UEFA Euro Cup betting is one of the most thrilling activities to do while watching one of the world´s most expected championship. After the World Cup the Euro is the most watched event in the world with 3 million viewers worldwide.

Euro Cup Online bet

Fans of the championship go beyond the borders of Europe with Asian football fanatics rising as early as 1 am in the morning to watch a game between Germany and Spain. Latin American fans glue themselves to the screen on afternoon hours at work to get a scoop of the most exiting matches, and Africans clog the streets with chants and vuvuzelas as they watch their favorite Premier League, La Liga and Calcio players step on the field with their national team.

All this circus makes for the perfect scenario for some Euro Cup betting. Traditional co-workers perform some in house bets between themselves all over the world, but few are aware that they can actually bet on the Euro Cup with whatever bankroll they can manage, be it for fun or as an investment, Euro Cup betting is one of the most fun things to do!

This site is all about winning online bets during the Euro Cup and why not, every single day from then on; on every league in the world as long as it is FOOTBALL!


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Online football betting is not something solely reserved to the pros. Is it not as risky as wagering at a casino, bettors actually have better chances of winning in football betting in the present than they did in the past.

Why is that?

Very simple, a little secret called Social Media.

Smart bettors find smarter punters to select their bets for you. Unless you desire to become a pro punter yourself, which requires developing a betting system and doing hours of research for reach game, the best thing to do to cash-out by the end of the week, week after week after week… is to befriend a pro punter online.

Our Daily Free Tips are inputs from many online punters, which we have tested and kept record off since we began to follow them. You can read their stories and how they came into the sports betting world, their early struggles and the day they found a profitable system that they decided to share with the world.

Are the tips for free???


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Some of the tipsters we follow charge for their tips, some don´t. But we get a special treatment and get to share some of their tips In Play tips on a daily basis.

Betting tips we provide:

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  • 1 Week 1 Grand contests! – Lets make some big money with accumulator challenges.
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1 Week 1 Grand Contest

Imagine turning £25 in 1 grand in just one week time… pictured that?

How do we do it?

Not all pro tipsters offer betting contests but others are more prone to dive into the fire. The more conservative stay away from them as they are hard to nail, but with the right system some of the tipsters we follow cash-in 1 Grand after a week with a small stake of £25.

The do it through accumulator bets but they have a sneaky way to do it. Learn all about this contest to enjoy the honey and sugar of its rewards.

Euro Cup Tickets

Planning to buy a ticket for the Euro Cup?

Buying one is not as easy as heading to the nearest ticket booth, buying them online is a possibility but not if you expect them to be at the official price. UEFA takes subscriptions for a draw one year before the Euro Cup begins to determine who can buy Euro Cup tickets as cheap as 25 euros.

Learn how to participate in the draw and what you can do if you miss it. Buy packages to follow your national team or learn when to buy Euro tickets online.

Need Help Learning How to Bet On The Euro Cup?

Knowing we got you covered with our pro betting tips is one thing, but useless if you have no idea how to place an online bet.

Our Step by Step Guide to place an online Euro Cup bet will walk you through all the simple steps of opening an account with a sportsbook of your choice. Enjoy the 100% Bonus and double your bankroll amount, we will teach you how to find the bets we suggest, calculate your stake, learn how to read the odds and select the bet type.

Euro Cup Betting Bonus and Promotions

Most sportsbooks offer special promotions and bonuses during the Euro Cup. They are big and juicy, learn how to take advantage of them without falling into the bookies trap of wagering conditions. Bet smart and develop a betting plan to manage your stakes accordingly.

Did you know that by accepting a bonus offer you have to bet more than 30, 60 or more times the bonus amount before you can withdraw one single penny?

That is a lot of betting from now on. Not only that but you can only withdraw a maximum amount from whatever you make thanks to your bonus money.

When you accept a bonus offer you accept many other things. Knowing exactly what you are doing, its advantages and disadvantages, are key for successful career in sports betting.

Read all about the bonuses and promotions sportsbooks offer and follow these tips.

How to Manage Your Bankroll

Once you begin to bet nothing will stop you.

This will become a very addictive hobby or even a life career. It doesn´t matter if your initial bankroll is £100 or £1,000; We will guide you on how to manage your bankroll properly in order to not burn your account but instead grow it steady and prosperously.

  • What stakes to place
  • When to increase stakes
  • When to double, triple or accumulate bets to multiple your winnings
  • How much to withdraw on a weekly or monthly basis

Going Deep into Euro Cup Betting, Exotic Bet Types

Most of our betting tips will be in the order of singles, over/under, next team to score, In Play bets as well as pre match.

But there are more types of bets that you can imagine, some are really exotic and hard to nail but others can be used to enhance your In Play betting menu. Learn all about them and how you can use them.

Euro Cup History

If you are a football fan that has recently began enjoying popular leagues like the Premier League and La Liga, and this is your first time following the Euro Cup (for those outside of Europe), here is a little history of the UEFA Euro Cup tournament that began in the 1960´s [1].

Remember the famous Platini and his goals that took France to become champs? Or how about the early Cold War USSR that won the first Euro Cup after all major teams like Germany, Spain and Italy refused to play in political protest.

How about when Greece with odds 50/1 won the championship against Portugal with a young Cristiano Ronaldo. Spain dominated the football scene in the past 8 years winning the Euro Cup twice and the World Cup in between.

Germany comes stepping hard for the Euro 2016 in France. And after this tournament it will never be the same, with more than 24 teams in the group stages and the tournament being played in cities all over Europe instead of one single country.

Submerge in the world of the Euro Cup!

External Links

[1] uefa.com, UEFA Euro Cup Official, 2016