making-money-on-sports-bettingSimple answer will be –YES!

You can make money through online sports betting, in fact there are people who even make a living through online betting, but don’t think it’s gonna be easy to achieve.

If you plan to make a living out of it like any other day to day job it takes dedication, patience and nerves of steel… specially in sports betting. You have to be prepared to learn and put in lots of hours to go through the basics before actually placing a bet and then let go of your emotions, because LOSING is part of your success so get used to it.

Do you know why sport books  always have the last laugh? It’s because of you.

Gamblers don’t want to be patient, they want instant results and when they do get lucky once in a while they immediately look for new ways to give the money they won back to the sportbook. It’s a well known fact that most online bettors have zero understanding of what they are doing and they are placing bets based on their own love for a team or because the some dude on youtube thought it was a good bet!

You want to know what rate of success professional bettor have?

Over 60% success rate?

Surprise, surprise…

A sport´s bettor success rate is around 53%-54%


Yup, it’s hard to score a winning bet. But do not disappoint yourself, a 53% success rate or even lower than 50% can still leave you with a consistent cash flow, it could even make you rich.


Simple, if those 54% of winning bets pay out higher than what you invested in bets your pockets end up being full by the end of the day. Here is an example:

If a bettor places 14 bets on a single day risking 110£ on each to win 100£ on every single one, and 8 of them turn out to be winners while the remaining 6 are losers, then that is a poor winning rate of 57%, but the profit for the day ends up being 140£ (the bets won 800£ and lost 660£).

Does this still feel like a losing day?

Do I need to learn statistics and probabilistics to become a professional bettor?

If you want to be succesful in the long run then you should become a “Value Bettor”, which is another word for a pro bettor who is quite skillful with statistics and probabilities. Value betting places the odds of winning a profit at the end of a season by yur side, but the question still remains if being a mathemathical genious is stricly necessary. In a personal opinion it isn´t.

Punters is someone who watches football matches consistently and reads all the news. If you know that Barcelona is on a winning streak, they usually win away, their players are in their fullest and two of them are top class scorers like say Neymar nd Messi, and they are facing one of the most irregular in the leage then you don´t really need a spread sheet to tell you Barcelona has high chances of winning and it would be smart to place a high bet. But this one was too easy.

Lets look at Real Madrid´s current shape. It takes skill to bet on the underdog to beat a goliath like Real Madrid, but top teams do lose from time to time to lower class teams that seem to be rising in their game. In the second half of season of 2014-2015 Real Madrid´s game came down with James Rodriguez and other key players on injury. Ronaldo and Christian Bale weren´t scoring, both had too many games on them and transfer rumors always seems to get into a player´s game, plus one side of the fans and reporters were being disrespectful on Bale.

Real was facing Valencia, one of the top teams in the Spanish League after Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. Valencia´s game was improving game after game knowing no defeat. This is the perfect mix of variables to bet on the underdog. Real Madrid still looks strong vs Valencia but the numerous factors even up the stage against public opinion and it makes it not only more possible for the underdog to win but profitable, as the odds follow public opinion.

Betting on Real Madrid, the favorite, would be too risky in their current condition and quite stupid with a low payoffs. While betting on Valencia is smart because the risk is at its lowest while the payoff is high, this is Value Betting.

Valencia won that game 2-1 on their home stadium.

You can perform value betting out of intuition with some knowledge on the teams, but having a good research on the team stats can really layout your true odds. You can be a good intutitive bettor by letting your emotions out of the way or become a true Value Bettor, if you want to become one of the greatest resources of all is the Soccer Widow.

Value betting the Soccer Widow way

The Soccer Widow is a site focused on teaching Value Betting to its readers. They are experts at calculating “true odds”, system development and several other probabilistic techiniques. The content is aimed mostly at those experienced bettors who are struggling with their strategies. Subscribe to their newsletter and take a look at their resources for an in depth education on value betting. Elena Schaelike is the mastermind behind this project that managed to grow 500% her own personal account in just 6 months and with no prior interest in sports betting or football, just pure math.

So as you can see placing a sports bet is all about gathering info and balancing it to see if the scale tips to one side or another. Only place bets when one of the teams seems to have everything to its favor and avoid bets when it looks too even. Don´t worry about betting opportunities, pro bettors bet on a multitude of sports each week and even if you only bet on football there are dozens of leagues and tournaments around the world working around the clock to bet on.

How to be succesful at betting without experience

Pro bettors will tell from personal experience that you will actually loose money at the beginning before making it. There is a learning curve to sports betting and it requires dedication, this is unavoidable. But what if you follow in the foot steps of a professional bettor in the beginning?

That is why we are here, our in-house pro bettor Ed Rusi is giving free bet picks every week, and its FREE for now, so subscribe to his mailing list to strat receiving the best sports betting picks:

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There are several really good sites where you can also obtain many free betting tips and previews on daily basis. The guys over at have been doing tips and previews for football matches for as long as we can remember. They cover a broad range of big league matches for leagues such as Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga.

How much does a professional sports bettor make?

Professional bettors lose and win bets almost every day on different sports and events, but they tend to end on the green side at the end thanks to their multiple betting strategies. The amount won depends entirely on their expendable capability. Winnings could be hundreds of pounds, thousands or millions with the same consistent strategy.

Be a bettor, not a Gambler

  1. These are Bettors who do not use their heads very often and bet with their gut, they feel “lucky” hoping to get rich quickly, but at the end they lose and marriage follows. If gamblers incidentally win their first bet greed kicks in, and they want more going on to place more blind bets on the next high stake thinking:

 “I was born for this! Too easy for me, finally those weekends watching games paid up. You were wrong ma´!”

Soon disaster will strike as probabilities are a universal law and luck is not.

The bottom line is you need to learn the science of gambling, which also bears the boring name of probabilities.

Bookies won’t be bothered losing a customer because a new soul to steal always steps in as a replacement.

What makes a professional bettor? Handicapping

Professional bettors pick bets carefully and follow their results on a spreadsheet, this is called handicapping. This is necessary to figure out where successful bets are going and what were the variables to find them and to filter out the bad bets and which variables flag them.

What is the winning ratio? 50%? 60%? You can only see this number after a statistics calculation.

And what is the resulting profit during a time frame? Is the risk worth the return? Is monthly return consistent?

Being a professional bettor involves asking lots of questions and finding answers. Answers that come in the form of numbers can be improved or reduced.

  • Handicap bets by asking lots of questions and finding their answers.

When a professional bettor wins, he immediately withdraws the winnings and then continues on with his initial bankroll, adding up a percentage to his capital but also withdrawing a fixed percentage of winnings. Now this guy is smart.

  • Money management is key

Bookies are smart people; they won’t be seeing anything which they are not expecting. In every bet there are people that will lose their money and then there are people that win that money. When placing a bet a pro thinks “how do I avoid losing money?” and not “how do I win?” If bettors manage their bets and winnings well then there is only money to be made.

  • Focus on cutting loses, not on winning more bets.

Betting is a risky business there is no doubt about it and if any online sites or books tell you otherwise close the site and burn that book. Betting is risky but then again any business is risky and without risk there isn’t gonna be reward at the end.

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