Panthers bet pick

Super Bowl 50 Predictions: Panthers win odds 3/1

Reason: Panthers have only lost 1 game in the season.

MVP Winner: Cam Newton, broke NFL records

Point Spread: Panthers -3.5

Prop Bet Suggestions: Manning retires after Super Bowl, does it at press conference.

Suggestions: Take the Over Bet.

Special Pick: Panthers down on the first half

When looking down into Super Bowl 50 predictions it seems both teams are leveled down to best offense against best defense, but this is not entirely true. The Panthers have gained immediate favoritism thanks to their incredible 17 games one with just one smirk in the entire season, playoffs included. Also, Manning age and previous Super Bowl flop 2 years ago have lowered confidence on this NFL legend. The media and analysts have been trying to find holes in the Panthers pre-announced Super Bowl title, but the only dent that has been strongly stressed is the multiple defense figures they have in the past weeks. But they managed through the Playoff title against the Patriots, what’s from stopping them now? So this time the crowd is right, the Panthers are and most certainly will be the winners of Super Bowl 50, no need to think twice, place my order now please:

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Panthers Super Bowl Predictions, Champions

Last Friday USA experienced a massive rally at the Carolina Panthers hometown. It seems like the entire city skipped work and school to cheer up their soon to be champions. And the beast couldn’t be hungrier, this is their attempt to win the Super Bowl after losing it 12 years back against the Patriots 32-29.

The fierce black cats come with the strongest offense, a determinant factor to lift with everything on their path. Cam Newton is on fire this season with 45 TD´s (35 passing, 10 rushing) and 635 rushing yards throughout the season, setting new NFL all high standards. This is why he will beat Manning for the MVP Award prop bet, a sure-bet you can’t miss.

Their defense has also been a determinant factor, with a whole list of great NFL players, some of which have suffered injuries in the past weeks. DE Jared Allen, CBs Charles Tillman and Bene Benwikere all suffered hits just before the Super Bowl and could not be ready for the game. Add to that list the recent injuries of WLB Thomas Davis and S Roman Harper that fell during the Playoffs game against the Patriots. So if you believe this can turn things around, you´ve got nice odds to bet on the Broncos, but we think it is not enough.

Another 10 players from the Panthers have been chosen to conform the Pro Bowl teams, Luke Kuechly amongst them, the best NFL linebacker right now.

Another piece of data to consider when picking exotic bets that pay high, the Panthers have produced 39 turnovers in the season, meaning they begin losing only to run by after the first half.

With 17 out of 18 games won in the season, only 4 teams in NFL history have won the Super Bowl with similar stats. But out of those 4 only 5 have had those stats, so go Panthers!

Panthers to Win Super Bowl 50: The public and sportsbooks couldn’t be more convinced on the Panthers favoritism, odds stand 3/1 and could increase as the pots load to their side.

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Broncos Super Bowl Predictions, More than a Miracle

Broncos Super Bowl 50

Surprising enough, the Denver Broncos are not favorites to win the Super Bowl 50 despite being one of the few teams to have reached 8 editions of this final championship. Traditions usually counts in one’s favor, mostly as a psychological factor that implies “we always win”, but the mood isn’t like that this year. Too much emphasis keeps being built around Peyton Manning, who is now 39 years of age and about to retiring, according to a leaked conversation he had with Patriots manager Bill Belichick during the Playoffs Final.

Do the Broncos really need a miracle? They possess the best defense in the championship, but that failed 2 years ago in Super Bowl 48 when a Manning led team was crushed 43-3 by the Seattle Seahawks.

One difference of note from that time is their offense has also come down a bit, with 606 points scored over that season, making the transition to better defense. Their superior defense allowed them to win against one of the fiercest rivals in the NFL, the patriots, generating 99 yards.

Peyton Manning remains as their main legend, but his stats have moved down since 3 to 2 years back. Knowing he is likely to retire, means the player feels he is lacking what it needs to continue in the game, after all 39 years of age is too much for the NFL rhythm. This makes Manning one of the strongest candidates for player prop bets. Our best selection includes he will retire after the game and during the press conference. There are even silly bets like: he will write a poem to announce his retirement or he will become a rapper with his brother Eli. For 9 years now Manning has been seeking his second Super Bowl ring, losing 2 big games in the path, this could be his third, a big smirk in the legendary player´s career. His stats show a 9 quarter stretch without a TD pass.

Super Bowl 50 Betting Tips

Cam Newton Stats

The Panthers are our clear favorites to win the Super Bowl 50, the hold everything on their side with just a few concerns on defense. That does not scare us, the odds do. That is why we prefer to look at the Over score bets from these two offensive teams, despite their defensive prowess. Our main prediction is that the Broncos will take the lead during the first half and show their strength while the Panthers play it save, once the Broncos come to lead the Panthers will become more aggressive and turnaround the score for the following quarters. The final result will hold the Panthers winners by a small difference.

Anything can happen during Super Bowl 50, but the Panthers are a more complete team overall. It isn’t likely they will flop in the final and most important game, they’ve been confident all season long and that for us is the one determinant factor. This is the Carolina’s year.

Our bet selections:

  • Panthers to win
  • Broncos to win the first half
  • Cam Newton MVP Award
  • Peyton Manning to retire
  • Peyton Manning to retire after Super Bowl
  • Take the Over score

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