Betting on the NFL Draft

Betting on the NFL and college football is usually rather straightforward and a familiar concept to bettors, but every April the NFL Draft offers some of the most fun and wildest betting on the NFL calendar. Prop bets on the draft vary widely and offer the chance to wager on an incredible number of things. Fans who are particularly knowledgeable on a certain player, NFL team, or college program can find a proposition that interests them. Keeping close tabs on the NFL draft process is an easy way to find smart bets and win big money on draft day. As if the NFL draft didn’t have enough drama as it is, betting on it only increases the thrill of the NFL Draft.

NFL Draft Player Specific Prop Bets

There are many prop bets available for specific players in the NFL draft. Most of these bets occur for players projected to go near the top of the draft, but there are also riskier and higher payouts regarding other prospects. These bets are often the over/under on the draft position for a player. In the 2012 draft Michael Floyd’s over/under was set at 12.5. Floyd was drafted thirteenth by the Arizona Cardinals, meaning those that took the over on Floyd won their bet. These types of prop bets are common for players that are expected to go in the first round. There are also bets on whether a player will be drafted by a specific team. For example, will the Miami Dolphins select Ryan Tannehill? These typically have higher payouts, because there are many different teams that can draft a player. However, a prop bet such as the Colts drafting Andrew Luck may be a very safe bet with a low payout for those choosing Luck to the Colts.

NFL Draft Team Specific Bets

If you follow an NFL team closely, there are a number of prop bets that you can wager on and win money with. In addition to the specific player to team bets, you can bet on whether a team will draft a certain position in the first round, go offense or defense, or trade their pick. Evaluating a team’s needs can help you know what direction they’ll go. It helps to look at a franchise’s roster and draft history to know what moves they’ll be making in the draft.

NFL Draft General Prop Bets

Learn to bet on he Draft Season

In addition to prop bets on players and teams, there are a number of other fun ways to win money by betting on the draft. These bets include props such as whether there will be more offensive or defensive players selected in the first round or the over/under on a certain school’s number of draft picks. You can also bet on positions. In past years, props have been available for how many quarterbacks or runningbacks get selected in the first round. Bettors can even wager on how long rounds of the draft lasts and how many trades occur. By placing bets all over the board on draft day, the draft can be an exciting time that pays bettors major dividends.

Draftniks and casual fans alike can make a lot of money by smartly wagering on the NFL draft. Following the draft process and understanding how the NFL Draft plays are easy ways to keep current and know how to bet. There are tons of mock drafts, rumors, and player rankings around the web as the draft approaches, but it’s good to trust your own instincts when it comes to betting the draft. Try to understand team tendencies or a player’s best scheme fit to know where prospects will end up. Local beat-writers are often the best way to keep on top of a certain team. It’s also important to know that odds on the draft are constantly changing, so timing is critical throughout the process.

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