Super Bowl 50 prop bets

Super Bowl 50 prop bets are in abundance, from the silliest offer to some experience punters should consider. Others, well, it’s up to you if you want to go for the longshot. Sportsbooks are dead serious on betting for Manning’s retirement, but will it happen before or after the Super Bowl? Then there’s the matter on how will he announce his retirement, will it be before or after Game Day? And how will he do it? Through a poem? An official broadcast? Will he become a rapper with his brother Eli (pays very well), or be involved in some Pilot series episode?

Super Bowl prop bets have focused on the two main players, Manning and Cam Newton, and they are hilarious. If you want our consideration on the best ones, comparing high paying odds and he chances of actually happening, take a look at the odds of Manning appearing on a Pilot episode of some TV series after retirement 100/1.

What? Think we are crazy? Just think about it, if he does retire commercial contracts will shower on him, and lately HBO, Fox and other TV series production companies are throwing big bucks for their pilot episodes. Might as well make a TV series about himself. When considering silly prop bets, you want to go for the best odds possible, then maybe level things up with a more common sense bet like the over/under of the final score.

Who Will Win Super Bowl 50

The most common prop bet of all, and not that long ago it was a future bet. We had played for the Cowboys as our favorite longshot and the Patriots are the super favorites. We didn’t win that one on either side of the playoffs. Here are the odds to win Super Bowl 50:

Carolina Panthers 10/21

Denver Broncos 7/4

Make your first prop bet on any of these sportsbooks in America or from any other part in the world:

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Peyton Manning Props, Because the Public Loves Them

  • Over/under passing yard of 218.5
  • Over/under TDs: 1
  • Over/under “Omaha” calls 7.5
  • Number of overthrows over/under 2.5

Now for the really exotic Manning prop bets…

Peyton Manning retirement prop bet

  • Odds this will be Manning’s last game in the NFL 1/9
  • Odds Manning will leave the Bronco´s for some other team next season 1/13

Manning will play for which team next season:

  • Denver 1/6
  • New York Jets 15/1
  • LA Rams 20/1
  • Indianapolis Colts 25/1
  • Toronto Argonauts 100/1

Will Peyton Manning announce his retirement? This same question has been asked too frequently during the last couple Super Bowls, how much fuel exactly does Manning have to keep playing on one of the toughest leagues in sports? Will he retire in glory or will he keep taking it as long as huge contracts keep finding his pen? Here are the odds:

  • Odds Manning announces his retirement before the Super Bowl 12/1
  • Odds Manning announces his retirement during the postgame press conference 2/1 (we really doubt it)
  • Odds Peyton Manning announces his retirement during the Players Tribune 24/1
  • Odds Manning announces his retirement with a poem! 100/1

Prop Bets on Peyton Manning’s Future

Manning Rapper Prop Bet

  • Odds Manning will be part of the NFL broadcast next season 7/1 (I would really take this one)
  • Odds Manning becomes a broadcaster/TV analyst 3/1 (he will certainly spend the next season doing public appearances, so not a bad bet at all)
  • Odds Manning decides to become an NFL coach 15/1
  • Odds Manning will become a college coach 33/1
  • Odds Manning will become a Hollywood actor or make a movie 50/1
  • Odds Manning becomes a regular on the Saturday Night Live Show 70/1 (how exactly do you measure “regular”?)
  • Odds Manning has a show on Broadway 80/1
  • Odds Manning kick starts his own commercial production company 90/1
  • Odds Manning will appear on a Pilot episode of some upcoming TV series 100/1 (not entirely impossible, and with those odds…)

* Odds Manning will record a rap album with his brother Eli 120/1 (interesting prop bet that has been on the mouth of everyone, but does Manning have what it takes to rap?)

Odds that Manning buys an NFL franchise 300/1 (dumb bet)

Cam Newton Bet Prop Bets

Super Bowl 50 Prop Bet

  • Peyton Manning tends to steal the show, but Cam Newton does have some peculiar props on his name.
  • Over/under number of jump celebrations 4 (Remember, this is the Super Bowl and excitement is high, I would take the over)
  • Over/under rushing yards 40.5
  • Over/under passing yards 245.5
  • Over/under total TDs 2.5
  • *Over/under number of towels thrown at his body at once 2.5 (very interesting prop bet, why anyone would hold more than 2 towels on him? I would go with the reasonable under).
  • Over/under camera time with a smile on his face: 3 minutes and 15 seconds.
  • Over/under number of Super Bowl appearances throughout his career: 3 (a strange prop bet, will this pay on 10 years or what?)
  • Over/under number of Super Bowl titles: 1.5

Super Bowl Events

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Over/Under on the Final Score

The Over/Under is one of sport bettors favorite bets for the Super Bowl and any other event final. That´s because the odds offer for the winner of the event are usually low paying.

  • Over/under on the final score 45.5
  • Over/under on the final score after the first quarter 9.5
  • Over/under on the score at halftime 22.5
  • *Then we have the more exotic over/under bets.
  • Odds on the Super Bowl going overtime 7/1
  • Odds that the Super Bowl winner will be on the Super Bowl 51 7/3

During the latest seasons it has become a trend for the winner of the Super Bowl to come back and repeat next year, this has been true with the Patriots and even the Seahawks.

Team Prop Bets

Which team will create more turnovers:

Carolina Panthers 5/7

Denver Broncos 11/10

Which team will score a defensive TD:

Carolina Panthers: 2/1

Denver Broncos: 8/3

Player Super Bowl Prop Bets, Who Will Win the MVP?

Odds a kicker misses an extra point:

Graham Gano 19/1

Brandon McManus 25/1

Which team will get the most sacks:

Denver 2/3

Carolina Panthers 6/5

The over/under for total sacks is 4.5

Over/under total turnovers 3

Odds on who will win the Super Bowl MVP:

The MVP award is given to the player that has best performed during the game, in order or favoritism:

  • Cam Newton 8/11
  • Peyton Manning 4/1
  • Jonathan Stewart 12/1
  • Von Miller 18/1
  • Luke Kuechly 18/1
  • Greg Olsen 22/1
  • Emmanuel Sanders 22/1
  • Demaryius Thomas 25/1
  • Josh Norman 28/1
  • J. Anderson 28/1
  • DeMarcus Ware 35/1
  • Ted Ginn Jr. 40/1
  • Aqib Talib 60/1
  • Owen Daniels 80/1

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