English Premier League Betting

The Premier League is hands down the most watched football league in the world and probably were the biggest money is rolled, and not just on transfers or footballer wages but Premier League betting as well.

England’s Premier League is the most popular club football competition in the world. It features some of the biggest names in world football including Manchester United and Liverpool.

Some would claim the UK and the Premier League the mecca of sports betting. It almost seems modern football history began here and it is in this market were most tipsters and punters like to spend their time.

For a fact, all of the tipsters that we follow on this site seem to be from places inside of the UK, not only for their slang on social media were they live and dine, but the second tire leagues they follow in Wales, Scotland and second divisions from the Premier League… even the college leagues.

Let’s face it, online UK Premier League betting seems to have more followers than Sunday church. English folk love betting, and you will learn how to do it like a pro.

Quality, passion, entertainment and drama. The Premier League is more of a lifestyle than a league, you’d feel because there is always something happening that makes you feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster.

Common Bets in Premier League football

Here are the common bets in England’s top flight.

  • Outright winner
  • Relegation battle
  • Golden Boot winner (top goalscorer)
  • Highest assists

Betting Tips Premier League

Betting on the Premier League is quite easy, if this is your first time ever the first thing is opening a sportsbook’s account. If you are not from the USA then we suggest starting with Bet365, the #1 market leader in sports betting and most reliable of all betting sites. Later you can diverse your investment and open accounts with several long lived sportsbooks like Coral or Betfair to hunt better odds.

Once you get your account up and ready and you have learned to place your first bet and what the different bet types are, it’s time to define a betting strategy.

Football Betting Strategy

A betting strategy for the Premier League should be no different than any other league, but there are some key aspects to keep in mind.

Most Common Score

The most common score in the Premier League is 2  – 1 for home games.

The English Premier League is an offensive lover, speedy football of quick passes. It is not a slow control ball freak league, the obsession with most clubs seems to be “score, and score fast”. Players move quite easily from the first half of the field and most of the gameplay takes part just outside the goal courts.

The English Premier also has, along with the other top leagues in the world, the highest average of goal attempts. The mood of the fans and the pressure to score keeps the players with high revolutions.

It has always been said that the Premier League is the toughest league of all for the quality in the players and amount of highly competitive clubs.

0-0 might still be one of the most common score lines in the world of football, but not in the Premier League.

Best Premier League Teams

One can make a clear distinction between the Premier and La Liga, even the Bundesliga. While in Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona generally play a tournament of their own against clubs that can never rival them for the main trophy (with the exception of Atletico Madrid in recent times), in the Premier League, there are now 7 consistent teams (and a few on the outside always looking in) that are in similar competitive conditions to dispute the title each year.

  1. Arsenal
  2. Chelsea
  3. Leicester City
  4. Liverpool
  5. Manchester City
  6. Manchester United
  7. Tottenham Hotspur

Since the Premier League was established in 1992, Manchester United has won the most league titles with 13 trophies, followed by Chelsea with 5, Manchester City with 4, Arsenal with 3 and 3 clubs – Blackburn Rovers, Leicester City and Liverpool with 1 each.

Premier League Outright Winner

Watching the latest stats and considering you know nothing of the Premier League, one might think Manchester United to be the best team in the UK. Well, maybe once not long ago and the club is clinching to that history trying to not lose it completely. But the truth is that Manchester City is currently the team to beat and seem to be miles ahead of the rest of the pack.

Never take anything for granted in the Premier League, however, as it is extremely competitive and unpredictable. The bottom of the table teams can beat the top sides on any given day as well so eveyr team needs to be at its best to succeed in England’s top division.

Manchester United Betting

Manchester United Betting

Manchester United betting has become a paradox lately. Until 2013 it won everything in its path since the late 90’s till then. 13 Premier League titles, one after the other and if not runner-ups in 5 other occasions. But after the leaving of the legendary manager Alex Ferguson United has never been the same.

Sir Alex Ferguson seemed to be the key to success for the Red Devils. 

Only Jose Mourinho and Louis van Gaal have managed to win significant trophies with United since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. Louis van Gaal won the FA Cup in 2016 and Jose Mourinho won the UEFA Europa League in the following season when he took over from van Gaal.

Manchester United Betting Tips

United has been very inconsistent post the Ferguson era They have periods of form where they string together several victories but can have some dry spells as well.

Betting against United is not necessarily a bad idea. Most of the bets will be on United to win no matter their record, so longshots should pay handsomely. Just know when to do it, read some news about the club and the recent form to determine when it is best to bet against the Red Devils.

Over 0.5 Goals and 1.5 Match Goals is not a bad idea either. Any of United games seems to include a lot of goals both made and taken.

What about Liverpool vs United? The classic derby from the UK, United has crushed Liverpool time and time again since its peak in greatness, the player skill on both teams are in different levels. Bet on United to win at home and United draw or win on Liverpool´s grounds.

Marcus Rashford or Bruno Fernandes to Score First could be a worthwhile bet. Even Edinson Cavani (if he starts). 

Arsenal Betting

Arsenal Betting

Arsenal suffered a fate very much like Manchester United with the main difference being that United had been a supreme club for almost all of its history while Arsenal became the best club in the world for a few years only. But those happy years were enough to make them one of the clubs with most followers in the world after Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Juventus.

Remember the days of Thierry Henry and company? Arsenal was full of all the stars of the moment, World Cup winners and footy skills that was love at pure sight for fans of faraway places like Bacha Lagvilava of Georgia.

