What is a Daily Double?

Daily Double Soccer

Daily Double is a bet that became very popular in horse racing before it ever did on football and other sports. Back then it was the only exotic wager and later came the treble, Trixie and other log-end accumulator bets with more than 20 combinations in their selections. Bettors are big dreamers and getting rich fast is their main objective, accumulators give them the chance of achieving that goal mighty fast.

Note: In horse racing the Daily Double had to be taken with the first race of the day and the following one, in that order. The Daily Doubles we take in football betting can be in whatever order or timespan of the day.

The daily double is popular for two reasons; it is easier to score than the subsequent accumulators while increasing the payout to a more reasonable amount that a single. A single on a predictable outcome pays around 50% or lower, but the most likely odds hit the 1.3 or 1.2 area (30% and 40% percent of your stake). A Double makes that 2.3 or 2.4 odds, (130% or 140%).

Examples of Double Betting

Here are 3 examples of Double Betting we currently undertook following the betting advice of Betting Buddha in his Daily Double Challenge:

Daily Double Bet #1

1.95 odds

Stake: £100

  • Galatassaray Win
  • FC Copenhagen Win

Result: both our picks won by 4 – 0 making our daily double a winner.

Payout: £195.00.

Daily Double Bet #2

2.35 odds

Stake: £100

  • Athletico Madrid – Draw No Bet
  • Grimsby vs Chelt – Over 2.5 Goals

Result: The Athletico bet ended on a 1 – 1 draw, so our stakes were returned. But the Grimsby and Chelt match failed to make the over with 0 – 1 result.

Loss: £100.

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Daily Double Bet #3:

2.4 odds

Stake: £100

  • Shakhtar Donetsk vs Malmo – WIN
  • Man Utd vs CSKA Moscow – WIN

Result: Both Shaktar and Manchester United won their respective matches on Champions League confrontations in 2015.

Payout: £240

So following the above example just by making your simple singles into Doubles your winnings grow 3 times faster. The risk is doubled but with a proper selection of common results from bets like over 0.5 goals, over 1.5 goals, strong clubs to win, draw no bet and the likes Daily Doubles will be winners most of the time than not.

How to Place Daily Doubles on Bet365 Step by Step

We wanted to include this section in the explanation because we had some trouble ourselves finding the “Double” option on Bet365, it might be the same with other sportsbooks.

First off, the Daily Double option is usually not active when you first open an account with Bet365.

Step #1 – Go to “Services” on the top right menu option. Enter the “Members” area.

Bet365 walkthrough Double bet

Step #2 – Select the “My Account” tab, it should open “My details” window first. Enter the “Preference” tab and down on Betting Option it might say “default”. Select it and scroll down and set to “Show All”. This selection will enable the double feature on your betting slip.

Daily Double Set-up on Bet365

Step #3 – Close the setting window and go back to the main menu. Select the two matches you wish to make a Daily Double to include on your betting slip. See on the bottom of the betting slip, right down to your selections, a new option called “Multiple Bet Options” is now active. Open it and now you have the option of doubling your singles and placing doubles.

Daily Double Set-up on Bet365


How to Read Daily Double Odds

Odds for doubles can be a little confusing for the inexperienced as it combines a decimal odd with a fractional. In the selections we picked several bets by random to illustrate the example the odds for our double are 5.25/1.

What does 5.25/1 odds even mean???

5.25 are the odds for the single bets, the /1 is the extra boost from the double feature and all you have to do is add 1 to your odds = 5.25 + 1 = 6.25.

Doubles will always show the #/1 under your odds, now you know what the heck to do with it as Bet365 doesn’t seem to calculate your winnings like it does with regular single bets.

Profit for 5.25/1 odds: £525 pounds.

£525 + £100 stake is your total takeout. £625.00 pounds.

*From then on accumulator bets of greater selections, like 3 or 5, will show odds of #/3 or #/5. All you have to do is add that bottom number to your odds. 

Daily Doubles Strategy

So a basic strategy would be to select only predictable bets in the style of Barcelona to win, Manchester united over 0.5 Goals etc. but make them doubles in order to turn ridiculous payouts into a little above break even, that is more of a Value Bet.

These are the most common bet types used in the Daily Double:

  • Over 0.5 Goals (which is at least a goal scored in the match)
  • Over 1.5 Goals
  • Strong club to win over longshot
  • Win or Draw on strong clubs
  • Draw no bet (your club wins the match or in case of a draw your stake is returned)

These are all very safe and predictable bets that happen more often than not. Off course, before every bet you place check the stats of the teams. You want to take over bets when you see that in almost all previous matches both rival teams have scored goals. In leagues like the Premier league, La Liga and Bundesliga 0 – 0 is a very rare result. Betting the Over 0.5 on a cumulative basis is not a bad strategy at all, but this is a story for another time.

So to sum it-up:

  1. Select very predictable bets for double betting.
  2. Make sure odds are break even and preferably a little over break even, like 2.3 odds.
  3. Maintain your stake the same with all Daily Doubles – Money Management.
  4. Do not follow a cumulative Daily Double strategy as in the £25 to £1 Grand Challenge*.

*On the £25 to £1 Grand Challenge the point is to select very predictable singles and continuously bet the winnings + stake for 10 bets in a row. As these challenges often result a winner after a week it is unlikely to happen with Daily Doubles. With doubles you might win one, lose the other. So avoid tying them in accumulators although those type of bets are mentioned on our Accumulator betting systems.

Daily Double Accumulator

If you feel tempted to accumulate Daily Doubles to really skyrocket your profits with a few bets do it after testing them for a long period of time and making sure you can nail 3 out of 5 after more than 30 trials. Begin with a small stake of say £10 and use the winnings of your first double to bet on the following and so on for three consecutive bets. With odds of 2.3 your final payout should look like this:

Bet #1 – £33.00

Bet #2 – £46.00

Bet #3 – £69.00

Savor that, £69 pounds after a £10 pound risk with very predictable outcomes like favorites to win. Practice with Daily Doubles for a while and you can try it out every now and then to power-up your earnings. TEST IT OUT first, they won’t be easy to hit. You can also consider taking out the stake out from the first win to continue at no risk.

Risk in Daily Doubles

The risk with accumulators will be the large stake, so for this type of bet your stake is twice its normal value as basically you just joined the power of two bets together.

And like any other betting strategy the risk is offset with a proper money management technique. In this case and most others the #1 tactic in your strategy is fair simple, keep your stake size the same ALWAYS!

Daily Doubles remain extremely popular and profitable.