Super Bowl 2016 Seating Map

Super Bowl 2016 will be played at the Levis Stadium in San Francisco, California, this upcoming February 7th. 150 million people around the globe watch the Super Bowl, one of the most watched events in history, but only 68,500 will purchase a Super Bowl ticket.

How to Buy a Super Bowl Ticket

The process of buying a Super Bowl ticket is a tricky one, the NFL fights re-sellers like no other institution and makes certain that only NFL Die-Hard fans get the opportunity to buy the first 75% of the tickets.

To do this the NFL draws a lottery of season ticket holders to secure their tickets. The process is strict and all those who want a first chance to purchase a Super Bowl ticket must know it. There is a time limit to participate in the draw, so hurry is you want to buy a Super Bowl 2016 ticket.

Make sure to read all the different ways to purchase a Super Bowl ticket at its cheapest price.

Super Bowl Ticket Prices

Super Bowl tickets generally have a price between $2,000 and $6,000 dollars and a little bit higher. Following are the different types of seating with their probable range of prices found online.

Types of Super Bowl Tickets and Their Prices

Upper Deck Tickets and Terrace Level

These are the cheapest tickets of all and find themselves on the highest part of the stadium. Prices here vary depending if the ticket is on a corner area or middle.

Upper Deck Corners Ticket Price: $2,200 – $2,300 dollars

Terrace Level in the 50 Yard-Line Range Ticket Price: $2,500 dollars

Mid-Deck and Lodge Level Tickets

Mid-Deck tickets offer a much better view and can be considered one of the best options in terms of budget vs accommodation. The corner eats are the cheapest but the 50-yard area tickets can cost double.

Mid Deck Lodge Level Corners Ticket Price: $2,900 dollars

Mid DECK Lodge Level 50-Yard Line Ticket Prices: $3,500 – $5,600 dollars

Lower Deck Tickets

Lower Deck Tickets offer the best experience to watch the Super Bowl from up close. You can hear the coaches and players shouting out their plays and all the game reactions. This is the real experience. But only will you get to see the players, celebrities will be up close in their VIP seats.

Lower Deck Ticket Prices: $6,500 dollars or more.