Zambia Super League


The Zambia Super League is Zambia’s top division football league, with 18 teams competing for the ABSA Cup.

The league, also known as the MTN/FAZ Super Division, has been in existence since 1962 and has grown in terms of talent, prestige and attendance, especially within the last decade.

Now, fans can watch over 126 matches on television each year, and sponsorships have helped to generate significant revenue, which has led to exceptionally talented players opting to play in the African country.

Due to the great action and huge attention the league is generating, it has also become a fantastic choice for placing a bet. With all types of information available online, you can find some great betting tips that can help you become successful in betting.

About the Zambian Super League

There are typically 26 weeks to the Zambian Super League season. Weeks typically begin on Saturday and end during the week, usually on a Wednesday.

Most of the nine contests for the week are played on Saturday, with their being as many as seven and as few as four. In the first week of the season, all games are played on the weekend, with the schedule being expanded during the week to allow for a Wednesday contest.

Some “weeks” expand to two full weeks of games. This gives teams additional rest between contests and allows for more contests to be shown on national television.

In the first decade after the league formed, it was the Mufulira Wanderers and the Kabwe Warriors that dominated the league. Mufulira won five of the first eight titles, while the Warriors earned four titles in a stretch of five years (1968-1972).

Dynasties have been a predominant theme in the FAZ Super League. In the 1980s and 90s, Nkana ruled the pitch, winning 10 cups in 18 years. Zanaco became the dominant force in 2002, winning four of the next five titles, and then it was ZESCO United.

Since 2007, ZESCO has been the best club in the country. They have won eight championships since 2007, including the last three and five of the last six. Since joining the league in 1974, they have won eight titles, six ABSA Cups, and a Zambian Cup.

As mentioned, dynasties rule the league. There have been 58 championships won, 48 of those have gone to six teams, including a record 12 to Nkana. There have been 11 different teams that have won titles, but only eight have won multiple championships.


Betting on the Zambian Super League

Due to the dominance that teams show in the league, it is always smart to go with those teams that have won recent titles even though they may be the favourites. This can come in handy when making bets on who will be the ABSA champion.

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Enjoy the Betting Experience

The Zambian Super League provides great action, and the level of play is also significantly improving. This is drawing greater scrutiny from sportsbooks and oddsmakers, allowing you to get in on the action. By taking advantage of all the information and tips out there, you can become a winner yourself. Make the smart choice.