4 tips to become a pro bettor

This is a point by point list of useful tips that can turn you from a rookie bettor to a professional bettor.

1. Love Your Money!!! Betting Bankroll Management

This is the one thing that most betting pundits will tell you as the key to have good online sports betting career – Love your money, take good care of it.

If you are planning to start you’re online betting career with your last 100€ Euros it probably won’t be a good idea.

1. Bet according to what you have, in other words never bet more than 5% to 10% of your bankroll especially if you are a rookie. Rookies should bet something between 3% and 5%, and doubtful bets should only be around 1%.

When you do manage to win a bet then withdraw the winnings and continue on with your initial investment. You bookies make a living because in the long run most bettors end on the losing side, so withdraw your winnings and continue from there. Set a rule, cash-in 50% of winnings and invest the other 50%.

2. If you manage to get on a winning streak always remember you could lose everything you made till now with the very next bet, In other words never be Over- Confident.

3. If you are on a losing streak never bet on high stakes with the hope of recovering everything you lost till now with a single bet.

You cannot see online betting as a short-term money making scheme. In order to be a successful bettor you need to have patience and see it as a long term investment.

2. Do I Need to Be a Football Pundit Expert to Bet?

NO You Don’t!!!

Knowing everything about football won’t make you an expert football bettor but it does help guide you in the right direction. Being knowledgeable about the game gives you an added advantage and in the world of sports betting every advantage you have can make a difference.

Actually the best football bettors are not the super fans of the game, some of the most profitable bettors do not even like the sport, but they know their numbers and their lack of passion keeps their emotions out of the equation. This is the case of Elena Shalke, the famous SoccerWidow.com blogger that became a Betfair pro tipster by using her mathemathical skills to help her football passionate husband turn a profit on sports betting.

An Oddsmaker takes into account a number of variables related to the match at hand before setting the lines for the game. The bookie on the other hand varies the betting lines through the week and during the match till the bet is closed to even up the bets on both sides.

If you aren’t updated with the changes that are happening with the team you might as well end up with a big hole in your wallet.

I’m guessing you are wondering what these so called changes that I’m speaking about here are, let’s take a look at them one by one:

Team Performance

Even the best teams out there will have a minor hick-up each season; take a look at Chelsea this season (2014-2015). From the start of the season Chelsea has been a dominant force in the league brushing past teams with the greatest of ease, many even argued they could go unbeaten the whole season and many didn’t argue back because they looked so dominant.

But since the start of December Chelsea has experienced a minor blip in their form. They dropped a total of 7 points from a possible of 21 points available and have given Manchester City a free pass back to the title race. Now even Manchester United is dreaming!

Be the end of the Season Chelsea kicked back into the game and won the League when City looked un-catchable.

So even the best of teams have their bad days and good days, If you are betting on them during one of those “bad” days well then it’s not gonna be pretty looking at your wallet mate. Stay out of the game during these lapses or bet against the team, they are still favorites but losing, which makes the paying odds pretty nice.

With Football always expect the unexpected!!!

Motivation and Player’s Morale

Motivation: – Imagine a Liverpool team on a five match losing streak. Their next fixture is against the league leaders, Manchester United at Anfield. So do you think Liverpool has a chance?

Liverpool vs Manchester United is one of the fiercest rivalries in football, so irrespective of Liverpool being on a losing run. The Liverpool players and even the fans alike will be pumped heading into the match because it’s United who they are gonna face. In derby matches, apart from points there is one more thing at stake, and that is pride.

So when you are betting on derby matches and you’re planning to bet on the favourites heading into the match – it always won’t be a good idea.

Player Morale: Let’s once consider Liverpool FC as an example. Last season they were scoring goals for fun largely thanks to Luis Suarez, Daniel Sturridge and Steven Gerrard. But once Liverpool lost Luis Suarez to Barcelona the team entered this league very short of confidence, and didn’t believe they could mount a title challenge this season like the previous one.

The departure of one player can greatly affect the morale of the players and thereby resulting in lacklustre performances on the pitch.

Similarly look at Manchester United. The team was completely reshuffled this season after last´s debacle, and they still struggled in the first few matches. It was after the arrival of Angel Di Maria from Real Madrid that United started to get the season back on track, even though his performances have not been the best in the world he has managed to raise the level of confidence among the players that they can mount a top 4 challenge.

So when placing a bet, be sure to keep track of your team for last minute injury setbacks and even news involving the personal life of a player but mainly several transfers that turn the team into complete renovation, it always takes some time for players to settle in, as every tiny detail can influence the course of the match.

3. Know What You Are Gonna Be Betting On

turning into a pro bettor

As stated earlier you don’t need to be a football pundit to be a good bettor but basic knowledge of the game is important. For a Stoke City versus Hull City if you don’t have a clue about these teams or about the players who are going to play then don’t place a bet on this match.

Most betting sites give the bettors a free 50 to 100 Euros as a sign up bonus, always be sure to make use of this amount smartly. Rookies have a tendency to blindly gamble with this amount because they think it’s free money.

Yes its free money and that’s all the more reason why you should not waste it. Why should you waste it if you can make more using it wisely?

Go for Quality over Quantity, some bettors tend to bet on over five matches a week. If you are a professional bettor and can handle juggling five matches a week then that´s good. Parlays might even be for you.

But if you are a rookie bettor it’s better to take one bet at a time before moving onto the bigger and better bets.

There are bettors who bet only on the favourites, this technique will make sure you’ll turn up as a winner more often than not. But when you lose – you lose big, and any winnings you get otherwise won’t be able to cover for the losses.

So it’s better to bet on Over-Performers rather than the favourites, and to know who the over performers are you’ll need to closely follow the league. (Crystal Palace of last season, West Ham, Swansea City and Southampton of this season are examples of Over-Achievers).

4. Never, and I Mean Never Get Addicted to Betting

Like drugs and Alcohol, betting addiction can leave you penniless and in misery. If you find yourself placing money on high stakes bets just for the thrill of it I would suggest for your own good to Stop, or do it with expendable money, something that means pennies for you.

5. Enjoy the Little Things in Life

It’s always better to place smaller bets on matches if you aren’t confident with your bet. The advice most betting sites give will guide you more towards placing a bet rather than not betting. Its times like these were you need to trust your own instinct. Enjoy the smaller wins – It’s easy to get carried away when you win a few bets in a row, but remember your luck may run out in the next bet. Do not trust in luck, trust in analysis and deduction.

Finally, if you end up losing a bit always remember losing is part of betting, instead of trying to win think on how not to lose.

Good luck bettors! May the force be with you

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