Since we have taken our time to explore Serie A Italian football league betting tips, stats and strategies; we decided to include it on our Africa betting series to enhance the betting systems of African players. African bettors are amongst the fastest growing community on sportsbooks, mainly on football betting for the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A.

Serie A Betting Tips for African Bettors

Italian Football Betting for Africa Bettors

In the 4th & final piece of the “How to Bet from Africa” series, we’ll be focusing on the Italian Serie A.

If you had read the other three articles in this series, you would have noticed how we kicked off each article with some basic information on betting.

These articles by no means were focused on the experienced bettors, there are thousands of young bettors from continent who take up the sport through online medium everyday.

Initially coming to gambling industry the false promises and lack of information can leave most bettors with an empty pocket. I’ve repeated in this series how the gambling industry is blooming in the continent. The reason why the market is booming is because most of you coming on losing end of wager.

This isn’t scare tactic, this is just simple reminder why betting can leave you with a empty pocket. Be patient, always bet according to your budget, never do that – one more bet which can win back all the money you have lost till now, know what you are betting on, choose an ideal sportsbook for you & always take failure as a stepping stone to learning more & improving your game.

As in the previous articles we’ll be going through the various aspects you should know as an African bettor on the Serie A and hopefully come up with some sure fire betting tips on the league.

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Italy’s record in Europe’s second tier competition, the Europe League is also similar, ranking 2nd below Spain in the most number of trophies won. The last time an Italian club won the competition though was in 1998/99 when Parma got the better of Marseille in the final.

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 Serie A Betting in Africa

Italy's own African Club - ASD Mineo

Italy’s own African Club – ASD Mineo

Since the craze in Africa began for Serie A betting, online african bettors rely on sound information to prosper in this market.

We suggest reading our Serie A betting series to learn the statistics, strategies and Italian football betting tips for the league.

The domination of Juventus, financial difficulties, scandals – it would be a endless list if one were to point out the problems Serie A are currently facing. Serie A during the 80’s & 90’s were leaps & bounds ahead of the rest of the European lot.

Over the years the likes of EPL, La Liga & Bundesliga has not only caught up with them but have surpassed them in every possible department.

Not only within the country the audience that the league once gathered from around the globe including Africa, have turned their attention to the other leagues.

Playing in the Serie A at one point was the ultimate prize, however now it’s just a mere stepping stone to move onto the top 3.

A number of Africans including Mohammed Salah, Kalidou Koulibaly & Medhi Benatia are current plying their trade in the Bundesliga.

One of the major problems that Italy has faced over the last two decades have been charges of racism. In a move to rise above this anti-social behavior, the Italian Football Federation in 2014 entered a new club, ASD Mineo which was fully composed of African immigrants [1] into Italy’s Football pyramid. Star Times are the league’s official broadcasters in Africa since 2015.

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Italian Football League Basics for African Bettors

  • The top 20 clubs in Italian football compete in the Serie A
  • Every club plays a total of 38 games each season
  • The team with the most number of points at the end of the season wins the Serie A title
  • If two clubs are tied on points then the club with the better head to head record is ranked ahead
  • The top 3 clubs each season qualify for the Champions League, with the top 2 entering the group stages while the 3rd ranked team enters the play-off round
  • The teams ranked 4th & 5th enter the Europa League Group Stage
  • The club who wins the Coppa Italia also qualifies for the Europa League, if the cup winner had already qualified for Europe via their league placing,  then the 6th placed club in league earns the final Europa League spot.
  • The bottom three clubs in the league gets relegated to Serie B

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