After the incident between Neymar and the Manchester City fan after the Barcelona – Manchester City Champions League game, Neymar was interviewed about the incident. Here is what he had to say:

Neymar – “What happened with the fan? I was playing with him, he was swearing at me and I just mocked. What he said? I can not say here because my mother raised me well. I’ll do so as my mother taught me.” 

And what did the Manchester City fan have to say about the Neymar incident?

Aziz Hammad was the Manchester City fan who provoked the Brazilian accusing him of diving during the match.

“It’s part of football, it wasn’t abuse. ‘It’s very unprofessional to come face to face with a fan and look like he was picking a fight.”

Hammad wasn’t picking a fight with him? Really? Judge for yourself by the images in the videos because it seems Hammad went directly to confront Neymar.

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