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Correct Score” is one of the most common types of bets most sportsbooks offer along with straight bets and the over/under. Very simple to understand but not so easy to get right, define what the score of a match will end and if it ends exactly how you predicted it you win a very juicy payout, miss the score by a goal and you lose.

Example: PSG to win 2 – 1 against Chelsea during the Champions League 2014 – 2015, you only win if that score happens. Given its degree of difficulty it pays many times more than simply betting for the winner, the lowest of correct score bets pay around 2.5 times more or 6/1. Correct Score betting is in the core of the Roulette Betting Strategy, in this article we will explain how the strategy works and analyze its effectiveness.

The Football Roulette Correct Score betting system is based on the idea of continuously betting on the same score line with increasing stakes till the desired score line is reached. This technique is as old as Rome itself and it has been used in multiple gambling and non-gambling situations like poker, casino slot machines, Black Jack, Forex, stock trading, and off course Roulette.

This system of raising your next bet to recompense for the previous loss is normally known as the Martin Gale system [1].

Is the Roulette Betting Strategy Effective?

Unlike in a casino Roulette game were they house predetermines the minimum and maximum stake, in Football there is no such trouble.  The only problem is your bankroll management. This system is based on the presumption that the gambler can increase his stake indefinitely.

This is hardly the reality as sportsbooks do limit the amount that can be staked and most importantly limit the amount a bettor can lose, if the sportsbook finds an unusual behavior with a string of losses they might freeze your account in the name of protecting you from catastrophe. Besides, it is in the terms and conditions of many sportsbooks that betting systems are not allowed, and any account suspected of conducting one could be frozen.

There are several workarounds for these issues, the obvious ones are to open several different sportsbooks accounts and perform the escalating of bets using all of them, alternating between them. The only obstacle remaining is the limited bankroll, so the bettor must consider a limit of rounds for this strategy if their bankroll is small or be prepare to have a large balance.

One thing is for certain and like most systems this technique requires a lot of discipline from the side of the bettor. Another more effective betting system that we like to use and is very popular with tipsters and punters right now is the  £25 to  £1 Grand a Week Challenge which is based on an Accumulator strategy.

Is Football Roulette Correct Score Technique Profitable – Case Study

Average scores in the Premier League and Europe

The odds offered in a correct score bet are substantially higher than normal win or lose bets. As stated, they begin at 6/1 odds which is 6 times your initial stake, but it is suggested to take 7/1 odds, higher would be better but the score might fall in the realm of unlikely.

Facts About Correct Score Bets:

  • The most common full time scores in football are 1-1 and 2-1
  • The most common half time scores are 1-0 and 0-0.

This system is better used as a long term program so do not expect positive results to happen during the first week or month. When we talk about long term we mean a full season, like Premier League season.

The goal is to win a prefixed score line and not stop betting on it until you win the bet. So for example if you are betting for Manchester United to win 2 – 1 against any rival you will bet on it until the prediction occurs and you win the bet. In case you lose the first round or second and so on, you continue doubling the stake amount to compensate for losses until you win. At the end the payout will be a couple units higher than all accumulated losses.

Most Common Correct Score Line in the Premier League

This betting strategy is a little bit different to others in the sense that you select a consistent trail of bets from a same team rather singular games based on previous analysis.

The key is that you do not need to perform game day analysis since the bet will always remain the same. The only research you conduct as a punter should be to determine the most common game score for the team you have selected for the next season.

The most common score in the Premier League for seasons 2009/2010 onwards (2015 presently) is 2 – 1 as stated by [2]. Before that the most common score line was 1-0 but Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea changed this pattern probably due to the hunger of a strong and fast offense in English football.

2-1 should be the score line to target with Football Roulette if you are using it to bet on the Premier League, but these other scores are also in the 63% most common for EPL: 1-0 (or 0-1), 2-1 (or 1-2), 2-0 (or 0-2), 1-1 and 0-0.

Scoreline for Football Roulette Betting Strategy

Here are the numbers behind correct score betting, taking into account the most common score in all leagues like Serie A, Bundesliga and La Liga is 1 – 0 (now we know that has changed in the Premier).

12% of the games in those leagues (40 out of 380 games) would have ended 1-0. If you had betted on all of them with the same stake at the end it would all be a great loss. But if you take out all games you assume are unlikely to end 1-0, like Real Madrid vs Osasuna, then the odds improve to maybe give you a small winning margin. Apply the Roulette Betting strategy to those selected few and you may secure some nice profits from that 12%.

Here is another piece of data thanks to [3]:

  • Over 2.5 goals are more likely to occur in the Premier League and Bundesliga, but not on La Liga and Serie A.
  • Serie A has a nice percentage of games ending Under 2.5 goals.
  • Most games in La Liga are won at home.
  • Away games are won more often in Bundesliga.
  • Draws are more common in the Premier League.

Note: This data is based on information prior to 2013. Make sure to re-evaluate the stats on sites like [4]. Also make sure to go in deeper and check the data of each individual team you decide to apply the strategy on.

Some Final Suggestions

Best Twitter Tipster

Some pro bloggers like the Soccer Widow have tested this Roulette Betting strategy on their site and found it to be very shaky. Their exact conclusion was “This strategy will almost certainly leave you pennyless”. That´s referring to the presumption that you won´t have unlimited funds to carry on increasing your stake.

This technique is not very popular but it comes and goes from word of mouth as someone seems to hit a good streak with it from time to time. We have seen it being used in Forex, Poker, slot machines, bingo etc. There is always a pro player that says he is making big money with it. Probably most modify the technique to something they know works for them. And by that we mean everyone has his own unique style of betting and special skills.

Find if this system works for you on those games you are a complete pro on. If you are a wise kid on the Premier League, stick to that. You know Arsenal like the back of your hand? Apply it only to Arsenal.

And remember these final tips of you are in doubtful terrain right now:

  • Always test the strategy on paper first, no real betting. Test it for a whole season, patience is very important with this technique and the key to its success. You can try other stuff out meanwhile like following a pro In Play tipster like Ganador and make money with him before you try this out.
  • Stablish a fixed bankroll for this strategy, after testing it on paper begin with a small account. By the third season you should be a Roulette Betting pro and ready to stake bigger. Smart investors always take their time to develop a game plan until they are masters. That´s how they print money like crazy.
  • Sometimes your pool may not win by the desired score line the whole season so the best thing to do is to review the results mid-way and cut of teams who you think won’t win by that margin all season.
  • Bet on teams only at their home games to increase your chances of winning.
  • Take odds higher than 6/1 (six times your stake).

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