Tele after-match image and multiple close-ups confirm Manchester United´s player, Wayne Rooney, dived and faked a penalty against Preston North End this Monday for the FA Cup. The move gave the final 3-1 win for Manchester that will now play the quarter-finals against Arsenal.

Manchester United vs Preston – A Knot of a match for the Red Devils

Louis Van Gaal´s team had a hard time overcoming Preston, as by the first 3 minutes of the second half North End was up 1-0 with a terrible performance of Falcao. For some moments it seemed the game would end with a shameful defeat of United against Preston, a result that had not occurred since the 1970´s. But Ander Herrera and Fellaini manage to tie and leave the match 1-2 before the end.

Watch all the goals:

Rooney´s controversial dive against North End

By minute 87 Rooney approached the rival goalkeeper Thorsten Stuckmann and tripped by the oncoming goalkeeper. But television replays confirmed there was absolutely no contact between both players.

Did Rooney dive or not?

Several North´s End players accused Rooney of unfair play, but their coach calmed things down by claiming that although Rooney was not intentionally tripped the referee was right on calling that penalty due to the way the goalkeeper came at him. So it is a resolved matter as of now and no sanctions have been given to Rooney so far. Manchester will now face Arsenal.

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