The Argentine and United defender Marcos Rojo has now been revealed as the “Premier League Footballer” who had been in a court battle with 34-yr fitness instructor Sarah Watson.

The Premier League star lost his toughest battle till date at court thus failing to stop the women he cheated on with his wife from revealing his name to the public.

The United defender is married to Eugenia Lusardo, a lingerie model based in Lisbon and has a 2-yr old daughter between them. Rojo had initially been given anonymity by the court after Rojo’s camp had accused Sarah Watson of blackmailing the 25-yr old and asked them 100,000£  for her silence about what happened during their play-date.


Marcos Rojo and Sarah Watson (

Here is how the whole incident unfolded

Rojo meet the 34-yr old fitness instructor during a Christmas party on DEC 15 ,2014 in one of the Manchester Clubs.

Rojo who noticed Sarah approached her and struck up a conversation. The talk quickly escalated as he praised her on her looks and got her number.

Watson left the party soon after and at around 2 am she received a message from Rojo inviting her to private party at his friends flat.

Watson excited by the invite went there with one of her friend were she met Rojo’s friend Kristian Bereit. Bereit on meeting Watson asked her how much she wanted to spend the night with Mr Rojo.

Angered by the proposition Watson refused the money but still went to bed with Rojo because according to her he was a good looking guy.

The duo supposedly had oral sex that night and court documents indicate that 3 or 4 current United players came to the room to watch Rojo and Watson in action.

The pair didn’t met each other after that night but after a month they again started messaging each other and exchanged sexual messages with each other. The 2014 World Cup star has not rejected any of MS Watson’s claims till now


The 34-yr old fitness instructor Sarah Watson (

And the story takes a turn

Ms Watson in February signed a contract with the newspaper “Sun” and agreed to  selling her stories of adventures with Rojo for a price of 30,000£.

The Sun called up Manchester United for a comment on the issue and thus Rojo’s camp came to know of Watson’s intentions.

Rojo’s representatives immediately called up Watson and set up a with her meeting “to try and sort things out”. Whatsapp messages covering these conversations were submitted as proof in court.

Watson was supposedly offered 100,000£ to keep quiet about the incident and Watson being after much contemplation agreed to the deal.

The court however saw this incident in a different light, the Judge said in his statement  “The main purpose of the meeting was to make sure the defendant’s story did not get out, and to that end to find out how much evidence she had and what it would take to buy her silence,”.

The courts findings were accurate as Bereit (Rojo’s partner in crime) later called up Watson and back tracked on their deal and then filed an injunction in court to prevent Sarah from revealing Rojo’s identity or to release any photos and videos (rumors say there is video where he masturbates – What an idiot)

Court immediately granted Rojo’s demands and prohibited the release of any images or any other documents and more importantly his identity.


The 25 -yr was one of the finds of the 2014 World Cup (

The Final Verdict

The Court has now however released the player’s name after it became clear that Rojo’s claims of blackmail were bollocks.

Rojo’s identity was released because the court didn’t want any other Premier League footballer to be seen in doubt over this incident said the Judge however no images, videos or any other documents are to be released. The court has also asked Rojo to pay 35,000£ to Sarah to cover her legal expenses.


Hope the talented defender learns from his mistakes -Rojo and his family (

Where does that leave Rojo?

The Argentine international who had an impressive World Cup was snapped by United last summer from Portuguese side Sporting for a fee of 16£ million after fighting of interests from other top European clubs.

The Argentine so far has had a stop-start career at United because of injuries and has only made 22 appearances for the club in all competitions this season. Life will go on as normal for Rojo and this embarrassment from this incident will fade away if he performs out their on the pitch.

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