Taste of the NFL

Date: February 06th, 2016

Location: Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA

Start Time: 7:00 pm to 2:00pm

VIP’s and Celebrities to Be There: 5:30pm

Address: 2600 Geneva Ave, Daly City, CA 94010

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Taste of the NFL is one of the biggest events surrounding the Super Bowl every year. While most big brands like Maxim, ESPN, Playboy, Rolling Stones Magazine and DirecTv-Pepsi are throwing flashy Super Bowl parties of their own, Taste of the NFL is an event that brings together the best celebrity chefs in America to raise funds and fight hunger in the country.

Playboy party you don’t want to miss, the magazine is said to throw the biggest party ever to celebrate their new version of the men´s magazine.

32 representative chefs from the 32 NFL countries, each accompanied by a pro NFL player that hosts the food station to serve fans directly, sign autographs and take photos. Tickets are way cheaper than any other Super Bowl Party, except maybe The Super Bowl Opening Night which takes place a couple days earlier. This event also includes a mega concert and this year Third Blind Eye will be playing their 90’s hits “Semi-Charmed Life”, “Jumper” and “How’s it Gonna Be”.

Taste of the NFL of 2015 brought together host celebrities like Alisa Milano, this 2016 a “Tron” superstar will be greeting attendees along several others. In the past hosting music stars have included Sarah Evans, Martina McBride, Barenaked Ladies among others.

Checkout Taste of the NFL 2016:

The Auction

Green Bay Packers Memorabilia

Special sport historical items will also be auction during the event, including a limited official edition jersey hand signed by the best NFL players of all time, an original 1975 boxing poster hand signed by Muhammad Ali and Frasier promoting the “The Fight of the Century”, and “The Heroes of Green Bay” which is a collection of the Green Bay Packers memorabilia set, hand signed by their biggest super stars.

All of the auctioned items are encased beautifully in glass frames ready to hang at home, all are properly labeled and hand signed by the super stars. Each item comes with an authentication certificate of its originality.

Those who want to participate in the auction need to pre-register to the event, be it on site or avoid waiting lines by texting “Taste” to 63975.

An Event with a Cause

Over the years more than 25 million dollars have been raised in this event alone, the money goes to food banks across the nation, but mostly those located in the Super Bowl host city and the other 32 NFL cities. Taste of the NFL is the highlight event of the foundation, but throughout the year, mostly during the months of September and January, or during a full NFL season.

As this is co-sponsored event with the NFL, throughout the NFL season similar local events occur on several of the 32 cities with a professional football team. Local restaurants collaborate with players and event founders to host catering events for fans with the sole idea of raising resources for the local food bank. To stay in the known make sure to register to the official website newsletter [1].

1 in 6 people in the United States suffer from hunger, most of which are little children and elderly. With your help and passion for the Super Bowl they can have a nice meal for the months to come.

The Party with Third Blind Eye!

The main show this year will be on the hands on the local band, Third Blind Eye. This rock band reached the honey and cream of Billboard best songs in the 90’s more than once with singles like: “Semi-Charmed”, “Jumper”, and “How’s it Gonna Be”.

Their punk rock style might rule the 90’s alongside bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day, but they continue to tour America till this day and have recently released a new album titled “Dopamine”.

Third Blind Eye 90´s music video of “Semi-Charmed Life”:

Ticket Options

This event is open to the General Public, families included. It is one of the few Super Bowl special events for the kids in San Francisco this 2016. Two ticket options are offered, General Admission and Table Tickets for 10. The starting price is $700 dollars per ticket, but if you miss the official sale tickets link to one of our sponsored resellers to fetch one.

General Admission Tickets

Taste of the NFL

Price: $900

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General Admission tickets for Taste of the NFL are way cheaper than any other Super Bowl party and it includes much more. Includes entrance to the main event and show, access to 32+ food stations from the best chefs in America, take photos with NFL super superstars that will serve the food to you directly and mingle with Hollywood’s best around the event. Watch the Third Blind Eye perform and participate on the silent auction to take home one of the sports memorabilia items.

A gift shop is also accessible were fans can purchase NFL merchandise like jerseys, footballs and helmets. With so many celebrities and NFL stars around the event it´s an excellent opportunity to get your items autographed like never before.

Ticket does not include parking and public transportation is recommended.

Table for 10

Price: $11,250

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The VIP option for this event is aimed at large parties or company groups. It includes access to the main event, watch the main show from up close and access to the charity auction. A reserved table for 10 on a VIP section of the event, eat side by side celebrities and highly acclaimed athletes.

VIP guests and celebrities enter the Cow Palace through a preference entrance and a little earlier than the General Public, at 5:30pm while gates open at 7:00pm.

Celebrity Chefs and Super Bowl Food

As is tradition around the Super Bowl special recipes surround this great event. 32+ of the best restaurant chefs in America come together in Taste of the NFL to present their best Super Bowl recipes for the fans.

Some of the biggest chefs in TV will be preparing your meal live, check them out:

  • Ted Allen, from the TV show Chopped.
  • Alex Guarnaschelli, the famous celebrity chef from the Food Channel.
  • Andrew Zimmern, the star of Bizarre Foods… let’s hope he keeps it simple this time.
  • Adam Richman, from the show Man vs Food. This event couldn’t be more perfect for him.
  • Buddy Valastro. Everyone’s favorite, because he makes the best cakes in Cake Boss.

The event is organized by founder chefs Wayne Kostroski and Bobby Flay.

Wine and other drinks are complimentary by sponsors, my type of party.

Take a look at last year’s Taste of the NFL and judge for yourself:  

Who is Going to Be There

The event is generally covered by all major TV stations across America, including The Today Show, ESPN, Good Morning America and other local stations. Celebrities help co-host and this year we can expect Andrew Zimmern to host the event and Tron actor Jeff Bridges.

In 2015 these stars attended the event:

These are just some NFL players to have serve dinner to their fans have been:

  • Benjarvis Green-Ellis
  • Steve Hauschka
  • Randall McDaniel
  • Matt Stafford
  • Andre Reed
  • Kellen Winslow
  • Chad Greenway
  • Anthony Munoz

Dress Code

There is no specific dress code for the event, you can come in as you like. Although business suit and cocktail dress is highly recommended mostly for the VIP guests. The event is mostly a walk around venue, so take comfortable shoes, take in mind the concert and long hours. Still, it is a charity event and like most of these people come in well dressed. Do not forget Hollywood will also present itself in gala.

Parking and Transportation

The Cow Palace, were the event is held, has its on parking lot available for guests and VIP’s alike. The event is said to house more than 2,500 people, so parking space ca be limited. If you are a tourist coming from outside the obvious mode of transportation will be a taxi.

The address is 2600 Geneva Ave, Daly City, CA 94010.

What Else You Should Know

Do not bring large bags or backpacks as those won’t be allowed to enter. Only small personal handbags are admitted after being checked and wanded at the entrance. The NFL has a strict security policy, especially during these times. It is always a good advice to take as little as possible, maybe a camera and mobile phone, but nothing else.

Food or drinks from outside will not be allowed in.

External Links

[1] Tastesofthenfl.com, Taste of the NFL Official Site, 2016