Peruvian Football Federation (FPF)


Paolo Guerrero


Ricardo Gareca


Roberto Palacios (128 appearances)


Paolo Guerrero


Estadio Nacional, Lima


La Blanquirroja (The White and Red)
La Bicolor (The Bicolour)
Los Incas (The Incas)





Appearances: 5

Best Result: Quarterfinals (1970)


Appearances: 32

Best Result: Champions (1939, 1975)



The Peru national football team represents Peru in men’s international football. The national team has been organised, since 1927, by the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF).

The FPF constitutes one of the ten members of FIFA’s South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL).

Peru has won the Copa América twice and qualified for the FIFA World Cup finals five times (last appearing in 2018). The team also participated in the 1936 Olympic football competition and has reached the semi-finals of the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

The team plays most of its home matches at the Estadio Nacional in Lima, the country’s capital.

The team is well known for its white shirts adorned with a diagonal red stripe, which combine Peru’s national colours. This basic design has been used continuously since 1936, and gives rise to the team’s common Spanish nickname, la Blanquirroja (“the white-and-red”).

Peruvian football fans are known for their distinctive cheer ¡Arriba Perú! (“Onward Peru!”). Peru has longstanding rivalries with Chile and Ecuador.

The Peru national team enjoyed its most successful periods in the 1930s and the 1970s.

In the 1930s, Peru took part in the inaugural FIFA World Cup in 1930 and enjoyed victories in the 1938 Bolivarian Games and the 1939 Copa América, with goalkeeper Juan Valdivieso and forwards Teodoro Fernández and Alejandro Villanueva playing important roles.

In the 1970s, Peru qualified for three World Cups and won the Copa América in 1975, attaining worldwide recognition; the team then notably included defender Héctor Chumpitaz and the forward partnership of Hugo Sotil and Teófilo Cubillas, often regarded as Peru’s greatest player.

The national team’s all-time top goalscorer is Paolo Guerrero, and its most-capped player is Roberto Palacios, with 128 appearances.

Under current manager Ricardo Gareca, Peru placed third at the 2015 Copa América, reached the quarter-finals of the Copa América Centenario, participated in the group stage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals, and earned second at the 2019 Copa América.

Football in Peru

Football is the most popular sport in Peru.

Football in Peru was introduced by British immigrants, Peruvians returning from Great Britain, and by English sailors in the later half of the 19th century during their frequent stops at the port of Callao, which at that point was considered one of the most important ports of the Pacific Ocean.

According to the work entitled La Difusion del Futbol en Lima, during the last decade of the 19th century, records show that sailors were known to practice sports such as football and played against teams made up of Englishmen, Peruvians, or a mix between Englishmen and Peruvians.

Peruvian football league system

The Peruvian football league system is a complex system.

Though the general outline includes the Liga 1, Liga 2 and Copa Perú.

The Copa Perú is very large involving several stages and leagues within it. In addition, the Copa Perú is played within a year. Therefore, clubs that reach level 3 of the pyramid (National stage of the Copa Perú) will have climbed 4 levels in a one-year period.

Both the Liga 2 and Copa Perú promote one club to the Liga 1. In addition, the Copa Perú promotes another club to the Liga 2.

Level 1 – Liga 1 (Primera Division)

Liga 1 Peru

Peruvian Primera División

The Peru First Division – known as Liga 1 Betsson for sponsorship reasons and officially as Liga 1 – is the top flight of football in Peru.

It has been referred to as Torneo Descentralizado since 1966, when the first teams residing outside the Lima and Callao provinces were invited to compete in the inaugural league national competition.

The main sponsor is the Spanish telecommunications brand Movistar.

There are 20 teams in the division of a league that operates on a system of promotion and relegation determined at the end of the season with the Segunda División and the Copa Perú.

Seasons run from February to December with each team playing 44 matches. The league is organized by Asociación Deportiva de Fútbol Profesional (English: Professional Football Sport Association) (ADFP).

The Peruvian Football League was founded on an amateur basis and organized in 1912 into the two tiers of Primera División and the Segunda División.

Editions from 1912 to 1921 were played by clubs based in Lima and considered unofficial by the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF), which came into existence in 1926.

The Primera División became professional in 1951. In 1966, the first truly national league was founded and continues.

Level 2 – Liga 2 (Segunda Division), National stage (Copa Peru)

Peruvian Segunda División

The Liga 2 (Ligue 2) of Peru is the second-highest division in the Peruvian football league system.

It is a professional and promotional division organized by the Peruvian Football Federation.

After years of changing numbers of clubs, as of 2021, the league includes 12 clubs.

Copa Peru

Copa Peru

The Copa Perú is a football tournament in Peru.

Despite its name, it is not entirely an elimination-cup competition involving all Peruvian clubs, but rather a series of league tournaments leading to an elimination tournament, with regional league clubs as participants.

It guarantees its winner promotion to the professional Liga 1 and its runner-up a promotion to Liga 2.

Level 3 – National stage (Copa Peru)

Level 4 – Ligas Departamentales del Perú

The Ligas Departamentales are one of two leagues that form part of the Departamental Stage in the Copa Perú of the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) football league system.

The other league at the level is the Ligas Superiores.

The are the leagues under Ligas Departamentales del Perú.

