Betting traditionally involved visiting betting shops or parlours to place bets. This was time-consuming and meant waiting in long queues to get your wagers and stakes. It was very a frustrating experience and required incredible amounts of patience. With the advent of technology, however, things have changed drastically (and maybe for the better) with betting platforms starting websites and creating applications that can be used to place bets anytime, anywhere and on-the-go.

All that is required to be able to use betting on handheld devices is a decent internet connection and the rest is taken care of. Those who prefer using the computer or laptop can quickly log into the website to place their bets or view the odds.

Photographer: Anthony Kwan/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Although it is easy to access online betting platforms from a desktop computer or laptop, there are certainly more merits in using the mobile phone app for sports betting. It is faster and more efficient. It also has a comprehensive online payment system, which is safe and secure.

Here are some of the benefits of mobile betting apps.

  1. Free

Betting apps are free to download. Most online sports betting platforms have a first deposit bonus for their new users. You have free and quick access to cashing out through the mobile app itself and loading money is easy because the platforms now tie-up with several mobile network operators for online payments. The experience of mobile betting is unparalleled since one does not need to step out of the house to bet any more.

  1. Streaming

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Do not miss a game when on the move or travelling on the road. You can not only keep track of the game but also bet with the live betting feature to leverage what you see.

  1. Efficient

Mobile apps provide an efficient system for betting. It makes everything convenient. The mobile application enables 24x7 access to the platform, which allows more time for users to decide and research on games, resulting in bets being placed as late as 10 minutes before the start of a game for pre-match betting.

  1. Promotions


Betting platforms offer various reward and promotion offers to their registered users. Users love these. “Refer a friend” bonuses are commonly seen on mobile betting apps.

  1. Safe and Secure yet Quick

A major advantage of mobile betting apps over a website is that you need not log in every time. On betting apps, you can log in with your security code like fingerprint recognition or face-ID. The few seconds saved can be the major difference in missing a huge opportunity to bet in a match.