SportyBet: Bonuses, Promotions and Gifts

SportyBet is Africa’s leading football betting and live streaming platform.

It has a massive selection of sports available for betting and is officially licensed in 4 countries – Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia.

We have reviewed the features of SportyBet’s website and application. You can read all about it here –

Essien SportyBet

To understand all the types of bonuses and promotions typically offered by online sports betting platforms, visit our Bonuses and Promotions page.

Promotions and Gifts are created to reward SportyBet’s most valued customers. Here, we break down all the bonuses and gifts offered by SportyBet.


1. Get Up to 300% from Your First Deposit Value and Win Big with SportyBet!

SportyBet is popular and a favourite of the people, because of the multiple sports available for betting including the growing e-sports like Counter-Strike, League of Legends and Dota 2. Simulated Reality Leagues (SRLs) are also a big hit among registered SportyBet users.

Make a single first deposit and get up to 300% of your first deposit value back as discount gifts to be used at SportyBet when placing bets.

Each user can claim the deposit gift only once per account, which is tracked via the customer’s IP address.

The validity status and period of the gifts can be checked anytime by going to “Gifts” under “My Account”.

Each gift offers a discount when you place a bet with a stake higher than a certain amount. You can find the stake requirement of each gift on the “Gifts” page in your account.

Gifts can only be used for “Sports” Betting and only one can be used per betslip.

Placed bets require selections made with odds > 3.15.

Customers using any other promotions on SportyBet will be unable to use the “First Deposit” promotion.

2. Refer a Friend Bonus

You can register with a friend’s invitation. In such cases, the newly-referred customer gets a “Cash Gift” and the Referrer gets a “Discount Gift” subject to Terms and Conditions as stated by SportyBet.

Follow the below steps to Register using a Friend’s Invitation.

Option 1 – Online Sharing

1. Please, click on “Copy” and post the copied message into your social media platform.

Hi! Have you heard of SportyBet?! It’s a whole new concept at Betting! Follow me and give it a try!


Send an SMS with “-” to the designated number as per your relevant geography.

2. After your friend made Settled Stakes in the value as per the terms for meeting the bonus criteria, SportyBet will credit both of the participants’ accounts. Gifts can be viewed by going to “Gifts”.

Option 2 – Share a Referral Code

1. Kindly tell your friend the Referral Code:

2. Help them go through the registration process with either of the following options:

A) Let your friend register using our PC/WAP/App versions of SportyBet, and fill in the “Referral Code” field with your code. (Please, remind your friend to click “Apply”)

B) Tell your friends to send an SMS with your Referral Code () to the number for your location.

3. After your friend confirms Settled Stakes worth the amount as per the terms and conditions, SportyBet will credit both of the participants’ accounts. Gifts can be viewed by going to “Gifts”.

SportyBet Zambia

How to Use the Live Odds Boost

1. Login (or register) with a SportyBet account. The company offers exclusive CASH GIFTS for new customers for their first deposit.

2. For matches that are selected as SportyBet’s Match of the Day, add a selection from either the 1X2, O/U or Next Goal markets to your betting slip.

3. Click the “Live Odds Boost” icon for the qualifying selection on your betting slip to boost your odds.

4. Enjoy your football experience with SportyBet!

4. Multibet Bonus

You can get a bonus when you win a multibet with more than 3 qualifying selections.

Generally, a qualifying selection means a selection with odds >= 1.2. You must be on either the website or app version >= 1.19.124 to be eligible for the maximum bonus amounts. On older versions of the app, you will still get a bonus, but it will be less in most cases.


SportyBet provides a dynamic multibet bonus rate. The bonus amount is based on the number of qualifying selections in your bet as well as the leagues and markets you are betting on.

Bonuses start from 0% of the potential winning (for 3 qualifying selections) and increase when additional qualifying selections are added to the bet slip, up to 350%.

Qualifying Selections Up to Maximum Bonus % of
3 5%
4 10%
5 20%
6 30%
7 40%
8 50%
9 60%
10 60%
11 70%
12 80%
13 113%
14 125%
15 138%
16 150%
17 163%
18 175%
19 188%
20 200%
21 213%
22 225%
23 238%
24 263%
25 275%
26 288%
27 300%
28 325%
29 338%
30 350%



1. Flexible Bet

Flexible Bet is only available for Multiple Bets and only if 1 Multiple Bet is in your ticket. This promotion is only available for Pre-Match Betting and needless to say that all selections must be for events that have not started yet.