  • Liga Departamental de Amazonas
  • Liga Departamental de Ancash
  • Liga Departamental de Apurímac
  • Liga Departamental de Arequipa
  • Liga Departamental de Ayacucho
  • Liga Departamental de Cajamarca
  • Liga Departamental del Callao
  • Liga Departamental de Cusco
  • Liga Departamental de Huancavelica
  • Liga Departamental de Huánuco
  • Liga Departamental de Ica
  • Liga Departamental de Junín
  • Liga Departamental de La Libertad
  • Liga Departamental de Lambayeque
  • Liga Departamental de Lima
  • Liga Departamental de Loreto
  • Liga Departamental de Madre de Dios
  • Liga Departamental de Moquegua
  • Liga Departamental de Pasco
  • Liga Departamental de Piura
  • Liga Departamental de Puno
  • Liga Departamental de San Martín
  • Liga Departamental de Tacna
  • Liga Departamental de Tumbes
  • Liga Departamental de Ucayali

Level 5 – Ligas Superiores del Peru

The Ligas Superiores are one of two leagues that form part of the Departamental Stage in the Copa Perú of the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) football league system.

The other league at the level is the Ligas Departamentales.

A transcendental step was given in the Copa Perú with the official establishment of the Ligas Superiores that did not become as successful as expected.

Here are the leagues under this division.

  • Liga Superior de Ancash
  • Liga Superior de Arequipa
  • Liga Superior de Ayacucho
  • Liga Superior de Cajamarca
  • Liga Superior del Callao
  • Liga Superior de Cusco
  • Liga Superior de Huánuco
  • Liga Superior de Lambayeque
  • Liga Superior de Pasco
  • Liga Superior de Piura
  • Liga Superior de Puno
  • Liga Superior de Tumbes

Level 6 – Ligas Provinciales del Peru

The Ligas Provinciales del Peru are the Peruvian football lower divisions. They are administered by the Local Federations. The level immediately above is the Ligas Departamentales (Copa Perú).

The following is a list of provincial football leagues in Peru sorted by region.

1 Amazonas

Liga Provincial de Bagua

Liga Provincial de Bongará

Liga Provincial de Chachapoyas

Liga Provincial de Condorcanqui

Liga Provincial de Luya

Liga Provincial de Rodríguez de Mendoza

Liga Provincial de Utcubamba

2 Ancash

3 Apurímac

4 Arequipa

Liga Provincial de Arequipa

Liga Provincial de Camaná

Liga Provincial de Caravelí

Liga Provincial de Castilla

Liga Provincial de Caylloma

Liga Provincial de Condesuyos

Liga Provincial de Islay

Liga Provincial de La Unión

5 Ayacucho

6 Cajamarca

7 Callao

8 Cusco

Liga Provincial de Acomayo

Liga Provincial de Anta

Liga Provincial de Calca

Liga Provincial de Canas

Liga Provincial de Canchis

Liga Provincial de Chumbivilcas

Liga Provincial del Cusco

Liga Provincial de Espinar

Liga Provincial de La Convención

Liga Provincial de Paruro

Liga Provincial de Paucartambo

Liga Provincial de Quispicanchi

Liga Provincial de Urubamba

9 Huancavelica

10 Huánuco

11 Ica

12 Junín

13 La Libertad

14 Lambayeque

Liga Provincial de Chiclayo

Liga Provincial de Ferreñafe

Liga Provincial de Lambayeque

15 Lima

Liga Provincial de Lima (Interligas de Lima)

Liga Provincial de Barranca

Liga Provincial de Cañete

Liga Provincial de Canta

Liga Provincial de Huaral

Liga Provincial de Huarochirí

Liga Provincial de Huaura

Liga Provincial de Oyón

Liga Provincial de Yauyos

16 Loreto

17 Madre de Dios

Liga Provincial de Manu

Liga Provincial de Tahuamanu

Liga Provincial de Tambopata

18 Moquegua

Liga Provincial de General Sánchez Cerro

Liga Provincial de Ilo

Liga Provincial de Mariscal Nieto

19 Pasco

Liga Provincial de Daniel Alcídes Carrión

Liga Provincial de Oxapampa

Liga Provincial de Pasco

20 Piura

Liga Provincial de Ayabaca

Liga Provincial de Huancabamba

Liga Provincial de Morropón

Liga Provincial de Paita

Liga Provincial de Piura

Liga Provincial de Sechura

Liga Provincial de Sullana

Liga Provincial de Talara

21 Puno

22 San Martín

23 Tacna

Liga Provincial de Candarave

Liga Provincial de Jorge Basadre

Liga Provincial de Tacna

Liga Provincial de Tarata

24 Tumbes

Liga Provincial de Contralmirante Villar

Liga Provincial de Tumbes

Liga Provincial de Zarumilla

25 Ucayali

Liga Provincial de Atalaya

Liga Provincial de Coronel Portillo

Liga Provincial de Padre Abad

Liga Provincial de Puerto Inca (Huánuco Province)

Liga Provincial de Purús

Level 7 – Ligas Distritales del Peru

The Ligas Distritales del Peru are the Peruvian football lower divisions. They are administered by the Local Federations. The level immediately above is the Liga Provincial (Copa Perú).

Cup Competitions

Copa Bicentenario

Copa Bicentenario Peru

The Copa Bicentenario is a football competition in Peru played by the football clubs of the Liga 1 and Liga 2.

It was founded in 2019 and was played as a domestic football cup competition between clubs of the first and second division.

Supercopa Peruana

Supercopa Peru

The Peruvian Soccer Super Cup is an official soccer competition, organized by the Peruvian Soccer Federation since 2020.

It is played in a single match, on a neutral field, which, if necessary, breaks the tie with shots from the penalty spot.

The Bicentennial Cup champion and the winner of the First Division feature in this game.

In the event that the same team wins both the cup and the championship, the league runner-up will play the match against the champions.