Although the club remains one of the strongest in the Premier League and the world, the club has failed to win a major European football competition. Hopes are for Arsenal fans, as have been for several years now, that they will find European glory sooner rather than later.

Arsenal Betting Tips

Similar to Manchester United this is an irregular team in their performance behavior, although they do tend win and lose in batches, win the first few games then lose and draw a couple games. Up and down gaining the top then conceding points. Our analysis is that key players are too crucial for the club’s performance, especially the goalie and the strikers.

For some reason Arsenal’s goal seems too vulnerable. It tends to have incredible world class goalkeepers that do their job well and seal the goal, but when they get injured or the defense begins to break it is not strange for Arsenal to lose for Over 3 goals every few games. It has happened in the Champions League and the Premier almost every season.

Bet on Arsenal to win against small rivals. Their player base is still too great to not bet for them.

Draw or Win against the big clubs only when they have been on a good streak and their rivals are shaky. But keep an eye on the goalie and strikers and their health; are they injured? Do they come from a too recent match with their national teams? Do not expect for Arsenal to perform at their best when its players are too exhausted, and it does have many who play on their national squads.

Following that last tip, bet against Arsenal when their players come from national games, their focus is still elsewhere, they are tired and most probably full of hurts or minor injuries as national games for World Cup Playoffs are rough. Arsenal tends to concede a lot of goals during these periods, but watch closely if their rival has what it takes.

Chelsea Betting

Chelsea Betting

Chelsea has been a modern day success story. The do not have a rich history like Liverpool, Manchester United or Arsenal. Things started to change when Roman Abramovich bought the club. Success followed for the Blues from London.

They have their local titles and a few internationals but have never been considered the best club in the world.

Chelsea betting is a bit unstable currently but no there is no doubt that they have the squad and depth to succeed. You can expect them to be challenging for the league title every season or at least, consistently, make the Champions League spots.

The Blues are another team that spends a good buck on strikers and skillful players. Their game is fast and strong but with defensive deficiencies.

Chelsea Betting Tips

Bet on Chelsea to win against small rivals but against them when they play teams above them in the table.

The team is very inconsistent and they failed to beat any side above them in the Premier League table under Frank Lampard.

On the top of its conditions, go for the Over 1.5 goal for Chelsea games. With their players’ conditions and morale, it is unlikely that the games will have no goals in them.

Manchester City Betting

Manchester City Betting

Manchester City could once be considered the weakest of the clubs in the UK, but in recent seasons they have maintained their high table positions and won the most recent Premier League titles.

City has Premier League titles and are en route to making it 5 to take them level with Chelsea in 2nd place, 8 behind their neighbours Manchester United.

Man City are hands down, the strongest team in English football. They have depth all over the pitch and have spent around a $1 billion on just strengthening their defence, which has finally worked out for the club.

They have been achieving all the success in England, however, have still struggled to succeed in the UEFA Champions League. City’s best finish has been a semifinal and that only happened once. They have failed to make it beyond the quarterfinals otherwise so manager Pep Guardiola will be hoping that things will turn around soon.

Manchester City Betting Tips

Being one of the most consistent squads in the Premier League, bet on Manchester City to win against almost every team. We can even suggest to include City on Doubles and Accumulators for their consistency.

Over 0.5 Goals or 1.5 on all of their matches. One does not stay at the top without scoring goals.

Win or Draw against top rivals when City is on top.

Cleansheet is another worthwhile bet. Bet on Manchester City to keep a cleansheet, which is what they have been priding themselves in.

Liverpool Betting

Liverpool Betting

Liverpool won its first league title of the Premier League era in 2019-20. It was a long long wait. The club now has 19 league titles, 1 behind archrivals Manchester United.

Liverpool was one of the greatest teams in the world in the 60’s and 70’s. Back then, it was United that looked-up upon with envy and struggled in the derbies. Title after title the Phoenix squad grew nationally, both English tournaments and European trophies.

But something happened to Liverpool in their complex history and they lost their touch. After their Golden Age, they managed to only win one incredible Champions League title, in an epic game that was later nicknamed as the “Miracle of Istanbul”. After that, the maximum distinctions have been runner-ups and finalist positions on the local and international arena, till German manager Jurgen Klopp, took over.

Klopp led the Merseyside club to its 6th European Cup when they lifted the trophy in 2018-19 and achieved the highest he could have after losing out with Borussia Dortmund back in the day. In terms of Liverpool betting, you can expect a lot of goals given their firepower in attack.

Defensively, however, Virgil van Dijk is the key. If van Dijk plays then more often than not, Liverpool keeps a cleansheet.

Liverpool Betting Tips

Over 2.5 Goals on the derby matches against Manchester United.

Over 1.5 Goals against top level clubs.

Over 0.5 Goals against low table clubs.

Liverpool to Win against lower table clubs.

Lay Liverpool against top 4 clubs.

Inplay Over # of Corners, being big on offense many corner-kicks are normal.

Other Premier League Clubs Betting

These are the main clubs to bet on in the Premier League. Others that can be count on to win more often than not are Leicester City, Everton and West Ham United, currently. These clubs are generally not overpowered by the top clubs like in other leagues. The English Premier League is highly competitive and long shots here do draw and win games against top clubs with some consistency.

More Premier League Betting Tips

Bet on Longshots to Win or Draw when their conditions are great and their top level rival is distracted on international competitions and is likely to play with the reserve squad or tired key players.

Under 1.5 Team Goals against the top clubs in the table. Goals from each side are normal in the Premier League but the most solid teams  do not concede more than 1 goal against mid-table down clubs.

Over 0.5 Goals in matches against top 6/7 clubs.