Founded in the year 1929, the Serie A is the highest division in Italian domestic football. While the Premier League stands out for it’s competitiveness & La Liga for it’s flair, the Serie A stands out for it’s more tactical approach to the game. The Serie A is going through a difficult period and has fallen well below the likes of EPL, La Liga & Bundesliga.

Several factors have contributed to Serie A’s struggles in recent times including lack of foreign investment & the inability to hold onto quality talents. The recent struggles of the likes of Milan & Inter have also not helped the league in winning back it’s audience.

Italian League Success in Football Betting

Serie A Betting Italian Football

Juventus to this day are the most dominant team in the league’s history. Based in the city of Turin, Juventus has won a total of 32 Serie A titles till date & have been extremely dominant over the last five years. Inter & AC Milan rank below Juve with 18 league titles apiece.

Inter de Milan last won the title in 2009/10 while Milan secured it last in the 2010/11 season. The only other club to have won the Serie A title since the turn of the decade were AS Roma, who secured the title in the 2000/01 season.

The easy to follow trends and statistics make it very easy for the punters to predict scores and odds on several given matches, including the dozen of Italian football derbies for which we have very specific betting tips.

Italy Clubs Champions League Betting

Along with La Liga, Serie A has produced the most number of Champions League winners in the competition’s history.

The league had a firm grip on European competitions during the 90’s & early 2000’s, however in recent times Juventus have been the only club to post a credible challenge in the Champions League.

The last time an Italian club won the title was back in 2009/10 when Inter got the better for Bayern Munich 2-0 in the final.

Italy’s record in Europe’s second tier competition, the Europe League is also similar, ranking 2nd below Spain in the most number of trophies won.

The last time an Italian club won the competition though was in 1998/99 when Parma got the better of Marseille in the final.

Betting Tip: Be selective with Italian clubs on the Champions league, the trend is they arrive to the finals, especially Juventus. Place a bet on their behalf against all other team beside Barcelona and Bayern Munich, against all others they have a big chance.

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Serie A’s Tactical Approach for a Betting Strategy

Serie A Italian Football Betting

It’s a common saying that defense wins you titles and it certainly holds true in the Serie A.

The 5-3-2 formation has been embraced by the league with now almost half the team using it.

The slower build-up play has helped the older players thrive in the league.

Basic philosophy in the league is to keep possession & make quality opportunities, simply – use your head.

Betting Tip: Select Underscores as they tend to be more defensive than Spanish, English and German clubs. 

3 Serie A Facts

  • Similar to EPL, the Serie A themselves have a top 7 of sorts. The Italian top 7 include Juventus, Milan, Inter, Napoli, Lazio, Fiorentina & Roma.
  • Within the top 7 itself the gulf in quality between Juventus and other 6 is too big to be ignored.
  • While almost every Italian club has a faithful supporter based within their own country, the league has lost it’s charm in attracting audiences from across the globe. Even now, the games are played out in front of half-empty stadiums, which has not helped them in closing the gap with the top 3 leagues.

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