23 year old pro bettor Ed Russo

While micro blogging within Twitter we found Ed Russo, a 23 year old with an interesting profile description, “professional sports bettor”.

We began to talk to Ed to know more about what a professional bettor really is, how he became one and decided to post this interview for our subscribers.

Who is Ed Rusi?

I am from Florida, Miami. Currently a stock broker in training at the age of 23 with a passion for sports and an eye for sports betting.

You claim to be a professional bettor, What is a Pro Bettor exactly? When do you get to brag about that title?

A pro bettor is someone who bets without any emotion but solely with the intention of winning and taking profits. You get to boast that title when you win, consistently.

To become a pro bettor you need to test yourself and correct all the little details that block your road to constant profit. Trust yourself and your picks, but how you bet, when you do it and with how much is the big difference. 

I usually stay quiet about my betting life since gambling is still not legal in many parts of America, but I keep a close circle of followers for whom I have built a nice betting portfolio.

Tell us your story. Who was Ed Russo before you became a Pro?

Ed Russo was just a college student who was a sports enthusiast and had a passion for many sports from MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, European Football (all major leagues), Formula 1, Tennis, etc.

My life changed during a Monday night football telecast on Sept 24th, 2012. It was the Packers vs the Seahawks and all the big money was on the Packers.

The line was ridiculous, I think -500 for the Packers moneyline and there was people throwing $5,000 to win $1,000.

Meanwhile they all failed to do some research and they were betting with emotions. I broke down the game like I would for every game I bet. I have a certain criteria that the team I bet must meet. Everything pointed to the Seahawks. So I made the bold move and threw $1,000 on the Seahawks moneyline, not the spread (The money line is a direct bet to the winner while with the spread it would´ve been easier to win but less profitable).

The Seahawks won that day.

Everyone thought I was crazy. When the game ended in a controversial way people did not give me the credit I deserved, but I kept proving them wrong week after week with huge underdog picks and that’s when people began asking me for picks. So I decided to charge, some pay per pick others have monthly plans.


How much time did it took to master professional betting?

I was always a huge sports fan and followed sports all my life. It’s just a matter of putting in the time and effort that you would put in anything else you do. For me I would say 2 years but that could vary from person to person.

What made the difference from a learner to a winner? Can you share some tips?

Well, you need to study and keep track of your picks when you are still learning. You would make picks and pretend you have $1,000 play money on each game and the pressure is on.

Study trends, read up on the latest news, and the biggest one is LEAVE EMOTION OUT OF IT. That’s one of the biggest mistake people make.

Describe a typical day in Ed Ruzi´s life?


Ed Rusi with PSG football shirt

I work during the day from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday, but I always stay on top of the latest news from articles, twitter, and other tools.

After work I come home and sit down and glance at the upcoming games at 7pm whether it be NHL or NBA games and see if anything stands out to me.

If something stands out I immediately circle it and go with my gut (it’s usually right) if nothing stands out I will go down the list and brake down every game.

From there I choose the 3 games I am most confident in and that’s what I recommend to my clients and bet myself.

Just for arousing our crowd, what is the most you have made on a single bet?

Single bet on Seahawks moneyline, I made around $5,000 dollars.

On a single month?

Around $17,000 dollars would be my best month so far.

And what is your average winnings?

It varies form month to month but what matters is that at the end of the year you are on the green and profitable. Some months I would make more than $10,000 dollars while others it could be $1,500.

Great betting picks do not come on a consistent basis, you have to be patient and only bet on the right moments. It isn´t like if you have to bet every single day or week, just do it when the opportunity presents itself, you will remain sane much longer.

Is there a strategy to betting or is it simpler than that?

Being a professional bettor is hard work. You need to study the games like you would study for a test at school. Nothing special just hard work!

Successful traders claim the secret to success lies not in thinking how to make more money, but on how not to lose it, and that means hedging strategies. Is it the same for bets?

I don’t believe in betting not to loose. You bet to win and to win only. It´s just a matter selecting the best picks of the lot and odds are in your favor all the time.

Do you apply hedging on your betting strategy?

Yes some hedging does go on, for instance; if I have a 3 team or 4 team soccer parlay I try to bet games that are not at the same time which gives me a window of hedging. It’s all about timing.

Any additional tips?

Bet with your head and its all about timing. Look for mismatches, lines that jump out at you when you first glance at it.

Do you have a personal blog or website?

I can´t reveal my website since betting isn´t legal in New York yet. But any subscribers of this site will get one of my special betting picks for free. From there on I will contact them by email if they are interested in my services.



Edward Russo twitter account: @EdgarRuzi

Anything else you want to tell us?

Yes. I do not encourage anyone to bet unless it is your passion and you plan on putting in the necessary work. You will loose before you start to win. Make sure you have done your financial homework and work with a budget are some of the biggest bet tips I can give.

*There is a system to win at bets every single time, like if it was an investment. The system is called Sport Arbitrage and it simply finds opposite odds on a same bet from different Sportbooks. No matter what happens during the game if a bet is placed on both outcomes (win or lose) the final result will still be in profit.

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