What is Sports ArbitrageSports arbitrage betting is when 2 or more sportbooks offer a counter of the other´s bet allowing a bettor to take both and win no matter the result, this is also referred to as “sure betting” or simply “arb”.

It is a risk free situation for the bettor!

Example of betting arbitrage:

Suppose Bet365 is offering odds of 2.06 for Under 2.5 goals

And Betfair is offering odds of 2.08 for Over 2.5 goals on the same match

By perfectly tweaking what you bet on each site taking into account the stake or taxes paid you can make a profit by placing a bet on both sportbooks, both the Under and Over bet of the same match. There are more than 500 sportsbooks in the world and counting, each offers more than 600 betting types and all of them calculate odds in a different manner. This is why the opportunities exist for arbitrage.

How to Conduct Sports Arbitrage

Placing a sports arbitrage bet might sound easy but it is anything but easy. Finding the loopholes requires a lot of sportbook odds monitoring, taking into account that odds shift constantly as news kicks in and bettors fill in the betting pools.

There is a way around this though by using an arbitrage software that you can subscribe to. They are all quite costly but you can try some for free with a small percentage on arbitrage profit, you can read the two recommended services below.

The Downside of Arbitrage

There is a downside for a win or win method?

While arbitrage allows to win no matter what, the gains will be small each time. Most arbitrage opportunities will payout something between 1.5% and 3.5% in average, so it will take several rounds to turn out a profit from your investment. Although there are some opportunities to be found with a payout over 25% and rarer opportunities that payout higher still. For a human to find these will be like finding a needle in a haystack.

But Good News! Arbitrage websites will do the hard work for you finding high yielding opportunities daily and in great quantities. You have to pay a fee for this and it won´t be cheap, if you want to get into arbitrage it means you have a big pocket to place large bets on multiple betting sites and pay for the expensive service.

According to the Soccer Widow the two major Arbitrage systems in the world have fewer than 20,000 subscribers worldwide. Hence the high cost of the service. Still the monthly return should be around 15% to 25% which is quite high compared to any other financial service on the market that are risk free.

How Much is Required to Invest in Arbitrage?

Your call, but if you want to produce something like £5,000 pounds a month with arbitrage you will need to invest £25,000 and wait up 6 months to see the profits. Still, it is a good business risk free.

Is Arbitrage Legal?

Arbitrage is complete legal if we are talking about a state law of some kind, there isn´t such unless you live on a country were betting is forbidden altogether.

But most sportbooks will specify in their TOS that any account being suspect of performing arbitrage could be suspended. This is because they know they no longer hold the advantage over the bettor, but determining who is performing arbitrage is not easy and they will probably have to guess. The best way for not getting caught is to round your bets instead of placing un-even bets to make sure you win exactly the same amount on either sports book, ex: £2.34 is an un-even and suspicious amount, round it to £2.00, your arb will still come out a winner. Following are a few tips.

How to Hide Arbitrage From Sportbooks

If you get caught by a sportbook performing arbitrage your account may be closed and your funds frozen, you can even lose them. But as mentioned before getting caught is not that easy and there are several smart steps you can take to avoid any suspicion:

  1. Never wager un-even amount, always round up your stakes to avoid raising suspicion.
  2. Perform arbitrage with several different sports books as you will have to place a large amount of bets to be profitable at the end of the month.
  3. Hide your IP address, there are several software’s for this.
  4. Use different user accounts across sport books. Ask a family member to open an account for you on other sports books so there is no way to tell that one person has been performing arbitrage across sites. This is your best protection.

Best Arbitrage Sites

There are only a few of arbitrage sites with complex software of their own that find instant arbitrage opportunities. This software not only finds arbitrage opportunities but it calculates the required bet amount, on which sites and twin windows allow the users to quickly place bets without leaving the arb site. The best two sites that offer a free account for a small arb are:


Mathbet offers the highest free arbitrage for up to 1%. A nice choice for those with a small pocket or that would like a trial before purchasing a monthly or yearly plan. Paying customers have access to daily arbs for up to 28.05%.


RebelBetting offers a lower free account for a max arbitrage of .06%.

Try both sites for free and commit some money when you feel comfortable using their software.