Favorites to win the Superbowl 2016

Cowboys vs Patriots Super Bowl 2016 prediction

It is never too early to start thinking about the Super Bowl 2016, in fact it could be the best decision for a Super Bowl fan as placing a future bet early can pay-off really big.

The first Super Bowl odds for next year are in and the Seahawks keep dominating the scene with their multiple Super Bowl appereances and achievements in the latest years. Although a Value Bettor with a taste for big payouts would be looking to the longshots, invest low and win big… 25k Big Ones!

But how to determine which teams can actually make it to the final stage and win it? Let’s take a look to what expert bettors like Edward Russo pedict for Super Bowl 2016:

Super Bowl 2016 is a long way ahead but it’s never too early to discuss possible Super Bowl matchups and a potential winner.

Let’s start with the AFC. In my opinion there’s only 2 teams who can put themselves in that category as Super Bowl contenders and it’s a no brainer, Patriots and Broncos. Clearly the class of the AFC I see these two teams eventually meeting the AFC championship game and I have the Patriots winning a close one with home field advantage.

Now to the NFC things open up a bit more. Many teams can be contenders in my opinion but the 3 teams I have my eye on are the Seahawks, Packers, and yes I’m gonna go there and say the DALLAS COWBOYS. Yes the Dallas Cowboys.

I think the Cowboys build on a great season last year, come back stronger and make a serious push. I see them winning less games then last year but making the wild card and getting hot and going all the way. NFC championship game I have Cowboys vs Packers and Cowboys getting revenge from last year and winning a close one.

Super Bowl Prediciton: Patriots vs Cowboys .

Winner …. Don’t know yet we’ll have to wait.

Super Bowl 2016 Odds Favorite Contenders

Super Bowl 2016 Odds started to move and now bettors can purchase future bets with seveal online sportbooks. Here is how the panorama is looking so far:

Early favorites to win the Super Bowl include the Seattle Seahawks at 6 to 1 or +$600,

Green Bay Packers at 15 to 2 or +$750.

New England Patriots at 8 to 1 or +$800

Indianapolis Colts at 9 to 1 or +$900.

Other front runners include the Denver Broncos & Dallas Cowboys at 12 to 1 or +$1,200, and the Philadelphia Eagles at 20 to 1 or +$2,000.

Super Bowl 2016 Longshots

Long Shots to win the super bowl 2016

Early longshots to win the Super Bowl include the Jacksonville Jaguars at 250 to 1 or +$25,000.

Tennessee Titans at 200 to 1 or +$20,000.

Tampa Bay Buccaneeers & Washington Redskins at 125 to 1 or +$12,500.

If you want to bet on the Super Bowl, $100 risked can result in a juicy payoff if you pick the winning team far in advance. And yes, Super Bowl future odds can be wagered on after the season has started…

Of course the odds to win Super Bowl 50 will change throughout the season so return often for updated Super Bowl odds for each & every NFL team.

Super Bowl 2016 Preview

Super Bowl 50 will be played at Levi´s Stadium in Santa Clara, California on February 7th 2016. The last winner of the Super Bowl were the New England Patriots, clear favorites, who defeated the Seattle Seahawks on a chess-master game.

The Patriots had the best offense of the NFL with Tom Brady as their star quarterback and the Seahawks the best defense, historically strong defense teams manage to get far in the NFL season but the odds favor offense team´s when it comes to the Super Bowl.

The Patriots dominated the entire game right until the very end were the Seahawks had one last play to score a touchdown and win by 1 point. It was an almost impossible play as the Seahawks needed to advance the entire field in just one move, and miraculously they did, ending just a few yards away from touchdown. They didn´t need to perform the touchdown to win the game, a simple kick through the goal would suffice.

But a senseless all or nothing play for touchdown almost won the game for the Seahawks, if it wasn´t for an incredible interception by Malcolm Butler, a rookie who hadn´t been active most of the season.

*By the way, the New England Patriots future odds before Super Bowl 2015 were 15 to 1.

the New England Patriots led by Tom Brady topped the Seattle Seahawks led by Russell Wilson in a thriller for the ages culminating with Malcolm Butler’s heroic interception. When Super Bowl betting on the 2014 – 2015 season began, the Patriots’ Super Bowl odds opened at +$1,500 or 15 to 1.

Super Bowl Tickets 2016

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