One of the best things about being a football fan today is that not only can you find as many stats, streams, and updates as you need, but you can also bet almost anytime, anywhere. From your local host of betting shops to online football betting platforms, betting your money on your favourite team or player has never been easier.

Yet, there are so many die-hard football fans who have never walked that line simply because they feel overwhelmed by so many choices. If you’re one of those people, take a look at this short 1-on-1 on the basic bet types and how to pick what to bet on.

Basic Markets Explained

There are literally dozens of markets available on daily basis with the most popular bookmakers, from the standard ones like 1×2 bets to even exclusive specialty selections. Yet, most bettors still go for one or the following tried-and-tested choices:

  • 1×2 markets – Betting whether Team A(1) or Team B(2) will win, or the game to end in a draw (x).
  • Handicaps – Betting on which team will win with an added Handicap that’s usually +/- 0.5 points.
  • Half time; Full time/ Half Time – Betting on the score at half time, or the scores at both full time and half time.
  • Double Chance – Betting on double outcomes, like Team A to Win or Draw, or Team B to Lose or Draw, etc, of course, for lower odds.
  • First/Last/Top Goal Scorer – Betting on who will score the first or last goal in a match, or who will be the top goal scorer over the entire competition.

Which Markets Should You Go for?

The best approach you can take is to bet on markets you understand, i.e. ones which make sense to you. Having a sound basis for your bets also pays off. Some people always go for 1×2 bets, while others make their money on handicaps or totals markets. In short, it’s mostly about sticking to a few practical rules:

Major Competitions are better simply because you can find enough information and stats to use to your advantage. Sure, exotic foreign leagues are also lucrative, but can you really say you know them well enough to risk your money?

Predictability is your Friend – Bets like outright winners or exact score are a bit of a long shot, as you never know what can happen. Even if you use weather data and track your team’s form, other factors will always come into play. So go where you have good reasons to go.

Scour for Logical Choices  – While putting a 1×2 bet on the favorite is the simplest way to get started, a bit of research can help you find some better bets lurking among the offer. For example, you might not want to bet on Rostov against United playing at home, but betting on Ibrahimovic to score the first goal with 27/10 odds make more sense. You get the gist.