Sports betting is for all. Whether you are experienced or new, online betting is so easy that it does not take much of an effort to learn how to bet. 

Online sportsbooks have invested a lot of money and time into making the most user-friendly interface they possibly could for a pleasant experience for customers. Football takes place throughout the year, across every region around the world so the sport is always available to bet on.

No matter where you may be in the world and what time of the day it is, you will almost always find a live game to bet on and have chances of making some good money.

Football Girl GermanyFootball is the most popular sport in the world not only when it comes to watching it but also for betting. Although it is the most famous, it is still extremely unique. The types of bets available in a football game can be endless and are very attractive to bettors.

There is an abundance of bonuses and promotions available to be utilised by registered users on platforms as well so leveraging that can be vital as well.

While doing your own research is crucial in football betting or sports betting, in general for that matter, here are some uncommon strategies on how to beat the odds and succeed when betting.

Draw No Bet

Football betting has many types and draw no bet (DNB) is just one of those. For all the major types of football betting terms, check out our page here – Betting: Types and Options for Football Betting

A DNB is a relatively safe bet. What it basically does is decreases the potential risk to just 50%.

To explain this in simple terms, football is a game that can have 3 results. A home win, an away win or a draw.

A DNB will remove the risk associated with a bet if the result is a draw, which means that you will not lose any money if the match ends in a draw but you will also not win any money for that.

You will only lose money if the team you bet against wins or if the team you bet on loses. However, odds here will be lower because the risk is lower as compared to an outright bet where the probability of winning is 33.33%.

Three-Way Bets


Most sports do not have 3-way options as a draw is not how a game can usually end. Basketball continues on into extra-time till we have a winner. It is the same for American football while tennis goes into a tiebreak or the first to win the last set by a difference of two games.

Cricket is the only other major sport that can end in a draw but that is only in test matches and not the other formats of the game.

Hence, football is very unique because of this. People are afraid to place outright bets on football given the draw element since it becomes harder to understand the moneyline as there is one more choice that can be the favourite or underdog.

Historically, a good chunk of football matches end in draws so it adds an all-new dimension to not only the sport but also to betting.

Try to maximise your earnings in a three-way bet as returns can be substantial.


The Over/Under (O/U) is also called a total bet. You basically are challenging the moneyline directly in such a bet.

In an O/U bet, you predict whether the outcome will be over or above that set by the oddsmakers. Here you will choose whether the total number of goals in a game will be above or below the number that is set by the bookmaker.

2.5 is generally the set number by sportsbooks for most games regardless of which teams are playing.

Double Chance

Double Chance is a fantastic option for bettors who are willing to take risks.

In a double chance bet, you will bet on 2 of the 3 possible outcomes of the game so you would win with either bet but you run the risk of losing double if the 3rd outcome plays out.

Be sure when you choose to bet on the double chance because there is no going back again.