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Betting Offers, Free Bets and Jackpots in Zambia

Below, you will find out what the best promotions and jackpots available in Zambia are.


SportyBet Zambia

SportyBet is Africa’s #1 football betting and live streaming platform so it is no surprise that it has one of the best offers in the Zambia betting market.

SportyBet has a dedicated platform for Zambia and that is what makes it so special.

SportyBet Zambia has a “Refer a Friend Bonus” with which registered users receive ZMW 20 as a free bet gift for every friend that joins SportyBet.

The platform also gives free bets to those who register with them. They are given 2 Kwacha for joining the site.

SportyBet also offers up to ZMW 300 along with 150% returns immediately for first-time deposits by users.

SportyBet’s most attractive offer, however, is Sporty 12, which is the jackpot. All you have to do is predict the results for 12 games from the predetermined list to win up to ZMW 150,000!

Premier Bet Zambia

Premier Bet

The online bet scene in Zambia is on an upward trend with a host of well-established continental and local brand names making a play.

The competition is fierce and operators such as Premierbet have really upped the ante.

The site offers live betting, virtual play, an online casino, promotions and a substantial football jackpot.

The main landing page shows off all the amenities available on the platform including a large, colourful banner advertising a massive jackpot pool, with a payout of 3 million kwachas.

The ‘Football Jackpot King’ game is played over 18 legs. There are consolation pay-outs for punters who accurately predict 17, 16 or 15 out of the 18 legs.

The jackpot is a straight-up 1×2 format, meaning a punter must forecast whether the match will end in a home win, draw or away win. The matches are taken from the leading leagues in the world, including the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A.

Premierbet Zambia offers a wide bet market and constant promotions and the substantial jackpot amount is a further recommendation for this above-average platform.

Premier Bet offers up to a K200 Welcome Bonus.

M-bet Zambia


There are a growing number of serious online sports betting operators providing top quality service in Zambia, and while the industry is still in a growth phase there are many platforms worth considering.

M-bet Zambia offers both a local and international feel, with the scope of the site not as advanced as many competitors.

There is no online casino and no virtual play, but the operators do provide a football jackpot, which is always a plus when choosing an online sports betting company.

The football jackpot is not one of the largest paying in Zambia, with top prizes in the region of 130 000-250 000 kwachas.

M-bet runs a daily football jackpot called the Perfect 12 and it is a traditional 1×2 format. This means a punter must decide if the outcome of each of the scheduled fixtures will be a home win, draw or away win.

The Perfect 12 daily draw offers consolation prizes for punters correctly predicting 11, 10 or 9 results. The minimum jackpot deposit is 5 kwachas.

The matches are made up of leagues and tournaments across the globe including the English Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, La Liga and Serie A.

Since there is a daily jackpot, there are contests taken from obscure leagues and competitions from around the globe.

The average pay-out for a punter who predicts 11 out of the 12 correct is between 3000 and 5000 kwachas, while 10 out of 12 will earn +-500 k and 9 picks will earn between 30-50 k.

betpawa Zambia


The Zambian online sports betting scene is growing, especially in the football jackpot market, and there are a host of local websites that provide massive win opportunities for the punters.

Betpawa.co.zm is a functional looking site, with no virtual play nor online casino, yet it provides a decent bet market and some of the best football jackpot play in the country.

There are two weekly jackpots including the empawa13 and the empawa17, both of each are of the traditional 1×2 variety. This means a punter must correctly select the outcomes of the matches by marking a home win, draw or away win on the bet slip.

The empawa13 is a 13-legged football jackpot with a prize of 100 000 kwachas on offer for correctly predicting all games correctly. The minimum bet is 1 kwacha. There are consolations prizes for 12, 11 and 10 correct picks.

The empawa17 is a 17-leg football jackpot, with a minimum bet of 1 kwacha and a maximum win of 1 million kwachas.

There are consolation prizes for 16, 15, 14 and 13 correct predictions.

The matches come from a host of international leagues but tend towards the more obscure than the major. There are only a few legs that come from one of the major European leagues while the rest come from lower division games from countries like Russia, Sweden and Germany.

This use of obscure teams makes the result so much harder to predict as not much information and variables can be found on some of these teams.

This could be why the major jackpot is not often landed, with 15 out of 17 considered a real win, with punters picking up in the region of 25,000 kwachas for this result.

14 correct picks mean a win in the 1000-mark, while 13 right selections will earn about 35-50 kwachas.

All in all, the site offers plenty of jackpot play, and decent pay-outs but the difficulty of predicting 17 from 17 (from obscure leagues) makes this a tough sell.

