Is In-Play Betting for You

In-Play Betting as the name suggests is the kind of betting in which you can make wagers when the games are on live. Rather than placing a pre-match bet and then hoping for it to come true, with In-Play Betting you can make a bet after seeing a bit of the action at first. This simple trait gives you the opportunity to have more control over your bets.

While the betting markets available with In-Play betting is lesser than those available with pre-match betting, there is still decent selection of bets you can make. This article is aimed at helping those of you who are new to In-Play betting and what to know more about it before diving into it.

Basics of In-Play Betting

In-Play Betting markets open at the start of the game and remain so till it’s conclusion. The Odds on offer for the various markets either shorten or lengthen according to what is happening on the pitch. Goals, injuries, substitution,s sending-off’s are some of the major events which causes a sizeable shift in odds. The betting markets are temporarily suspended when someone scores a goal but restarts once the game kicks-off again.

The strategies with In-Play betting are the same as those for pre-match betting, you will need to do you’re fair share of research and should have knowledge about what you are wagering on. What kind of bettor are you?

  • Are you someone who prefers to play it safe by banking on “certain results”? This method ensures that you’ll be a “winner” more often than not, however the winnings on each bet will be low and you’ll need to wager on several such bets to make a decent profit.
  • Are you someone who is willing to go big or go home? These type of bettors only place their money on a handful of bets with higher odds, but if they come true it’s a big payday for them.

In-Play Betting Tips

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced bettor, if you are new to In-play betting, make sure you start out with smaller bets.
  • In-Play Betting allows you to make bets while the games are on live, however you should keep in mind that the live games on TV appear after a broadcasting delay.

Common In-Play Betting Markets

In Play Betting Markets

  • Half Time Result

You are given the option to choose the result at half-time. If one of the teams are leading the game and you think they’ll take that lead into the break, bank of them to win at half-time.

  • Next Team to Score

Doesn’t matter if score is 0-0, 2-1 or 3-2; if you think there is one more goal in the game, bank of the team you feel is the most likely to do so.

  • Next Team to receive a Corner

Same principle, who do you think will get the next corner? Probably the team who is controlling the run of play at the moment.

  • Next Player to Score a Goal

Should i repeat myself?

  • Number of Cards in the Game

The first 20-25 minutes of a game should give you an idea as to how the rest of the game will play out. Go for the Over/Under market on this one. If you see a number of reckless challenges early on, bank on a high card out.

  • Number of Goals in the Game

This is a bit more difficult to predict, cause you never know when a defensive battle will turn into a goal spree. Look at the teams in fray and how the gaming in panning out.

  • Winning Margin

Predict by how many goals the winning team with impose their superiority.

  • Result of the Game

What will be the result of the game? Look for the opportune to make you’re move as the odds for the favorable side won’t great when they are dominating play.

In-Play Betting illustration

For anyone of you who is still a bit clueless but in play betting, we hope an example will help you in understanding it fully. This is a fictional FA Cup final between Everton and Bournemouth, as it’s a cup final there is only two possible results, either a Everton or a Bournemouth Win.

Odds before kick-off

Everton Win – 1.50

Bournemouth Win – 5.50

The 1st half ends 0-0 with neither team yet to set the game on fire. Everton has had the better of the chances and hence their odds to win the game has shortened a bit.

Half-Time: – (0-0)

Everton Win: – 1.40

Bournemouth Win: – 6.00

Everton has been the better of the teams in the 2nd half also but Bournemouth have threatened on the counter. With only 15 minutes remaining, the bookies are starting to believe Bournemouth have a chance at this and as a result their odds has shortened through out the second half.

75th minute: – (0-0)

Everton Win: – 1.70

Bournemouth Win: – 2.60

Against the run of play Bournemouth have taken the lead, it was a scrappy goal from a defensive mistake. Bookies are now backing Bournemouth to win the game with 10 minutes remaining.

80th minute – (1-0) Bournemouth Leading

Everton Win: – 2.50

Bournemouth Win: – 1.60

Boom! Barkley has equalized for Toffees in the 90th minute. The game heads into extra-time and the bookies have made both teams equal favorites to win the game.

90th minute – (1-1)

Everton Win: – 1.90

Bournemouth Win: – 1.90

The game moves into penalty shootout and both the teams remain even favorites to win game.

Note: – As you could see in our illustration, each goal influenced a dramatic shift in the odds of either team. The idea is similar with injuries and bookings. Be on your guard and try to stay a step ahead of the bookies.

Pioneer of In-Play Betting –  Bet 365


Bet 365 is arguably the best sportsbook out there for In-Play Betting. Apart from being one of the most trusted online sportsbook in the industry, Bet 365 provides an excellent Live-Streaming service [1] which essential for In-Play Betting. It’s better to go and take a look for yourself but trust us you won’t be disappointed with Bet 365. William Hill is a good alternative and they do provide more betting markets than Bet 365.

Bet 365 In Play Offers

  • Receive winnings at 1/3rd of the odds you had backed the First goalscorer in the game, if he manages to score sometime during the match.


Let’s  say you have backed Hazard to score the first goal for Chelsea against Burnley at the odds of 6.00 (Decimal Odds)

Your bet: – 15£

David Luiz scores the first goal for Chelsea but luckily for your Hazard has scored the 2nd goal.

If Hazard had scored first: 15×6 = 90£

Because Hazard scored 2nd: 15×2 = 30£

If Hazard hadn’t scored: – 0£

  • Receive money back if case of “Bore Draws”

If the had a backed a team who had been in a game which ended 0-0 then you’ll receive your money.

Betting Exchanges

In-Play Betting has become popular with Betting Exchanges and Lay Betting. What is Betting Exchange? It is an alternative to those bettors who do not wish to bet against the bookmakers. In this form of betting you’ll be going against another bettor like yourself. You are also able to offer you’re own odds on a bet but someone should match it for it to become active.


Sevilla vs Levante

You’re Pick : – Sevilla to Win at 1.70

My Pick: – Sevilla not to win at 1.70.

You had backed Sevilla to win the game at 1.70 and the bet became active when i matched you’re odds. If Sevilla do win the game, you’ll receive the money and if the game ends in a draw or a defeat for Sevilla i’ll get the winning. Bookmakers do take a commission from the winner of the bet. The only piece of advice we have with regards to Betting Exchanges is to withdraw your bet immediately if no one matches it. If you leave your bet their money will swindle you out of your money cause the markets change rapidly.

Note: Betfair is the market leader when it comes to Betting Exchanges [2]

Lay Betting

Lay Betting is similar to Betting Exchanges with the only difference being that you’re betting against the bookmaker. You’re betting against a positive outcome and can offer your own odds but you won’t be up against another bettor. The Odds you enter must be greater than the odds offered by the bookies.


Napoli vs Torino

The Odds on favorites Napoli to win the game – 1.50

Lay Betting – Napoli to lose the game at Odds higher than 1.50

External Resources

[1], Bet 365 Live Streaming Home Page

[2], InPlay Betting Home Page