Betting Systems that work

When someone is new to the world of sports betting that person will often think about learning a sports betting system in the hope of creating consistent profits that follow a pattern instead of leaving success to pure chance.

But in the world of sports betting applying systems isn´t always prosperous.

The Soccer Widow, an expert in probability mathematics who travels the world helping companies sort out their financial knots, has tested several betting systems on her site and published the results with systems such as Roulette Betting or Over/Under System. The results have always been poor, with small winnings or none at all. Her conclusion always ends-up being “there are less-riskier ways to make an investment that sports betting systems”.

Do not get disheartened, although we agree the classic betting systems that are born from Martin Gale or that follow specific patterns are disappointing but mostly boring to apply, we have found most pro tipsters that are active on social media have nailed simple systems with Accumulator bets to make big money with a small stake.

The £25 to £1 Grand in a Week Challenge

Betting challenges are something that have become really popular with the Twitter Tipsters and most apply it the same way. The idea is to convert a small stake of £25 to £1,000 pounds by the end of the week. From a risk reward perspective this is a heaven scenario if let’s say your balance is £1,000 pounds then the risk would be 2.5% to make 40x that amount or 4,000% in winnings!

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For those with a £100 dollar balance the theory is the same in a smaller scaler, your stake would be£2.5 pounds to make £100 pounds. And although the system does not work every time smart bettors cover their losses at the early stages of the betting system, here is how it works.

  1. All bets taken will be easy predictable bets, events that rarely go against you. We are talking about matches like: Real Madrid vs Deportivo La Coruña – Bet on Real Madrid to Win, Manchester United vs Leicester City – Bet on Manchester United Win or Draw etc.

NOTE: Do not place a stake blindly on popular heavyweights blindly, make sure they are performing well in their leagues, there are no major key player injuries and that the gaming schedule has not wear down the main squad. Many times when these factors come in to play a small club can beat a super club like Barcelona, something that happens once or twice each season with each major club. So do not place a bet under these circumstances.

  1. These sure-bets often play low odds in favor of the bettor meaning a smaller return of investment in relation to the stake size. So a £25 bet will win £35, which is around 40% of the initial stake. Value Bettors will argue that this is the wrong way to sports betting as they only look for bets with a higher return of investment of 100% the initial stake in order to squeeze as much profit as possible from each bet taken. But the idea with this system is to secure winning bets with return of investments no lower than 40% (the range will usually be in between 40% and 60%). We multiply our winnings with the following Accumulator technique.

The Manual Accumulator Technique

Accumulator bet slip with Bet365

For those who are new to the term, accumulators are a betting type that tags two or more bets into a single betting slip. The goal is to win all of the bets in the accumulator with a small stake that results in a big profit, because if just one of the bets misses the whole profit goes to shambles. Accumulators pile-up winnings to increase the stake size with each consecutive bet in the slip.

Accumulators are an English term, Americans call them Parlays. We explain Parlay or Accumulator betting on another section.

Automatic Accumulators

As an example let´s say you placed 25 on an accumulator bet of 10 bets, which is drastic although key for a system as seen moving forward. The winnings will be random for the sake of the example but the numbers are realistic enough following our “sure-bet” system with returns around 40% and 60% per bet:

Initial Stake: £25.00

Final Profit: £1,950.00

  • Bet #1 in the slip is a winner and we win $10 + our stake of £25 = £35.
  • Bet #2 will now be automatically placed by the sportsbook with a stake of £35 and wins £56.
  • Bet #3 will stake £56.00 and win £89.00
  • Bet#4 will stake £89.00 and win £140.00
  • Bet #5 will stake £140.00 and win £230.00
  • Bet #6 will stake £230.00 and win £390.00
  • Bet #7 will stake £390.00 and win £650.00
  • Bet #8 will stake £650.00 and win £900.00
  • Bet #9 will stake £900.00 and win £1,400.00
  • Bet #10 will stake £1,400.00 and win £1,950.00

In an automatic accumulator bet on sites like Bet365 this process is done automatically, meaning the bettor only needs to select the number of bets desired and the betting site will play them as the matches happen accumulating the stake. Just remember, the risk here is that if one of those bets fail the entire profit scheme goes back to zero. To avoid this shitty risk we place accumulator bets MANUALLY.

Placing Accumulators Manually

Our betting system follows the same multiplicator principle of the Accumulator bet in the example, with the exception that we will place a series of 10 straight bets instead. The stake plus winnings of every bet will be staked as a whole on the following bet, meaning that if the following bet losses we lose everything as well.

The minor difference is that we can take our initial stake out of the equation anywhere in the system, usually around bet #4 we take out $25 to eliminate any possible losses in case one our selections decides to play like wankers that day.

The 1 Grand System in 3 Steps

So the system is fairly simple and to sum-up the process here are the steps:

  1. Select 10 sure-bet games with Win or “Win or Draw” results.
  2. Begin with a £25 stake and continuously bet all the amount of stake + winnings on the following bets. All bets must be manual straight bets.
  3. Take out the initial stake by round #4 to cover for potential losses.

Easy pancake!

How Often Does the System Work?

Well that will depend and how good your betting selections are. The point is you have an incredible risk reward system were you can eliminate losses half-way in the process. To be precise with the answer the system tends to work 1 of every 5 trials to its completion. So if the intention is to try it out every week with two bets a day in the system we are expecting to see 1 Grand every month or so, but there is always the chance of winning 1 grand every week. Some pro tipsters that use this technique from ages have nailed a good percentage of effectiveness in the past years.

Betting System Super Tip!

Twitter Tipsters

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