Bundesliga_logo.svgBundesliga is the top professional football league in Germany. It was founded in the year 1962 and the first season was played from August 1963 to May 1964.

The league had 16 teams in its first season even though it was expanded to 20 teams at one point, it was later reduced to 18 in 1992/93 and has not changed since then.

Bayern Munich are the current Bundesliga champions after winning the 2013/14 season. A total of 53 teams have played in the Bundesliga so far and Bayern Munich holds the record for winning the most Bundesliga titles with 23.

The Bundesliga and the second tier of German professional football (2.Bundesliga) is run by the German Football league.

How Bundesliga works

A total of 18 teams play in the Bundesliga each season which starts in August and ends in May. All the 18 teams play against each other twice in a season, once at home and once away.

Each team plays a total of 34 games. The teams require a license to play in the league and for getting a license the club needs to be financially healthy and follow the other standard norms.

The team with the most points at the end of the season wins the Bundesliga. For each win in a season the team gets 3 points while for a draw the team gets one point.

If two teams have the same points at the end of the season then the teams are separated according to who has the better Goal Difference for the whole season. If they still can’t be separated then the total goals scored by both the teams for the season are looked at.

If the teams still remain deadlocked then the following methods are used in the order they are given below to separate them:

  1. The head to head results between the teams in that season (Who has the most points)
  2. The total goals scored by the team during their two meetings in the season
  3. The team are separated according to who has scored the most away goals during their two meetings in the season
  4. Lastly the total away goals for the season are looked at.

If more than two teams are involved in the deadlock then the same systems are used in the same order including the additional teams.

What does the Bundesliga winner get?

The team with the most points at the end of the season gets crowned the Bundesliga champions. They also earn the right to play in the DFL Super Cup were they play against the winners of National Cup Competition (DFL-Pokal).

The two teams at the bottom of the Bundesliga table at the end of the season get relegated to 2.Bundesliga (German 2nd Division). The top two teams in 2.Bundesliga get promoted to the Bundesliga. The team that finished third from bottom in the Bundesliga plays a play-off match against the team that finished third in 2.Bundesliga for the right to play in the Bundesliga next season.

The top three teams in the Bundesliga qualify directly for the Champions League group stages. The team that finished 4th will enter the Champions League play-off stage and if they were to win that match they will also get placed in the Champions League group stages, otherwise they will end up in the Europa League.

The 5th and 6th placed teams qualify for the Europa League.

Bundesliga Facts

A total of 43 teams have won the German Championships till date but after the formation of the Bundesliga in 1963 only 12 teams have won the league title.

Bayern Munich -23

Borussia Monchengladbach – 5

Borussia Dortmund – 5

Werder Bremen – 4

Hamburger SV – 3

VFB Stuttgart – 3

 1.FC Koln – 2

 FC Kaiserslautern – 2

TSV Munich – 1

Eintracht Braunshwegg – 1

VFL Wolfsburg –

1.FC Nuremburg – 1

Bayern leads the total trophy count by a huge margin, in fact they have won the title 7 out of the last 12 seasons. The first champions of Bundesliga were 1.FC Koln winning the title in 1963/64.

Gerd Muller holds the record for the most goals scored in Bundesliga history with 365. Karl-Heinz Korbel has the record for the most appearances in the Bundesliga with 602.

Top Bundesliga Moments of 2014

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