Supabets Zambia


The online bet game in Zambia is growing at a rapid pace and the proliferation of football jackpot play is keeping match with the industry.

There are many online bet operators that provide football jackpot opportunities for punters and one that really stands out in this regard is Supabets.

The platform is unpretentious and the sportsbook, bet markets and promotions are decent, yet it is the variety of the football jackpots that will bring the punters.

The platform offers a range of daily and weekly football jackpots, ranging from a soccer-4 (four-legs) jackpot all the way up to a soccer-13 pool.

The jackpot play is quite confusing for a complete newcomer, but essentially the soccer 4 is a four-legged affair with the punter having six options to choose from – for example, Man City to win by 1 goal, or 2 goals or the match to be a 1-1 draw. So, a punter must choose from the six different outcomes for the four matches.

This is one of the toughest jackpots to hit, so the prize money is substantially higher.

The soccer-6, soccer-10 and soccer-13 football jackpots are all traditional 1×2 formats, whereby a punter must select if the contests will end in a home win, draw or away win.

There is almost 3 million kwachas up for grabs each day across all the different jackpots. Punters are paid out percentages of the net pool by the time the round of action starts.

Minimum bets differ ranging from 2 kwachas for soccer-4, soccer-10 and soccer-13.

The minimum bet for the soccer-6 is 6 kwachas.

The main landing page looks one-dimensional and almost amateurish but don’t be fooled, as the jackpot play is a unique experience, compared to many of the competitors in the country.

Gal Sport Betting

Gal Sport Betting

The GSB online sports betting brand is popular throughout Africa and is gaining traction in an increasingly competitive Zambian market.

They offer a wide range of betting amenities, bet markets and opportunities for punters to win substantial amounts of earnings.

The site offers a substantial bet-market, spin and win and keno while also providing punters with a sizable football jackpot opportunity.

The GSB Zambia team offer a 13-leg football jackpot with winnings sometimes topping the 1 million kwachas mark.

This is an accumulative jackpot meaning that if no person hits it that week then it is rolled over.

The weekly jackpot is made up eclectically from leagues across the globe, and while it does not often feature the very top teams from Europe there is the odd EPL and French Lige 1 contest thrown into the mix.

This ostensibly makes it harder for the punter to catch all 13 predictions as researching Doncaster Rovers and Wycombe Wanderers may be slightly tougher.

The jackpot is a traditional 1×2 pool, meaning a player must decide whether each of the 13 outcomes will end in a home win, draw or away win.

The jackpot can be found on the main menu directory on the landing page and clicking on the link will open a fixture list with all the odds of each contest shown in bold.

There is no discernible minimum stake evident on the landing page or the jackpot link. There is also no information in this regard to be found on the site’s terms, conditions or betting rules.

The average minimum stake in Zambia hovers between 2 to 5 kwachas and there is no reason to believe the GSB one is any different.

The jackpot play is easy-to-use, accessible and can be enjoyed by newcomers as well as seasoned punters.

The in amount is sizable to get new and repeat consumers, with close to a million kwachas nothing to sneeze at, and as such, this site is recommended just for the jackpot.

EaziBet Zambia


EaziBet is one of the fastest growing online sports betting platforms in Africa and their Zambian portal, while relatively new to the landscape, offers a range of products.

The platform has a strong presence in neighbouring countries and ever since they entered the Zambian market, they have provided local punters with a wide range of markets, promotions and football jackpots.

The site offers three jackpots, with a super 13, super 10 and a daily 6.

The super 13 is a 13-legged weekly jackpot game normally reserved for the weekend action, while the 10-match super10 is normally played mid-week. The daily 6 is obviously a daily football pool.

There is also free bets that are allowed in the Neil Andrews correct score jackpot.

Other than this free bet pool, all other jackpots are in the traditional 1×2 (home win, draw, away win) format and is thus making it easy for newcomers and seasoned players to participate.

There is no mention of a minimum stake for jackpot play, but there is a mention that to qualify for the 1 million kwachas 13-legged prize, a minimum bet of 100 kwachas is needed.

Bonus money cannot be used for jackpot play, meaning any welcome bonus amount can only be used for other sportsbook bet markets.

Once these have been rolled over a certain amount of times and become eligible to withdraw, can the jackpot bets be made using this method.

There are consolation prizes on the super 13 and super 10, with most jackpot amounts being calculated as an accumulated pool for each event.

The site also offers occasional free bets for their ‘normal’ jackpot play, but a minimum 5 kwachas deposit needs to be made to qualify for this bonus free wager.

