Football is the most-watched and popular sport in the world and Africa’s favourite sport. It currently features 2 of the greatest to ever play the beautiful game in Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Football fans are extremely passionate and the sport is almost like a religion to many.

Millions of people across the globe just watch multiple football games in a day for fun and to analyse teams and players. Now just imagine if you are one of these people and could potentially make money from doing all this analysis.

Yes, it is possible to make money basis all this research. With the advent of technology, it has become extremely convenient and easy to bet on sports. There are numerous betting platforms that are available on which you can win big amounts of money for nominal bets if you stay patient and bet sensibly (you will also need luck).

Platforms like SportyBet offer high rewards to their customers and registered users because their ultimate aim is success through customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the major reasons why you should bet on online football if you are a fan of the sport.

Source of additional entertainment

Having the chance of making money while watching your favourite game has a nice ring to it. The experience is even better than you can imagine. Betting is the most economical pastime in the world and less stressful too.

Mobile Soccer

Make sure you do not get carried away in betting and place nominal bets or amounts that you can afford to lose. Do not put money on the line that may be critical for your livelihood or to the family.

Online betting is growing by leaps and bounds. There is nothing more exciting than showing faith and loyalty in your favourite team than placing a bet on them to win.

It is important at times to remember that you need to bet with your mind and not your heart and if that means betting against your favourite team then it will still be a bittersweet result as the money should ease up the pain of your team losing.

High potential returns

Sports betting can give you good returns as underdogs do tend to come out on top more often than you’d think. You could be the next big millionaire through sports betting if things work out. There have been quite a lot in the recent past so it is not a ridiculous hope.

Sports betting involves much less of luck as compared to gambling. To bet on sports, it can be extremely important to do good research and have extensive knowledge to eliminate the luck factor as much as possible when betting.

Soccer fans

A perfect example of this is when Liverpool went 68 games unbeaten at Anfield before losing to Burnley.

Burnley were massive underdogs but with all the injuries of Liverpool in defence along with all the struggles in scoring goals, the fact was that it was always going to be a difficult game against a tall and strong Burnley side.

Burnley went on to win the game and end Liverpool’s unbeaten streak at home.

Easy to Register

Why bother visiting a physical store when you can simply login through your desktop or mobile phone to bet?

While betting on an online platform, all you need to do is register for the first time by putting in some basic personal details to link your account.

There are no hidden terms and conditions. It is a very straightforward process that should not take you more than 10 minutes to go through. To start betting on online platforms, even amounts as low as $2 can be placed on bets depending on the online sportsbook you select.

There are plenty of websites that offer multi-language support so that you can experience betting in your native language as well.

Safety and Security

Most people are worried about their accounts being hacked online or the safety of their funds that are deposited in their accounts. This used to be a valid concern but online betting platforms have made sure to invest in the highest levels of security to protect their customers.

These are licensed platforms that are regulated by the local regulatory authorities so there is nowhere for them to escape in case of fraud.

Competition between online football betting/online sports betting platforms has increased so much that customer satisfaction and retention has become their utmost priority. Comfort is another feature that has attracted people to betting online.

They love to bet online because you can bet anytime and from anywhere. This has become the forte of online betting.

Free Live Streaming

This has got to be the USP (unique selling point)/standout feature of online betting. A lot of platforms now provide live streaming for sports, which you can access once you have officially registered an created an account with the sportsbook of your choice.

You do not have to even pay to stream these games and that is what makes it so great. SportyBet, for example is Africa’s #1 football betting and live streaming platform so you can hop on there and check it out.

You can analyze a team’s performance based on the ongoing as well as previous matches and can check the odds at the same time as well to place bets through live/in-play betting.

Join the party now and enjoy the beautiful game with a chance to win some $$$!