23 year old pro bettor Ed Rusi

We got something special this week for all its enthusiastic bettors. Sports betting Pro Ed Rusi whose betting picks are not usually free has agreed to reveal his betting picks for Wednesdays EPL matches absolutely FREE for the readers of FootballBetting.org. WORD OF ADVICE, the next parlay bets are labelled as risky, consider not betting too much on these.

Ed Rusi is a professional bettor who has been making a steady income through online betting. Rusi who is a stock broker by profession has been in the betting scene for over two years now and is a bit off a parlay bet expert.

Ed Rusi Parlay bets for Premier League Game Week 28:


Probable wins if you bet $100 on this Parlay is $1,427.23

For a $20 bet the total purse is $285.45


Parlay Bets

Ed Rusi has gone with a 5 game parlay for this week.

Liverpool to win versus BurnleyParlay-Bets-Strategies (-268)

Liverpool to win by more than 3 goals or Over game of 3, There is never a case of under-performing when it comes to Burnley… Read More for match details Liverpool vs Burnley.



Chelsea to win versus West Ham (-166)

Draw or Over 2.5, This is the toughest game to predict this week. On paper Chelsea should… Read More for match details Chelsea vs West Ham

Manchester City to win versus Leicester City (-395)

City to win 3-1. It simply a must win game for City who cannot slip-up further especially at this point of the season and if they are to remain in the title race…. Read More for match details Manchester city vs Leicester

Tottenham to win versus Swansea City (-142)

1-1 Draw, Tottenham have been dealt a tough hand with having to face Swansea City just a few days after their League Cup final defeat. They could either bounce back with a convincing here or they could go down and go down hard…. Read More for match details for Tottenham vs Swansey City

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Our resident football experts seem to agree with most of Rusi’s predictions. With Liverpool to win, City to win and Everton and Stoke to end in draw but they slightly differ in the Chelsea and Spurs games.

How to bet

Now all these five picks are a part of single parlay bet. That means you need to make only a single bet on the outcomes of these matches. If all the outcomes you predicted come true then you will win the bet but if you get even one of your predictions wrong then you’ll lose all your bets.

The reward from Parlay bets are more as the risk increases. The typical payout of a three game parlay bet is 7/1 while for a 8 game parlay it’s 1/125.

New to online football bets?

The -268 means you need to bet 268$ to win the 100$, so similarly -166 means you need to bet 166$ to win 100$. +225 means you need to bet only 100$ to win 225. In short riskier the bet more the rewards.

You can learn more about odds on our learning section and how they are determined to become a better bettor.

Single Bets


Similarly he has predicted the West Ham vs Chelsea game to have Over 2.5 goals, That means the game should have atleast three goals for you to win your bet.

Rusi has also picked a few Point Spread bets too, He is predicting that QPR and West Ham will lose only by a single goal. So you will win your bet if QPR loses 2-1, if they draw and if they win the game.

Betting has it’s risks but the rewards hugely outweigh the risk involved.So hope you found this useful and a special thanks to Ed Rusi for these free picks …

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