Eazibet offers K10 Free Bets for verified betting accounts. Important to note that you will receive the amount (=profits) in excess of the free bet stake.

Betway Zambia


Online sports betting is becoming big business in Zambia with many of the largest operators in Africa keen for a slice of the pie, and they don’t come much bigger than the Betway portal.

Betway is one of the most well-known and established betting operators on the continent and Zambian punters can rest assured the site will deliver on many key variables.

The site has one of the largest bet markets, offers the popular bet games service as well as a lucky number feature, online casino, 4 to score and top-notch promotions, but their football jackpots are one of its most prominent features.

The site has added a pick 15 jackpot, which is a 15-legged traditional 1×2 football pool with a prize total running up to 4 million kwachas, making it arguably the richest jackpot in the country.

The portal allows for syndicate play, with a punter choosing to join a group of fellow bettors to split the cost of a jackpot that uses plenty of double chances increasing the chances of a win. A punter can buy a share and split the prize accordingly.

The pick 6 also has a substantial jackpot payout, running into the 5 million range, but this is tough to predict as it is a correct score pool, with each contest having 17 possible outcomes. Syndicate play is also in use as double chances increase the opportunity to snap up the massive earnings.

Their 4 to score link is a separate jackpot with the punter having to predict which players will score first in four scheduled matches. Betway employs matches from all over the world, incorporating the biggest European leagues as well as more obscure competitions.

The pick 5 is a daily draw and takes the form of a 1×2 type and offers a prize ranging at the 50 000 kwachas mark.

The pick 15 is a bi-weekly draw (midweek and weekend) while the correct score pick6 is run every week.

There is no advertised minimum bet, not on the landing page, jackpot link nor the platform’s terms and conditions. The T’s and C’s though careful explain how to bet, how to play syndicate wagering and how the pool monies are divided.

Betway offers one of the most gaming experience in Zambia with a substantial jackpot potential, top quality promotions and a range of products to while away the time before or after submitting football pool picks.

The site is highly recommended just for the huge win amounts of the jackpots.

Betway Zambia offers up to a K1,000 Welcome Bonus.


Castle Bet

There is a new player in the online sports betting market in Zambia with Castlebets providing one of the more accomplished and varied sportsbook offerings in the country.

The site is one of the most comprehensive in the land, offering live play, slots, virtual games, tournaments and a world-class set-up and graphical display of the main landing pages.

To access the football jackpot section go to “Pools” on the website.

The platform offers a wide range of jackpots including a pick 3 all the way to a pick 15.

These jackpots can climb to a staggering first prize of 5 million kwachas, with the highest amounts reserved for the 15-legged jackpots and the pick 6 correct score pool.

The site makes use of syndicate betting should a punter want to share the cost of a large ticket, filled with double chances.

The syndicates are popular for the massive jackpots. There are smaller win prizes for the more traditional 1×2 smaller pools.

The pick 15 is also of the 1×2 (home win, draw, away win) variety. The minimum stake is one kwacha and goes up in increments to 2.50k, 5k, and 10k.

The matches are taken from all the top European leagues as well as obscure ones, especially in pre and off-season.

The pick 5 is a 1×2 jackpot but because of the relative nature of only picking five results the payouts are in the 25,000-kwacha range.

The biggest amounts are for the weekly pick 6 correct score jackpots, with punters having the tough task of identifying half a dozen exact score results, and this means choosing from 17 different options per game. This is an extremely tough one to win and that is why the first prize is 5 million.

There are also pick 3 and pick 4 (rollover) correct score jackpots, with prize money ranging between 25 000 and 250 000 kwachas.

There are also over/under jackpots as well as BTTS (Both Teams To Score) pools.

These BTTS jackpots range from 10 to 20 games, and while the pay-outs are not large (pick 20 1.2 million) there is a good chance to predict both teams to net a goal, as the nature of football is geared towards attacking play.

Overall, this is a recommended site available in Zambia, and their football jackpots are worth a visit.

Castle Bets has a Football Jackpot Freeplay for new registered customers. No first deposit is needed to bet here.

Additional Bonus offers in Zambia

GreatOdds offers up to K1,000 Welcome Bonus in Zambia.

22Bet – To get your new customer bonus, simply use the 50SPORT promotional code to get a 100% bonus on your first deposit. You must use your first deposit on odds not lower than 1.65 within 30 days. The bonus must also be used on selections with odds equal or higher than 1.65.

Melbet has a 200% bonus up to 1850 ZMW as a welcome offer.

AfricaBet 1$ Free Bets without a deposit on Sign Up