This section was created to go a little deeper into Italian football betting strategies by defining accurate Serie A Betting tips, based on the knowledge acquired and documented on our previous articles about Serie A stats and facts.

Serie A Betting Tips – #1 Total Cards/Game – Over 4.5

Serie A Bettin Tips

Given as to how the average Cards/game is around 4.8 , Over 4.5 cards per game seems to be one of the safest best you can make provided the bookies offer.

Apart from just betting on the number of cards/ game.

There are a wide variety of bets that can be made based on bookings such as:

  • First Team to get booked
  • Team with the Most Bookings
  • Sending off’s in the game – Yes/No
  • Total Cards/team in the game

Listed below are some Serie A betting tips which should help you in placing these kind of bets:

  • The Relegation Contenders are the Worst Offenders
  • The Top 4 are the best disciplined – Apart from Roma & Lazio if they are in the mix
  • Newly Promoted Clubs have a nasty streak when they come into the league
  • Big Games – More Fouls
  • Juventus are the Saints

#2 Over/Under Goals – Under 2.5

Over 55% of the games see both team scoring in the game & unlike the other top European league, Under 2.5 games are more than Over 2.5 despite the average Goals/game average over the last five seasons being 2.64. It should be noted as to how you only need to win slightly more than 50% of your bets to make a decent profit in the long run.

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The gap between the top teams from the rest of the league are wide enough that the Over 2.5 games are mostly in which the top 4 are a part off. Like the Bundesliga, their is a distant gap in quality between the top teams and the rest of the league. Some tips to keep in mind while picking games to placed Over/Under bets

  • Games involving mid-table clubs tend to produce Over 2.5 games more often than not
  • Games between bottom feeders are the best bet for Under 2.5
  • Top 6 vs Bottom 6 are another good bet for Under 2.5
  • Chievo & Empoli produces Under 2.5 results more often than not

#3 Handicap Betting

Handicap betting comes in extremely handy in leagues such as the Serie A & La Liga.

Juventus are without doubt the most dominant club over the last half a decade. Rarely do they lose games and that too at home, in the last 5 seasons the Zebras have lost only a total of 15 games altogether of which only three have come at home.

With handicap betting you can make money by betting against a club Juventus at home.

Suppose Juventus are facing off against Milan at home, you are confident Juventus would win by at least 2 goals. With handicap betting you can get bet against Juventus and still come out as winner.

How? Give Milan an advantage or Handicap of 2 goals before the game, this way you can still come out as the winner even if the Juventus wins 2-0, cause your scoreline will read 2-2.

#4 In Play Betting & Combination Bets

Italian Club Betting Champions League

10 years ago, the prospect of placing bets while seeing the game unfold was just an alluring prospect.

In-Play betting facilities nowadays are provided by most sportsbook, with being the undisputed leader of the lot.The only advice we have regarding this form of betting is to not get hooked.

The odds are ever changing & the game will have stints were they weakest of the lot will threaten, stick to what you know & don’t gamble! – At least not too much!

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Suppose you pick Juventus to win a game against Milan & you are also confident the game will have three or more goals. The odds for both individual bets might be low but if you combine them, you can get a greater return with just a single bet.

Betting on Italian Clubs in the Champions League Tips

Ever since the turn of the decade the performances of Italian clubs in European competitions have a poor. For a league that had dominated the competition for nearly two decades, Serie A has only one finals appearances in the last 5 seasons.

Juventus made it to the finals of the competition in 2015, but ultimately lost out to Barcelona 3-1.

Despite their dominance in the league, the Zebras still come as massive underdogs when they go up against the likes of Barca, Real or Bayern Munich.

Apart from a few semi-final appearances none of the Italians have made an impact in the Europa League in the last 5 years.