What is Live Betting

Sports betting has come a long way since the advent of the internet. The rise of online betting has not only made sports betting safer, quicker, and easier, it has allowed for the introduction of new forms of sports betting to be invented and/or evolved.

Live betting (sometimes called in-play betting and real-time betting) is a new format that creates an exciting way to win money by betting on sports as they happen, live. In fact, most pro bettors today only place bets in-play, and pre-betting is considered a practice for beginners.

Live betting is available for a number of pro and college football games for American Football as well as European Football. Many online sportsbooks now offer live betting but Betfair stands out as the Live Play marker leader, taking sports betting to the level of odds trading.

Mastering the art of live betting can be extremely profitable for football gamblers, heightening the thrill of each NFL, NCAA or soccer games while it occurs.

Types of Live Bets for Football and Other Sports

With developments in a team’s score, performance, health, and game plan happening every minute of a football game, there is an endless list of factors impacting the next play and end result of any game. This creates a long list of ways to live bet on a football game, with different types of bets adjusting as the game goes on.

Some live bets simply offer spreads at the end of a half or quarter. Spreads may also shift in real time so that bettors can lay down money at any time based on new insights and events in the game. Prop bets are offered as the game goes as well, such as “will Tom Brady make a complete pass?” “Will the next pass be intercepted?” etc.

NFL and college football bettors can use money line style betting to decide which player will score the game’s next touchdown within the prop bets, which team will score next, or even props such as turnovers and first down.

Depending on the online football sportsbook, the list of live bets available can be incredibly long allowing gamblers to choose from a huge selection based on what they’ve already seen in the game. Looking at this, it is obvious that the types of live bets are constantly changing and increasing with market demands.

Advantages to In-Play Live Betting

Live vs Pre Match Betting

Live betting, or in-play, opens up doors that traditional sports betting had been unable to.

As the week’s football games approaches, bets are placed on anticipated matchups or expectations for how players will respond to the conditions. However, much of the most crucial betting information isn’t revealed until after the start of the game.

The first drive or score can be a great indicator of the game’s possible outcomes than every statistic and news clipping available leading into the game.

While previously bettors and punters were subjected to sit and watch the fate of their bet for the length of the game, live betting changes that. NFL and college football gamblers can respond in real time, as spreads shift and odds adjust.

Many times, bettors can see the momentum of a game shifting before their eyes or pick up on trends that will help to decide the game’s outcome. Live betting on football allows gamblers to make smarter and more insightful bets; thus allowing bettors to hedge their bets as games progress or extend the size of their wager to make even more off the outcome.

There are many strategies employed by live bettors, and it’s always a good idea to have a strategy based around expectations before the game starts. Often times though the best bets are those made simply by trusting what you see as the game goes on. Smart bettors look for market reactions to events in the game that shift the odds outside of its eqiulibrium zone to buy and sell when it stabilizes once more.

Live Betting and Similar Services

Live betting is the next stage of football betting, pre-match bettors rely on old data to predict the future while live betting used real time information to take a decision on the spot. Bettors become traders of odds and learn how to take better decisions, limit their losses and increase their profits.

There are other similar betting systems like live betting that allow the bettor to limit their risk to 0%, and that is Sports Arbitrage. Also known as sport arbs, arbitrage is the proccess of hedging opposing odds of a same bet with different sportsbooks, and no matter the end result, win or lose a profit will remain.