what is arbitrage betting

What is Sports Arbitrage?

Arbitrage is a betting system that eliminates risk to zero by taking two opposing bets from the same match but from two different sportsbooks.

No matter the end result it will always be a profit for the arbitrageur because of the odds differen­­ce.

Arbitrage opportunities can be found manually, but the calculations and odds hunting have to be performed fast, really fast in order to catch the opportunity as bookies change their odds in a matter of seconds.

The Best Arbitrage Software

But arbitrage betting has its challenges and own types of risks, that is why a reliable arbitrage software is so important, one that delivers odds from different sources in a matter of seconds.

To date OddStorm remains the fastest arbitrage software in the market, it was created by one of the best computer programmers in Bulgaria while he was still in college, Chavdar Kopoev.

Chavdar is an old school developer and back in the day he used to take thousands of dollars from sportsbooks with his simple but effective personal software that found disparities in between the odds offered from multiple sportsbooks. Back then (early 2004) sportsbooks had no idea that arbitrage software existed and the few arbitrageurs around were free to take as much as they liked from the market. It was not rare to make 10,000 € to 25,000 €.

There were two big difference from back then and the present 2015. The first was that odds remained the same for days and did not shift in a matter of seconds like they do today. The second big change has been limits imposed by the bookies. Sportsbooks freeze the account of a gambler when they seem to have lost a great deal of money “to the best interest of the bettor” or so they claim. In arbitrage betting one big loss in an account means a bigger win in the other one, but if accounts are frozen that means trouble.

The way to perform arbitrage betting has change, it has to be faster, more reliable and smart. Chavdar decided to revamp his college software into OddStorm, the fastest arb software that could pair opportunities automatically across dozens of bookies in less than a second.

Why OddStorm is the Best Arb Software

There are two main types of sports bettors, Pre Match and In Play. Pre Match bettors encase the vast majority of the world´s sports betting, and mostly are rookies. Those who place bets before the match begins and wait for the results to favor or disappoint.

In Play bettors on the other hand place their bets as the match develops, and depending of what they see they can take their stake out or leave it, even place more bets if they catch more opportunities. In Play bettors are the professionals of the industry.

In Play Arbitrage

In Play Betting

OddStorm stands out from other rivals like RebelBettting for offering In Play Arbitrage opportunities.

This is also known as “Greening-up”, as it eliminates any possibility of losing money.

InPlays arbitrage odds change faster than Pre Match. This is why users require a fast and reliable software that can refresh odds in a matter of seconds.

*Pinacle is a common Sportsbook on OddStorm, since it allows sports arbitrage freely and actually endorses this software.

Fast Odds Delivery

And how fast can OddStorm deliver arb opportunities? In Play opportunities are delivered in 1 to 3 seconds while Pre Match arbs take 15 seconds. Other software take much longer. This is why pro arbitrageurs prefer OddStorm as speed is key to be successful with this system.

OddStorm is so fast that its users will see arb opportunities before users from other arb services granting better odds. It also reduces false surebets.

False Sure Bets are odds delivered into the software that are not real anymore because by the time the bettor buys the bet the bookie has change them. THAT IS WHY 1-3 SECONDS to refresh the odds if so important. False odds are one of the main big risks for arbitrageurs, speed and reliability are key.

Arbitrage Training Program

Arbitrage Betting Training

There is no other arbitrage website online that teaches bettors how to become successful arbitrageurs like OddStorm does.

ArbitrageGuides.com is the training program OddStorm offers to its customers. It consists of a free program that introduced the key aspects of arbitrage and it lasts several days. The pay program includes the same basic themes but goes into detail with video and written content, real life examples and homework for the students.

After the completion of the program it is guaranteed the student can become a full able arbitrageur that can cover all types of possible mistakes or risks involved in arbitrage betting.

Many More Arb Opportunities

OddStorm not only offers Pre Match and In Play arbs, users can also find Middles and Polish Middles.

How Much Money Can You Make With Arbitrage

Using the OddStorm service the average monthly user makes around 8% to 13% for Pre Match and 15% to 25% for In Play Betting. This is considering that the average time expend on arbitrage betting is of 1 to 3 hours a day.

Full time arbitrageurs can expect to make more than double that amount.

It is of note that most arbitrage stakes bring in .5% to 4%in profit, 98% of most arbitrage bets return less than 1.2% [1]

. So it takes a lot of betting to actually make more than 10% of your investment.

In terms of money a small arbitrage bettor playing In Play with a bankroll of 3,000 € should be making around 1,300 € a month after 3 to 4 hours a day or arbitrage betting.

How much money you make depends on the level of experience, stake size but mostly time availability.

The Risks of Arbitrage Betting

The whole point of Arbitrage is to eliminate risk completely, turning a profit out of any outcome of the betting stakes. But sportsbooks do not fully like arbitrage betting and many warn in their TOS of their users engaging in such practice. Although some sportsbooks do allow arbitrage betting within their betting offers.

So what risk could their possibly be?

The major risk and the one that experienced arbitrageurs are more likely to have suffered has been account freezing. In the past sportsbooks did not take action when a bettor´s account performed in a curious way, because when arbitrage betting is done a gambler should be losing a stake with one bookie and winning another with a different bookie. If these stakes are really high it can call the attention of a sportsbook.

Why is that bettor losing bit amounts of stakes consistently ? And the stakes are always high in arbitrage betting if the bettor means to make some money with 1.2% of profit. So sportsbooks in the name of protecting your account freeze the account. So it is always wise to change the stake amount so not to call the attention of bookies, do not use constantly the same sportsbooks and take some regular bets from time to time in order to disguise a pattern behavior.

Other dangers include arbitrage mistakes. As OddStorm highlights, if the odds are delivered too slow a bettor could be taking an arb opportunity that in reality no longer exists.

We recommend all of those interested in becoming an arbitrage bettor to take the OddStorm course before beginning.

OddStorm 2016

By the end of 2015 OddStorm will enhance its online platform and software characteristic. A major development will be the auto-navigation feature which will be launched in October 30th of 2015. This feature will allow users to connect directly with the sportsbooks event page, making the process of taking a bet faster and more reliable.

New sports will be added like tennis and basketball as well as more sportsbooks.

The major development for future years will be adding a betting exchange product, something that could rise OddStorm to a more prominent level and a market leader in the world of sports betting.

Who to contact in OddStorm?

If you wish to join OddStorm you can connect directly using our links below and take their training program after registering. Look for Iliyian Lishkov, he is the customer relations guy that can point you in the right direction.

Chavdar Kopoev is the inventor and developer of the software, as well as the CEO. Chavdar is considered to be one of the best computer developers in all Bulgaria and has refused many high position jobs to develop OddStorm.

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