Football is still the most popular and loved sport in Africa. It is the most played and viewed sport across not only the African continent but also the world.

The good thing about football is that there is nothing much you really need to enjoy the beautiful game.

A ball, a goal and some space are all you need to play the sport. In most parts of the world, all these items are quickly improvised where need be where you will see people making goal posts with dustbins or using plastic bottles as footballs. Everyone gets really creative when it comes to just wanting to play and enjoy the beautiful game.

Football is not an expensive sport to play whatsoever. Not even adversity can keep the ball from rolling. As the most-loved and dominant sport on the planet, its popularity is ever-growing and everlasting. Due to the massive love that Africans have for sports in general, has led to a massive rise in sports betting in the region.

Sports betting has been in existence for the longest time and has become a very popular trend in the biggest footballing continent on the planet. It continues to grow and evolve every day.

The betting industry is highly regulated now to ensure safety and security to the locals. This has given confidence to bettors to place bets freely as they know that their money is in good hands.

The sports betting industry in Africa has grown exponentially with an increasing number of online betting sites, both locally and internationally. The industry is an open market, which is highly competitive with lots of players involved.

South Africa Fans FIFA World Cup

(Photo: Celso FLORES, CC BY 2.0)

Even though betting companies are free to get into Africa’s betting industry, they all have to abide by the law of the country they wish to offer betting services in.

This has given Africans various licensed betting platforms, and betting on popular football games has become a beloved passion for lots of Africans.

Many African countries were afraid of the possible negative effect this trend would have on the population and the best way to regulate online betting. However, good regulations by governments in several African countries has led to elaborate state laws to keep local and international operators in line.

Some of the biggest African countries have legalized online sports betting. This includes Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

The betting industry is already having a significant impact on Africa’s economy and contributed to the rise along with economic growth.

Why Africa loves Sports Betting

Africans are famous for their passion and commitment to sports. Football tops the sports fans list by far.

Some other popular sports include rugby, running and basketball.

Most football fanatics are ardent followers of Europe’s top football leagues including the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and even the UEFA Champions League. The FIFA World Cup is also really sought after in the football-crazy Africa.

The German Bundesliga and Italian Serie A have been gaining popularity as well thanks to the presence of some top African players in the leagues. This has generated great entertainment value for football fans, every week.

English Premier League Football

Many Africans watch every game of the Premier League, regardless of the teams playing and do not miss a single moment of the action.

A lot of them have gathered lots of knowledge about football through this and try to leverage this when they bet.

Africans also are loyal fans when it comes to their local sides and leagues.

They religiously follow their local teams and support their nation to the fullest.

That is the reason for the rapid rise in popularity of the CAF Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), the CAF Champions League and the CAF Confederation Cup.

The best football betting sites in Africa are currently hosting millions of football fans across the continent and indulging them with exciting bonuses, promotions and offers on betting. Due to the highly competitive market, the odds available for users are fantastic and those with knowledge about betting and football can definitely make the most of the industry in trying to make money through betting.

Africa’s largest population is made up of the youth. According to statistics, approximately 200 million people in Africa are aged between 18 and 24. This is great for the online sports betting industry as the youth are tech-savvy and know their way around the internet. They also are heavily involved in following sports and are passionate as well.

High unemployment rates in Africa have led many young people to seeking online opportunities as a reliable way of earning a living. Online sports betting has allowed for that and those who have the knowledge and confidence to bet can definitely make some good money that can improve their standards of living.

How to Choose the Best Betting Site for Football in Africa

You don’t need to worry about this as we have already done the work and research for you.

Several factors should be put into consideration when determining what sportsbook to use. Before settling on any, make sure you have done your own bit of research by reviewing and making comparisons.

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Here are some of the factors that you must take into consideration.

The betting site should be uncompromising when it comes to upholding integrity and make sure the sportsbook is officially licensed. The license information is usually displayed on the website page.

The site should also offer a wide variety of sports betting options, from live betting to multiple odds.

Another critical factor to consider is the range of payment options available along with the time in which payments are cleared and how transparent they are with transactions.

A good betting site should accept several banking options and the best ones are those that accept local currency as it will make life easy for you when depositing and withdrawing money.

Bonuses and promotions are important as well and given the highly competitive market, it would be criminal to not use a betting site that offers promotions. Welcome bonuses are very common across betting sites.

Customer service and support is essential to the success of a betting site as well so do check for that as you may have certain concerns, grievances or problems that need to be resolved.

How to Start Sports Betting in Africa

To experience sports betting, there are no special skills you would require.

After doing your fair share of research on the different online sportsbooks using the factors mentioned above and settling for one, the next step is creating an account by simply signing up with your email.

You can now claim your welcome bonus or make your first deposit before you start betting.

Sports betting is continuously growing in Africa and only a handful of countries are making significant strides in this area in the continent. It is only a matter of time before others join the party.