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Is online gambling legal in Zambia?

Yes, the Republic of Zambia has legalized three forms of gambling – 1) sports betting 2) casino gambling 3) lottery games.

The legal gambling/betting age is 18. Online betting providers need to be registered by The Lottery And Betting Control Board under the Betting Control Act.

Is it safe to bet online in Zambia?

Yes, absolutely. Gambling legislation in Zambia currently consists of three main acts – 1) The State Lotteries Act – enacted to control and allow lottery games and pools 2) The Casino Act –┬áthe most significant piece of gambling legislation in Zambia that regulates the procedures for licensing casino operators within the nation’s borders and even grants temporary casino licenses in special circumstances 3) Betting Act – established a Betting Board that regulates betting operators.

Gambling/betting operators are required to obtain relevant casino/betting licenses to legally operate in Zambia so as long as you register with a licensed platform, it is safe.

How do deposits and withdrawals work in Zambia for online betting?

Deposits and withdrawal methods are very simple for online betting in Zambia. There are mobile transfer systems set up with the likes of MTN and Airtel Money, which are the most common methods used in the country.

Is mobile betting available in Zambia?

Yes, given that over 60% of the population owns mobile phones, mobile betting has become extremely popular in Zambia. The official language of Zambia is English so that makes it much easier for users to use online betting platforms with ease.

Which are the popular sports for betting in Zambia?

Zambians love betting on their favourite teams and players in football. They also bet on cricket and boxing a lot.

Are winnings from betting taxable?

Yes, the tax differs for the type of betting/gambling but it is not that significant an amount as it is deducted from the winnings.

Is the sports betting market fairly regulated in Zambia?

Yes, the Zambian sports betting market is regulated carefully by The Lottery And Betting Control Board so Zambians need not worry about the security of their funds as long as they bet with a licensed online platform.