cuadradoThe Colombian football player, ex-Fiorentina, comes from the Serie A to play on one of the top teams in the Premier League right now, Chelsea FC.

Rumors from his transfer were weeks old and were discarded by the player as pure publicity a week back. But since a couple days ago the transfer was confirmed and now Cuadrado is in English ground talking to the media in his official presentation.

The Colombian player was pretended by Barcelona in the past and even Real Madrid showed some interest at some point. Fiorentina never wanted to release Cuadrado, but their cashbook couldn´t hold the player.

Transfer for how much?? $33 million euros and Mohamed Salah for Fiorentina.

Cuadrado has been increasing his playing skills every season. He is a regular striker in the Colombian team that finished 4th in the World Cup 2014, has incredible stamina and favors a fast speed game. He dribles the ball like a maniac and is always hungry for goals. He is one of those players that can´t stand losing the ball or to see his team losing.

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