Stoke-in-space-logoOver the last 7 seasons Stoke’s rise to being one of the top Premier League clubs has been meteoric. Under Tony Pulis and then Mark Hughes Stoke has gone from strength to strength during their time in the Premier League.

Stoke are looking to set to surpass their best ever Premier League points tally of 50 this season and that will further assert their status as a Premier League biggie. Stoke City FC however are about to embark on a journey to a place were no other football club has ever been all thanks to the efforts a die-hard Stoke supporter Andrew Rushton. caught up with the man of the moment in twitter and decided to get to know more about his campaign and how he got this quirky idea.


Andrew Rushton and his friend promoting Stoke in Space on every game

Andrew,  “Let’s get Stoke in Space” campaign promoter

It all started about 7-8 months ago. Tim Peake is the first ever British astronaut who has gotten the opportunity to go to the International Space Station in November 2015. I wanted to see my beloved Stoke City go from a global club to an Intergalactic one and began to call Tim Peake’s attention to do something special, the whole campaign was a part of it.


Lets get Stoke in Space T-Shirt

You do know that this is a pretty crazy idea, how did you come up with it?

I believe after 5 pints of fine ale the idea started but originally I was only hoping he would write STOKE CITY FC on a piece of paper then tweet a photo down.

At first honestly even my good friends kinda ignored it thinking I would give up but after trying to get Mr Peake attention I had to keep coming up with varied ideas to try to get noticed.


The Tim Peake hat competition has been a huge hit among Stoke fans from around the world

So how did you get his attention?

Yes I did! From messages via twitter to photos then animation and now #letsgetstokeinspace campaign which even has its very own jingle, promotional t-shirts and make your own Tim Peake hat competition.

I’m proud to say that the competition has really taken off and has stoke fans from all around the world participating in it and supporting the campaign in every way they can.

Let’s get Stoke in Space campaign’s Jingle –

He did agree to do it, didn’t he?

Yes he did!! I’ve had contact with Tim over the last few months via twitter, and as I am writing this a 100% cotton stoke flag has been sent to his home address and is at this moment in Houston America awaiting to be packed to go upto the International Space Station.

One of the funny animations which has been made as part of the campaign –

What do you think made him agree to it?

Tim himself is a Stoke fan and what i think swayed him to do it was the invite to come to a game. I had a message yesterday from him and there is honestly a good chance he will be coming to a game once he gets back from the ISS.


Let’s get Stoke in Space campaign manager Andrew Rushton and his fellow campaign mate

What more do you have in store as a part of “Let’s get Stoke in Space” campaign?

You’ll just have to wait and see but i can promise you there will more animations, more Tim Peake hats and a few more surprises coming up. I would like to take this chance to thank everyone who has been a part of the campaign so far because without you guys this campaign would have never taken off.

Hoping for more support from you Potters over the coming months and Let’s get Stoke in Space !!!


Hairy Potter and Happy Git

Hairy Potter, Stoke City FC #1 fan is a strong supporter of the cause that he even painted the “Lets get Stoke in Space” logo on his cheek.


Hairy Potter, Stoke City´s #1 fanis a strong suporter of the cause

Thanks Andrew and we at hopes that your campaign will become and a bigger hit and Stoke truly does become an intergalactic club.

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