand in 2012. The regulatory commission back then stated Terry was “not a racist”, and that explains the origin of the song from last night.

Spread the word #Chelseahatesracists

The news media spoke to one of the Chelsea fans in the metro