South Africa is a popular and proud sporting nation and it is no surprise that it has multiple sports that it participates in at the highest level. The most popular sports in the rainbow nation are football, rugby and cricket. 

The South African Premier Division of football has been garnering major interest across Africa and viewers from the continent love to tune in.

Online sports betting has been the major catalyst for the growth of the betting industry in Africa. Many reports suggest that sports betting has reached its highest point till date in the region and this is majorly due to the increase in the number of online betting platforms.

The online sports betting industry is experiencing continued growth because of several factors and here are four of the major factors that have contributed to the rise of online sports betting, especially, in South Africa.

South Africa loves sports

This is, hands down, the major reason for the rise in sports betting in the country. South Africa is a sporty nation and has produced world-class talents for years across several sports with rugby and cricket leading the way.

Athletics is something that is ardently followed by South Africans as well and they absolutely love their football. Football has seen a meteoric rise after the nation hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The PSL league (South African Premier Division for football) is keenly followed by not only South Africans but also Africans in several other countries.

The love for sports has led to an increase in betting on favourite sports given the convenience of online betting through handheld devices, on-the-go.

South Africans following international leagues as well so you will see a lot of bets placed on the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League and Spanish La Liga.

South Africa Football Map Flag

Lenient Sports Betting Regulations leading to Increase in Competition

South Africa has the highest regulations and legislations in place with respect to online betting. The government used to have stringent laws in place for betting but has become extremely betting friendly in recent times.

This relaxation in laws have attracted international online sports betting companies to set up a presence in the country and have led to a rapid increase in the number of online sports betting platforms that are available to South Africans for betting.

This stiff competition has only benefited customers and bettors as they are all trying to outdo each other by providing several promotions, bonuses and discounts on betting.

Bonuses, gifts and promotions have been a major incentive for users and that has definitely contributed to the rise in betting in South Africa.

Mobile Betting

Mobile sports betting has greatly led to the increase in sports betting not only in South Africa but also Africa as a whole.

Over 20 million people have access to smartphones in South Africa and this increase in mobile phone internet penetration have enticed bettors to place bets wherever they are as long as they have a stable internet connection.

The tremendous growth in mobile phone betting means that the industry will flourish even more as more people gain access to the internet and mobile phones.

South Africa has an abundance of youth

South Africa is a relatively “young” nation. United Nations data suggests that the African nation has slightly over 59 million people with a median age of just 27!

The youth are technologically-advanced and extremely comfortable with the use of mobile phones and desktops. This attracts them to betting online given the convenience and quick nature of placing bets.

South Africa’s unemployment rate is around 28% so a lot of the youth are turning to betting as a potential source of income and with the countless ways to bet, there is a chance to make some good money if you are smart and careful.

Online sports betting does not require huge amounts to bet so youngsters can place bets for less than a dollar in the hopes of making returns in unbelievable multiples at times. The youth hopes to turn its love for sports into a means of making money.