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What Is a Sports Betting Jackpot?

A sports betting jackpot is a special promotion that some of the largest sportsbooks in the world offers to their players, giving them a chance to win loads of money if they predict the right outcome of multiple matches/games/races/any sports events for that matter.

Typically, you would need to predict anywhere between 12 to 15 games on a single bet slip, where the games have been selected by the online sportsbook/bookmaker, and if you predict them all correctly then you will win the jackpot prize pool.

The jackpots are part of a special betting pool, where a percentage of the money that you bet goes towards the combined prize pool, making it a progressive jackpot so the more the bettors, the higher the amount of winnings from the jackpot.

Most sportsbooks guarantee a minimum prize that you would win if you were to get all your predictions correct. The jackpot varies depending on the country you bet from and the number of bettors in that particular pool so we cannot give you an estimation based on this.

All you need to know is that the amount of money you’d put up as a wager is extremely nominal and the returns are so high that it will make your jaw drop and potentially change your life.

How to participate in a jackpot bet

To participate in a jackpot bet, you need to join a betting pool with your sportsbook.

The betting pool is where you technically compete against other betters to be the one who predicts all the right results and wins the jackpot.

These betting pools can be found by going to the promotions site of the page and finding the jackpot promotion. From there you will be sent to a page where you have to opt-in for the promotion and begin placing your bets basis your predictions.

How Do I Win the Jackpot?

To win the total jackpot, you will need to predict all of the games correctly.

The amount of games you need to predict varies depending on the betting site you choose, but is commonly between 12-15 games.

Once you have made all your predictions, all you need to do is hope that you are right and if you are then you will be rewarded with life changing money.

Should you be so unlucky that one or two of your games are predicted wrong, but the rest are correct, there is still money to be made.

Bookmakers offer consolation prizes for unlucky bettors who just miss out on the bonanza. You will usually earn around 1.2x on every single one of your correct predictions, so you still win a small amount of money for your efforts and do not lose anything.

Even if you do lose the entire amount of money, the amount is very nominal so you need not worry about it so much. It is a low risk, high returns play when it comes to jackpot betting on sports.

Can I Withdraw My Jackpot Winnings?

Of course! You will always be able to withdraw your jackpot prize money.

Since it is a jackpot and you are paying money towards winning it, it is not allowed for the bookmaker to ask you to do anything with the money and they have to pay you out if that is what you wish.

Since it is a rather large amount that you will be winning, you will be paid in several instalments over the due course.

sportybet jackpot

Football Jackpots

Football jackpots have been around for decades now.

It dates all the way back to 1923 when it made its first appearance with the founding of football pools.

Times may have changed, but bettors will never want to let go of the chance to win life changing amounts of money from a nominal wager so jackpot bets are still alive and well.