Starting the UEFA Euro Cup 2016 the stadium ticket categories will be expanded from 3 to 4 seating types. Each of these ticket categories carry an advantage in terms of view, here we want to give you some idea of how the view and comfort of the tickets offer vs their official price. Prices begin as cheap as 25 euros and increase to 145 euros only on the group stage.

Find more about the UEFA Euro Cup ticket prices for the opening match, final match and semi-finals below on our chart.

First thing off, the UEFA offers 4 different types of Euro Cup ticket seating categories.

Category 1 – Center, purple colored

Category 2 – Corner-center, orange colored

Category 3 – Center and corner behind the goals, blue colored

Category 4 – Behind the goal on the higher and lower-most areas behind the goals

UEFA Euro Cup seating options

UEFA Euro Cup Ticket Categories

Category 1 – Category 1 tickets are the best in location, these are the center tickets and cover almost all of the two lateral sides of the stadium, both low, medium and high seats.

Price: €145

Category 1 view UEFA Euro Cup

There is no doubt these are the best tickets of all, but the assigned seats could end up being all the up-high were you can only see the players as little ants. The seating is arranged by UEFA, you cannot select the seats, only the category.

Category 2 – Category 2 Tickets are the center-corner tickets. You are still in the center area and have a nice lateral view of the whole game.

Price: €105

Euro Cup category ticket 2 view

Corner tickets make for great photos, but like the Category 1 tickets, the view of the game will mostly depend on how high you are. Still, they make for a great view.

Category 3 – Category 3 tickets are behind the goals, but on the center most level with an elevated view, not to high and not too low. The best tickets from the extreme point’s perspective. Category 3 tickets also include the corners behind the goals all the way to the upper part of the stadium.

Price: €55

View of Category 3 ticket Euro Cup

Category 4 – Category 4 tickets are located on the lowest and highest part of the stadium behind the goals.

Price: €25

View Category Ticket 4 Euro Cup

The ticket price of category 4 is really cheap compared to category one, almost a giveaway. There are two sides of this ticket though, you could end all the way high on the upper-most part of the stadium behind the goals, bummer!

Or you could end just behind the goal on the lower-most level where you can see the live action when the goals happen. Not a bad ticket option at all!

NOTE: Ticket categories cover a vast amount of space inside the stadium and all tickets cost the same inside their category. You cannot pay for a better location inside your category ticket or select on which seat to be when applying for an UEFA Euro Cup ticket online [1]. You might end with a great center–most ticket or way up on the highest level of the stadium.

All tickets are numerated, so there is no win in arriving early and selecting the best spot. Also, you can buy tickets for a maximum of 4 friends and no more. If you are planning to go with a larger group of friends you cannot arrange for all to be side by side with your tickets, each party will be subject to the location arrange by UEFA during the draw.

Ticket Cost by Category

This is what an “Official Ticket” should cost for the Euro Cup 2016. Official Tickets can only be bought through the UEFA online site and are subject to a draw that takes place exactly one year before the Euro begins on the months of June and July.

Those who fail to participate in the draw can solicit to buy tickets again in December previous the Euro Cup to follow their national team, but ticket prices should be higher.

Official UEFA Euro Cup Ticket Prices:

Ticket Prices

Category 4

Category 3

Category 2

Category 1

Group Matches

€25 €55 €105 €145

Round of 16

€25 €55 €105 €145

Quarter Finals

€45 €85 €135 €195

Semi – Finals

€65 €165 €295 €495

Opening Match

€75 €195 €395 €595


€85 €295 €595 €895

External Links

[1], Ticket Types, 2015