Flexible Bets cannot be Cashed Out. A ticket is won only if a certain amount of the selections are correct out of all selections.

For example, a customer chooses 5 or more selections to be correct out of a total of 7 selections and the odds are 15. This means that this customer will only win this ticket if 5 or more selections are correct out of the total of 7 selections. However, since the odds are fixed (at 15 in this case), no matter how many correct predictions he/she gets, they will only earn the odds as per that pre-decided rate.

If a selection in a Flexible Bet is voided or cancelled, then that selection will be considered lost for the purpose of calculating the Flexible Bet’s winning amount.

For certain Multiple Bets, only a certain amount of Flexible Bets is made available. For example, if the number of total selections is 20, then the minimum selection that you pick would have to be 14.

If fraudulent activity or abuse is suspected, SportyBet reserves themselves the right to remove Gifts and associated winnings from a given account or any associated accounts so be careful and play by the rules.

2. Rebet

Another uber cool feature of SportyBet is the “rebet” option.

This brand new feature allows its users to quickly reload open selections and place the bet again! This is only available for “real” sports so no esports or simulated reality games can be rectified.

How to Rebet?

Option 1: From the Ticket Details page

  1. Login and head over to your account.
  2. Click on your Account’s balance on the top-right corner.
  3. Select “Sports Bet History”.
  4. Find any running ticket you want to rebet on, in the “Sports Bet History” area.
  5. Go to the “Ticket Details” page by clicking on the desired ticket.
  6. Click on the green “Rebet” button.


Option 2: From the Bet Successful page

  1. First, place a bet, of course.
  2. After placing the bet, you are redirected to the “Bet Successful” page.
  3. If you realise you have placed the wrong bet or wish to change it and have this page open then you will see the “Rebet” option. Click on it and you will be able to rectify the same.

3. Sporty 12 – It is Time to Win Big!

SportyBet has an amazing Jackpot Competition called Sporty 12. The SportyBet 12 Jackpot Competition consists of predicting results of 12 games, which are selected by SportyBet, every week.

Only registered members can take part in the competition and they must have a certain minimum balance in their account to be able to participate. Those who correctly guess the result of all 12 matches, win the Super Jackpot prize! Prizes are also awarded to those who predict 10 or 11 of the games correctly.

To take part in SportyBet’s Sporty 12 contest is extremely easy. After creating an account and loading your account with the minimum deposit, members just need to navigate to “Jackpot” from the homepage.

After entering the Jackpot page, selections need to be made for the results of the 12 football matches that are present. There is an option for predicting a home win, draw or away win.

More than one prediction can be made for a particular match but that would increase the default stake of the bet for every additional combination formed by the selections.

Post selection, all selections can be checked once again before submission. Submission of the bets placed is done by clicking on the “Place Bet” option.

Sporty 12

Once the bets are submitted, they cannot be changed, cancelled, or refunded. There is a Saturday deadline that is set for placing of bets. The countdown to the jackpot’s closing time is displayed on the competition page.

Results are then announced on Monday afternoon. All match results and prizes are published in the “Previous Results” section on the “Jackpot” page itself.

Sporty 12 - Jackpot

There is a “Jackpot Rush” option available at the bottom of the 12 games on the Sporty 12 page. This would make a randomized selection per match at the fixed minimum stake.

Manual predictions can be added to this as well by the user and this would increase the cost of entry for every additional combination as mentioned in the “How to play” section.

Log in now, create an account and enjoy the Sporty 12 Jackpot every week to win big only on Africa’s #1 football betting and leading live streaming platform – SportyBet!


Gifts are different from Bonuses with the major difference being that gifts cannot be withdrawn from your SportyBet account.

SportyBet offers three types of Gifts:

  1. Cash Gifts: These are reduced from the value of the Total Stake, and do not have any constraints when placing a Bet.
  2. Coupon Gifts: These offer a discount when spending the required amount of money when placing a Bet. It is of conditional use.
  3. Free Bet Gift: These can be used without any spending condition. The amount of the Free Bet Gift used will be deducted from any potential winnings. For example, if you have 4.0 odds and use a 50 Free Bet Gift, your potential win is 150 instead of 200.

All gifts have an expiry date. Please go to your account by clicking on “Me” to check all obtained Gifts by simply clicking on “Gifts”.

If you are interested in the latest bonuses, promotions and/or gifts of SportyBet, please go to the “Promotions” page to view more ongoing campaigns of SportyBet.