US, CA or EU there is a Betting Site for You

Football betting has never been as easy or profitable as it has become today with the advent of online sportsbooks catering to all markets, such as US friendly, Canada Friendly, and European friendly sportsbooks, all recommended here per your geo location. Football betting sites have eliminated the need for bookies and under-the-counter transactions, replacing shady sports betting with safe and reliable online bookmakers. Betting online has a number of advantages that aren’t available to offline bettors. Using sportsbooks has become undoubtedly the safest and most profitable way to wager on football.

Legal and Safe Sportsbooks

The biggest reason potential gamblers tend to shy away from online sportsbooks is the misperception that online betting is illegal in the United States. In fact, using the internet to gamble on CFL, college and NFL football is completely legal by federal law. While a limited number of states do have rules regarding online gambling (you can check your own state’s legislation online regarding your particular laws), they are typically considered unenforceable due to the fact that everything happens “online”; no charges have ever been pressed regarding online gambling for players and bettors. Betting through a bookie or via the telephone is however, illegal, and often risky, in the United States. Online sportsbooks allow bettors to avoid risk by gambling in a safe a legal way.

Depositing On Football Betting Sites

If you have a credit card (or other method) and a computer, signing up and wagering at football betting sites is simple. Online sportsbooks will ask you to set up an account with an address and valid ID, credit or debit card or even other methods such as western union, or other. Sportsbooks will typically offer major bonuses for you first deposit for free, which means that the best strategy can be to make your first deposit your biggest amount, so you can get as much as possible free to bet on. Placing your bets with football sportsbooks is straightforward, with all odds displayed clearly. Your bets can be confirmed by email to make sure that you know exactly what money has been placed. To get your winning out of sportsbooks simply requires verification of ID, and you can quickly cash out your money.

Online Sportsbooks Advantages

There are a number of perks to using online sportsbooks that make betting on football simple and secure. The internet is perfect for football betting, allowing the most current bets available. NFL, CFL, and college football odds are constantly changing. Using football sportsbooks gives you the most up-to-date point spreads and money lines so that gamblers can place their bets at the perfect time. Online sportsbooks also offer a huge number of available bets and not to mention, the growing trend of in-play live betting while the game goes on (real time). Nearly every football game of the week is available to wager on, as well as over a dozen prop bets for most games. Futures bets are also available during the football offseason and as the season approaches. Sportsbooks also allow for bettors to get the best available odds. Because bookies often have little or no competition, offline gamblers get gouged. However, the number of sportsbooks online keeps each other sportsbook in check so that betting is easily profitable. Football sportsbooks have the best money lines and point spreads available anywhere, meaning that gamblers need to edge out just a small margin of odds to make money.

Online Football Sportsbook Bonuses

Football sportsbooks are always looking for ways to attract new customers and make their sportsbooks the most appealing. Because of this there are tons of available bonuses and free bets available to online sports gamblers. Bookmakers will usually offer bonuses for initial and future deposits on the site in order to encourage customers to gamble. This is often as much as 50% of the amount deposited in free money, if not more, meaning that gamblers have 150% of their deposited funds to work with. Free money can be converted to real money simply by betting it a few times. Sportsbooks will offer free bets occasionally as well. Prop bets for football’s biggest weekly games are available, and football bettors can turn a free bet into $1,000 real money by finding the right odds. Shopping around for sportsbooks in order to take advantage of the many great promotions on football betting is usually the way to go, but luckily, we have already done this time consuming homework and thus, have a list of the recommended football sportsbooks above, which provide bettors with the best services, betting odds, best prop bets, banking methods, and more – including some cross-channeling within the same account to casino, poker, and racebooks.